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OBM: For those who may not know, can we get a brief rundown of the history of Broadway Killers? How did the band come together?

Broadway Killers was founded late 2010 as a side-project. We were all in other bands at that time, but we knew each other from years back – personally and from the underground scene – and we were very good friends, who wanted to hang out some more and play simple punk rock music without too many concerns. Soon we found out that we shared the same musical values and had the same idea of how music should be made and sound. I think four months after we started the band we went to the studio to record our first EP. So, what started out as a chilled-out side project ended up being our main thing; Broadway Killers. A simple three-piece rock band.

OBM: Your newest release is out now. What’s the new EP sound like? What’s changed since your first debut EP “Broadway Killers”?

The newest EP “Broadway Killers (The Red EP)” is our fastest and roughest recording. With this EP we found our sound. No matter how much you have in common musically, it takes time to ‘become a band’ - to find your path and sound. We did that with this EP. The difference from the first, but also the second EP, is that these songs are harder. We used different instruments, e.g. Gibson guitars instead of the Telecaster and a P-bass instead of the Music Man ‘Sting Ray’ to get another sound. The songs are simpler, more cut to the bone and maybe less melodic. I think it is a more mature release..

OBM: Did you guys work with Jacob Bredahl in the studio again?

Jacob Bredahl is our guy. He is our friend. Everything in this band is built on friendship that is why we started the band. Jacob has been with us from day one and will also do our debut album later this year. We love his way of recording/producing and we wan the sound that he makes. As I said, we have developed a lot since we started and he knows where we want to go. To us he is the best guy out there as a friend, musician and producer.

OBM: How do you feel about the finished EP? Do you think it is an accurate statement of where the band is right now?


OBM: What were some of the specific influences as far as what was going on in your life and the life of the band that ended up going into this record?

A lot of things around us changed when we wrote the songs for the red EP. Break-ups and fucked up situations that all influenced the songwriting. Maybe that is why the EP can seem like an angry outburst.

OBM: Any struggles with the lyrical content or did the writing process flow pretty effortlessly?

I use to say that I am musician, not a poet, but most of the lyrics on this EP were actually written quite fast. Maybe you can hear that, haha! No, a song like “Blessings And Sins” didn’t take long write, because the whole idea to the song and the theme was already there. Normally I get stuck writing lyrics and it is never easy, but I do not think back on the process like it was that difficult.

OBM: What song is your personal favorite and why?

I think “Nothing = Nothing”. It is such a powerful song. The whole idea with the statement “Nothing = Nothing” is something which I have thought about for a long time. In the music business you meet so many people with intensions, ideas and promises, but in the end you end up with nothing. They have all the explanations for why things did not go as planned, however, as a band you are still standing with empty hands. Still got nothing. So, I was like ‘fuck intensions, bring me results’. I think every band can recognize that feeling. Furthermore, the song was the last one done for the EP. When we finally got the mixes for “Nothing = Nothing” the EP was complete. It was the missing piece.

OBM: What influenced you to go into music? What would you be doing if you weren’t in the band?

My dad is a music teacher and I got my first drum kit when I turned 10. I always had music around me and started in my first band when I was 13. I think it was Nirvana and Green Day that were my biggest inspiration. The anarchy in the punk music really got to me. At the age 15 it got more serious, I started writing my own songs. The rest is history. What would I be doing if I wasn’t in the band? Well, we all have university degrees, Emil has a master in media, Anders is engineering and have a master in corporate communication, so I think I would do a job within communication or branding. A job where I can combine theory and creativity. I think we all have the attitude that a life with just Broadway Killers would not be satisfying. I believe it is important to know stuff, to be involved in different parts of society and not only speak the words of assumption, but actually know what you are talking about. To me, contrats are important that is why I have a master from the business school, but always listened and played punk rock music.

OBM: What do you guys hope to do with your music, big picture?

It would be amazing to live of our music for a couple of years. I do not think I would like to be in the business the rest of my life. Too much bull shit and too many narrow-minded people. However, having the change to play sold-out venues on your own headlining nightliner tour would be the experience I would love! I’d love to share that experience with my best friends.

OBM: What else would you like to tell your fans about this the new EP?

If you want simple, catchy and energetic punk rock music, then give these songs a listen. We try to do everything with a nerve and tension that we hope you can feel when you listen to the songs. I don’t want to put too many words on our music, but let people find out what they think and then connect the adjectives they think fit.


OBM: What music is your band listening to these days?

We are listening to loads of different stuff. Eels, Bad Religion and Rancid are always with us in the van. Besides from that we listen to Beatsteaks, Social Distortion, The Flatliners, The Gaslight Anthem, Tegan And Sara, Sublime, Nirvana, Sort Sol, Against Me. We just come across a great German band called HeissKalt, who we played with not long ago. Check them out!

OBM: Anything else on your heart that you would like to get to the readers?

Take care of each other, respect each other, keep supporting good music and stay crazy. Do not let the cultural programming get you yet! I hope to see you all to our shows.

Broadway Killers - Blessings And Sins


Broadway Killer - Broadway Killers EP

Line Up:
Jakob Thalund Møller
Anders Bæk Albrektsen
Emil Johnse



"With this EP we found our sound. No matter how much you have in common musically, it takes time to ‘become a band’ - to find your path and sound. We did that with this EP. The difference from the first, but also the second EP, is that these songs are harder. "


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