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OBM: Cheers for your time today. How’re you doing, and what’re you up to at the moment?

Yo! and thanks for having us. It's never been better in the blood camp. We're really stoked about getting the new album out there and everything happening these days. Right now we are preparing for the upcoming Norwegian tour and of course answering this interview.

OBM: Your new album “Funeral Beach” comes out on the 5th of October! What can fans expect from the album?

It's a lot more punk n' roll than the other releases and much more dandy too! The record ticks in at 38 minutes with the total of 11 songs (the vinyl is gonna have 1 bonus track) which makes it our longest recording to date. The vocals are more varied than it used to be and the guitars a lot more heavy! We didn't use Telecaster guitars on this one which is a big change for our guitar sound. We brought more influences in on this one also, so it's much more varied overall. You'll have to check for yourselves. I'm sure the fans will be pleased on this record. Every classic BC trick is in there + a good dose of new ones.

OBM: What does the title Funeral Beach mean in relation to this new album? What brought that title about?

I watched a lot of beach and mafia oriented series (no, not Baywatch or anything like that) during the writing period of the album. “Funeral Beach” is self conflicting 'cause you can't bury things in the sand, they're gonna emerge to the surface sooner or later. You can't “bury” your mistakes and the tinges you've done wrong, but solve it properly or else it's bound to come back and haunt you later in life. The short version is; We're all scum of the earth and we are all fucked.

OBM: Would you say your influences changed much from the time you were writing for “Ghostclocks” to when “Funeral Beach” began writing?

I guess we've listened to a lot of new music since Ghostclocks and therefore have some new inputs on how to sound and how to be felt. Some of the vocal lines are very hip hop-oriented in rhythm (without sounding like rapcore) but the basics stays the same. It's still Blood Command at it's best. Harder, heavier, catchier, faster, better. We did a tour with Comeback Kid last summer and I guess that affected us a bit on the writing part. We stole some tricks from them.

OBM: How personal are these lyrics for you and the rest of Blood Command? How close to home do you let your lyrics hit?

The lyrics are split between Silje and me. I write some parts and she writes some. A lot of my lyrics are about things and situations I love and hate, fucked up love, selfishness, society criticism, know-betters, my own mistakes and fuck ups and our own tendency to block out everything that doesn't suit us and our way to live. We find excuses for everything we do wrong to ourselves and others. To write about our own situations, feelings and thoughts is what feels most natural to us. At least on this recording, maybe things will change for future recordings, who knows.

OBM: “Cult of the New Beat” is the single from the album, do you feel this represents the album well?

Well, yes it definitely has the core of BC energy that we wish to broadcast to the audience whilst they're listening to the record or attending one of our shows, but it's the only song who is like that on the record. No songs sound the same and every single one has their own agenda. There's no song like “High Five For Life” on the record either.

OBM: Personally what is your favorite track on the new album and why?

I'm divided here between the opening track: “Pissed Off And Slightly Offended!” and “High Five For Life”. Pissed Off has some serious good dance parts and an awesome title. The lyrics for the song are angry as hell and gets the point out there; “You're shit, we're shit, so don't tell us what to do! I love” “High Five For Life” because of the schizophrenic fight between desperation and feel-good in the song.

OBM: The Faint has been a huge influence on Blood Command! What are a few of your other favorite bands and how have they influenced you?

It's a long list here, but the most notorious ones besides “The Faint” are, At The Drive-In, Refused, Hot Snakes, Fugazi, Black Flag, New Order, Depeche Mode, Beastie Boys and Turbonegro. We let a lot of different music influence us. But the bands I've mentioned above have taught us the importance of high energy riffs and overall darkness and despair.

OBM: As a band you’ve been together four years. How different is Blood Command 2012 to that of four years ago?

Four years ago we were only a trio hiring in extra guitar and bass players to fill in live, but now we trying out how it feels like to be a five piece. Haven't tried it in a studio setting yet, but on the next recording we might try. If we knew 4 years ago what we would experience the next years, we would probably die of a heart attack. These years have been massive and we can't wait to see what's coming up next. Seems the sky is the limit!

OBM: Is there a certain aspect of the new album that you are most excited to show everyone in a live setting?

It has a decent amount of sing alongs, so I can't wait to meet the audience singing along to our songs again. BC fans are the best! We want to spread the punk n'roll odor all over the venues!

OBM: What do you want listeners to walk away with after seeing your live show?

We want them to not be sure if they just witnessed a rock show or were struck by lighting for 30 minutes, leaving wanting more!

OBM: Who are you currently listening to? Is there anyone out there that is currently impressing your socks off?

Trash Talk seems amazing! Can't wait for their new album. The new Kvelertak material seems interesting too. Cerebral Ballzy got a good vibe that makes our feet dance. Damien Jurado keeps amazing me with his dark lyrics and Deez Nuts are freaking awesome!

OBM: Any videos in the works? If so what can you tell the readers? And what are your upcoming tour plans?

No videos in the work just yet, but we're planning to make a video from our release concert in Bergen. We're gonna tour Norway this fall with the new album, but hope to hit mainland Europe and the rest of the world in 2013!

OBM: Thanks for your time, anything else to add?

Fuck 'em all! Go Veg!

Blood Command - Corpse Reviver


Blood Command-Funeral Beach


Blood Command-Hand Us The Alpha Male


Blood Command-Ghostclocks


Blood Command-Party All The Way To The Hospital


Blood Command-Five Inches Of A Car Accident


Line up

Silje Tombre

Sigurd Haakaas

Yngve Andersen

Sjalg Otto Unnison

Simon Oliver Økland



"It's a lot more punk n' roll than the other releases and much more dandy too! The record ticks in at 38 minutes with the total of 11 songs (the vinyl is gonna have 1 bonus track) which makes it our longest recording to date. The vocals are more varied than it used to be and the guitars a lot more heavy! "

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