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OBM: I so appreciate the opportunity to get to talk to you! Where are you guys at today?

Timothy Newman: I’ve been working today and just got home. Desperate to sup on my first beer of the evening.

Stuart Hunter: Same here however, I already have a beer in hand. 

James Hunter: Sat in front of the computer doing some mastering for a client and drinking very strong black Dracula coffee. Stu brought me back from Transylvania. It’s bloody good. (Pun intended)

OBM: Your first record "Sub Contra Blues" has just been released… how did you approach the writing process?

Stuart Hunter: It was a really natural process. We get in the studio, jam out a bunch of ideas and concentrate on the ones that stick. We generally write all the instrumental parts first before moving onto vocals.  But generally it's all about getting together with some beers and making a lot of loud noise. 

James Hunter: Stuart laid down a few riffs and initial idea’s he had been working on. We’d then all get into a room, drink some beers, figure out rhythm tracks and see what worked, we all chimed in creating songs and sections, seeing what flowed and felt natural to us. We then figure out tempo’s and changes to the point of strapping a metronome to Tim’s head. The Vocals came very late in the whole process. I recall writing new parts as we were recording in the studio.

OBM: Right on. You guys have an incredibly catchy sound! What would you say are some of your main influences as a band? 

James Hunter: Thanks, Zozobra, Crowbar, Deftones, Black Sabbath, Alice in Chains... 

Stuart Hunter: We take influence from so much stuff we listen to. I guess for me it's always been bands like Cave In, Isis, Pelican right through to Swans and My Bloody Valentine to name but a few.

OBM: Did you go into writing this record with an idea of what kind of sound or style you wanted to bring to the album?

Stuart Hunter: Not at all which made it more exciting. We set out and remain to be very free in the whole writing and recording process. Each song has it's own vibe going on. We knew that we wanted the record to sound just like how we play the songs live, and that's pretty much how it came out. There's no trickery, It's just balls out all the way. 

OBM: I love your album art. How did you come up with the idea for it? What does it say about your album?

Stuart Hunter: We didn't come up with the idea ourselves, it is the handy work of artist and friend Daniel Tiller. The artwork absolutely fits the music. It features a woman crying, The album is much about loss. relationships, and self loathing so we feel it works well.

OBM: Where did the concept of “Sub Contra Blues” from? What experiences in your lives have helped build this album?
Stuart Hunter: All the shit things that we cannot express through words alone. Things like the loss of loved ones, relationship breakdowns and sexual desires. booze and drugs also play their part. Though I think we all have our individual stories about where the motivation of this album come from.

OBM: Going into the studio for this record, what were some of your expectations for the record? Do you feel like you met all of your goals with the end result?
Stuart Hunter: When you are making an album with an extremely low budget, you cant have massive expectations. You have limited time to get everything done in time. You cannot afford to fuck about. With that in mind, we are very happy with how it turned out in the end. It's pretty much exactly how we intended it to be.

OBM: How did you find your time in the studio for "Sub Contra Blues"?
Stuart Hunter: Very short and very jaggered across a year. It was a-lot of fun though. We recorded all the instruments over 4 days. It was then to be another year before we were able to re-enter the studio to finish the vocals. This is because we got the studio at such a low rate, if another band (mainly The Cure) wanted to record then we would get bumped. It's a very busy studio. 

Timothy Newman:Yeah, We didn’t have much to spend so we had to work hard and fast. It was a bit of a blur to be honest! 

James Hunter: It was surprisingly painless and fun. I didn’t get cabin fever or loose my shit once. Yeah we had to be quick when we were in the studio Tim gained the nickname 'Timmy Two takes'.

OBM: Can you clue our readers into your favorite track from the new stuff, why you love it and why you think fans will dig it?
Stuart Hunter:That's a hard question because our favourite track changes on a weekly basisa good starting place might be Cold Blooded, Warm Hearted or The Witches which we made a video for. 

OBM: How do you feel you’ve grown as musicians and writers since your first release with your old Band "Johnny Truant" and with your new band and the new release right now? 

Stuart Hunter: Wow, That's a long time. I think for me, I've calmed down a lot since the first Truant record which was fast , anxsty and all over the place. As we matured, as did the music, becoming more direct and to the point.  As far as Anacondas go, It's a lot slower. Lower and less hectic.

James Hunter: We were still in our teens when we wrote ‘Repercussions’ and we are in our 30’s now so naturally we have matured as people and musicians. In Anacondas, for me, it has been like learning to play a new instrument, it's a totally different fundamental altogether. It's a very different beast indeed. The alternate tuning was almost unplayable at first but it also helps keep things fresh and raw. Plus we are now writing lyrics and doing vocals. 

OBM: Things are a lot different for bands these days with the rise of the internet. Do you think that the web has made it easy to be in a band these days regardless of whether you are any good or not?

Timothy Newman: It’s always been easy to be in a band, whether anyone ever listened to you was a different matter. It’s so easy to get heard by people, but because of that there’s much more to hear. I think it’s actually about the same as it used to be really. Just slightly different media.

James Hunter: I wouldn’t say it’s made it any easier. Bands still need integrity and not just initial exposure, anyone can record a demo in their bedroom and upload it on the web. Which is great and a lot easier and cheaper than it used to be, however, its also made it that much harder to get noticed. 

OBM: Playing music is rarely a lucrative or glamorous endeavour, so what helps you to persevere in Anacondas? What is it that drives you as musicians?

Timothy Newman: We all like playing. That is the ONLY thing that gets me to the studio on a freezing cold, wet evening. It certainly ain’t the cash or kudos!

James Hunter: What drives me is the release, once a week I get to turn up my amp really loud, shout my face off and let off steam whilst being creative. Its very therapeutic to be able to get in to that creative zone and project those ideals.

OBM: Do you think your wide experience with "Johnny Truant" was helpful for that new projekt?

Stuart Hunter: Of course. We know what to expect and more importantly not what to expect.

OBM: Who is currently on constant rotation on your ipod?
Timothy Newman: I know it’s sad but I’m listening to the rough recordings of Anaconda’s new stuff. Trying to learn it but also just enjoying Stuart’s big old slabs of riffage.

Stuart Hunter: Good work Tim. I'm listing to lots of Chelsea Wolfe, True Widow, Windhand and the new Russian Circles.

James Hunter: Gorjira L'Enfant Sauvage

OBM: Anything else on your heart that you would like to get to the readers?

James Hunter: We hope you enjoy the record. look out for future tour dates and releases via 


OBM: What are some things you see Anacondas doing in the next year?
Stuart Hunter:We're playing a festival in Moscow so we're excited for that. We hope to get out on the road as much as possible, As well as recording the next album.


ANACONDAS | The Witches


Anacondas | Sub Contra Blues

Erscheinungsdatum: 15.April 2013

Label: Prosthetic Records

Producer: Paul Win


Stuart Hunter - Gitarre, Gesang
James Hunter - Bass, Gesang

Timothy Newman - Schlagzeug, Gesang



"I think for me, I've calmed down a lot since the first Truant record which was fast , anxsty and all over the place. As we matured, as did the music, becoming more direct and to the point.  As far as Anacondas go, It's a lot slower. Lower and less hectic."


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