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OBM: So, how are things in the world of 36 Crazyfists
Couldn't be better... Rock n Rollin with my brothers and connecting with the most loyal fans in the world 

OBM: For those who are still not familiar with 36 Crazyfists, the band was formed back in 1994. Could you tell us more about the origins of the band? Were you friends at that time? How did the whole thing started?
Yeah we all met through the Alaskan music scene and really experienced a wonderful upbringing in the diversity of music our scene had. We all feel very lucky to have grown up in Alaska and experienced such supportive musicians helping each other.

OBM: The band's seventh studio album, Time and Trauma, is out in a few weeks - how're you feeling right now? Fill us in on what the last year and some has looked like for you guys!

The last year was really exciting , we finished the album signed a deal with Spinefarm and hired a whole new cast of management and booking agents in the states. So it's a fresh start for us in our 21st year.

OBM: I take a lot from the title, "Time and Trauma". Talk to us a bit about what "Time and Trauma" means and what specifically you had in mind when you wrote the lyrics for this album…
The tricks for this song were the first I wrote out of the bunch, it set the tone and helped encompass the vibe. The story goes on throughout the album about processing loss and healing from it as well.

OBM: How is the new album similar or different from your previous work? 
It's got some new feel to an old craft for us. It's our sound with renewed eyes if you feel me.

OBM: I am absolutely hooked on the songs "Sorrow Wings" and "Silencer". Can you tell us a little bit about the meanings behind those songs?

Sorrow Sings is lyrically about coming to terms that death will eventually win in the physical term, we all will die and at some point in my life I want to be comfortable with that.  Silencer is a constant reminder that I need to better myself and not let my auto pilot steer the wheel. It's a reminder to be present and not checked out as well.

OBM: If there was one theme for the lyrics of this record what would you say it was?
The process of learning that loss will occur and how you live after that loss will build your ultimate strengths.

OBM: What is your personal favourite song off the new album and why?

I love them all and can't really single out what song. It's my most favorite complete lyrics and music we have created.

OBM: Is writing something that’s pretty collaborative for you, something you do in a practice room, or do you come up with ideas, pass them on, that kind of thing?

Yeah I do my thing and Holt and the boys do there's, then we come together and help each other put the puzzle together.

OBM: How much would you say a given 36 Crazyfists song changes from entering the studio to the final product? Give us an example? I think for the most part when we demo songs the roots are there. Occasionally ideas come during the recording and make a full 360 usually for the better but for the most part we know which way we're headed.

OBM: How hard is it to keep topping what you’ve already achieved?

I don't look at it like that. We just do what we do and our people stand with us for the most part. We have some loyal folks that support our band.

OBM: Are there any upcoming bands that you would like to mention or have people know about?

Are there any you want to namecheck that we might not have heard of yet? All Hail The Yeti are some of the coolest boys around and their band kills nightly. Can't wait for the rest of the world to see and hear what we do in them.

OBM: At a time where music downloading and album sales are down, how important is it to have an intense and passionate live show like your own? How important is it for you guys to go out there and play as well as you do?  That's everything for us. Connection with our people every night is how we have lived and breathed for all these years. Our live show is where we feel at home.

OBM: What were, in your opinion, the three best albums of 2014 up to now?

Unearth (watcher of rule)
Crowbar (symmetry in Black)
Thera (for someone, somewhere)

OBM: What would be that next thing you aspire to as a band the most?

Continue to connect with our listeners, see more of the world and to live in the now and don't rush the future.

OBM: Thank you very much for your time. I wish you all the best. You’ve worked hard and produced a fantastic album! 
Thanks so much




36 Crazyfists | Time and Trauma
Erscheinungsdatum: 27.Juli 2010
Spielzeit: 56:26
Label: Spinefarm Records
Producer: Steve Holt

36 Crazyfists | Collisions and Castaways
Erscheinungsdatum: 27.Juli 2010
Spielzeit: 44:52
Label: Ferret Music, Roadrunner Records
Producer: Steve Holt

36 Crazyfists | The Tide and Its Takers
Erscheinungsdatum: 27.Mai 2008
Spielzeit: 42:52
Label: Ferret Music
Producer: Steve Holt

36 Crazyfists | Rest Indside the Flames
Erscheinungsdatum: 12.Juni 2006
Spielzeit: 42:36
Label: Roadrunner Records
Producer: Sal Villanueva

36 Crazyfists | A Snow Capped Romance
Erscheinungsdatum: 16.März 2004
Spielzeit: 38:18
Label: Roadrunner Records
Producer: James Paul Wisner, Steve Holt

36 Crazyfists | Bitterness the Star
Erscheinungsdatum: 02.April 2002
Spielzeit: 46:35
Label: Roadrunner Records
Producer: Eddie Wohl, Rob Caggiano, Steve Regina

36 Crazyfists | In the Skin
Erscheinungsdatum: 1997
Spielzeit: 37:05
Label: Self released
Producer: Eddie Wohl


Brock Lindow - Gesang
Steve Holt - Gitarre
Mick Whitney - Bass
Kyle Baltus - Schlagzeug



"The last year was really exciting , we finished the album signed a deal with Spinefarm and hired a whole new cast of management and booking agents in the states. So it's a fresh start for us in our 21st year.



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