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OBM: Can you give us a quick background to the band?

We were all friends and playing in other  bands in the san francisco bay area and wanted to start something more straight forward something we were all more into so we got together and started jamming in the garage pissing off all the neighbors and neighborhood dogs san francisco wide and thats how alcatraz started, we actually had the name months before we had the band we were like "alcatraz is a sick name we should start a band and call it that"

OBM: How long had you guys been playing music before you were signed by "demons run amok"? Tell us how that came about…

Demons runamok has a great roster and have seemingly been doing some awesome things for their artists. How has it been working with them?

We recorded our first 5 song demo in 2005 and it was put out here in the u.s.a. on rock vegas records which is currently out of print but is a bonus on the demons release that just came out, We first worked with demons on the split 7 inch they put out with us and berlin hardcore band final prayer they contacted us and asked if we wanted to do something with them and us never having put out anything in europe were interested and after doing a little research they seemed like a cool label and cool dudes so we did it and it was good.

OBM: Can you describe your sound to our readers?

Well basically we are just straight forward hardcore with no bullshit, no gimmicks, just real hardcore from real hardcore dudes, 

OBM: Expand on your title "Smile Now Cry Later"  for us. Also talk to us about how it correlates with your cover art?

Well  the cover art and title don't really go together the cover is all of us at our favorite park in san francisco called delores park which is an awesome place in the city and you can see a great view of the city in the background its the perfect place to chill out on a hot san francisco summer day with all our friends and bullshit, and the style of the cover was actually influenced by one of our favorite bay area bands rancid we always liked the style of their covers, smile now cry later" is pretty self explainetory and is how we live our lives basically it means live for today.

OBM: Who have made the photo for your cover artwork? What inspired you guys to create that cover?

Our good friend eduardo "lalito" soils took the picture he is from Monterrey mexico and was living with us here in sf for a few months and is a great photographer, he actualy played the solo on a song on the record , and our guitar player kyle did the cover and layout is a graphic designer and actually does album layouts as well as many other things for his job so it was cool and he basically came up with everything in the layout by himself and did a great job, 

OBM: What is the main focus around Smile Now Cry Later? Is there a specific theme or concept that you guys were going for, lyrically? How about musically?

We just wanted to write a good hardcore record no real theme or concept we just wanted to write something like the stuff we grew u listening to.

OBM: What equipment are you working with on this record?  amps, pedals, guitars, etc…

Ok well pretty simple stuff mesa dual rectifier with mesa cab  , boss noise supresser pedal ltd. ec1000 eclipse with em 81, esp. bass plugged straight into the board, and dw maple drums, vocals on a good lo standard run of the mill sm. 58

OBM: Tell me about the message behind the songs:

"Smile Now Cry Later": this song is just all quotes from these movies that is why it doestn make any sense, like on our demo we did a song with all quotes from big lebowski we wanted to carry the tradition, so we did it with quotes from  "blood in blood out' mi vida loca' and american me"

"Underrated Overhated": basically keeping head up when life has got you down, no matter how bad it is never give up never give in!

OBM: What are your plans now the record has been released? Any touring lined up?

We just played a few bay area shows with alpha and omega and xibalba last week, nothing planned in the immediate future but we really want to come back to europe we love the hxc scene there and want to come back asap!

OBM: What do you want people to walk away with after seeing Alcatraz live?

A black eye!

OBM: What are your goals with the band?

We just started to have fun and play shows and tour so basically that!

OBM: Where do you see this scene heading as far as trends go? Where do you see Alcatraz fitting in?

Fuck trends, stay real, alcatraz will always be hxc it doesn't matter how u dress how our hear is what you eat what you drink as long as you are hxc in your heart, and in our butt.

OBM: Thanks for your time. Anything else to say, plug, complain about, promote?

Thanks for interviewing us go out and check out our record on demons run amok they are cool dudes and hopefully we can come out there soon and play for you guys and gals!


Alcatraz - Smile Now Cry Later

Line Up:

Justin - Gesang

Manuel - Gitarre

Kyle - Gitarre

P-Nut - Bass

Edski - Schlagzeug



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