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OBM: Cheers for your time. How are you guys doing?

CARNIFEX: We're doing well. Thank you!

OBM: So you guys are back for your new release "Until I Feel Nothing" on Victory Records, fill us in on what the last year and some has looked like for you guys!

CARNIFEX: It's been good. We've been steadily progressing on to bigger tours. Crossed off the list some of those bands that we dreamed of touring with. We've toured around the world in the last year and a half and while writing a new record. We've been busy.

OBM: This album is titled "Until I Feel Nothing", talk to me about the theme or themes that run through this album and how it relates to this title. 

CARNIFEX: Well, the title of the album is specific to the title track itself. The song is about doing the same thing over and over again so much that you're numb to everything physically and mentally. The theme to the album is just raw emotion.

OBM: It’s an awesome album, are you pleased with the way it turned out?

CARNIFEX: Absolutely! This is our best work yet.

OBM: Like we said, the album is out, what has the reaction from fans been like to it?

CARNIFEX: The reaction has been awesome. It's still pretty new to most people but over all our fans have taken it in and love it.

OBM: How does a record tend to come together for you guys? Is it written from scratch or pieced together from various bits and pieces, ideas?

CARNIFEX: Haha both I guess. As far as the music goes, we all put our two cents into each song. Some of them are mostly written by one person's idea with a few tweaks from the rest of the band and others are totally pieced together. I can't say that one way is better than another because both ways have produced some of my favorite songs.

OBM: How hard is it to keep topping what you’ve already achieved?

CARNIFEX: That's something we worry about every time we write. There's no room for slacking let me tell you. We just make sure that we're not settling for ok. We want to be excited about every riff in every song and if we can continue to do that I think we can keep getting better.

OBM: A lot has happened/changed to the music industry over 10 years, do you think it is now a better or worse place for a band like Carnifex?

CARNIFEX: I think it's worse for every band. Bands that have been around can't seem to sell records anymore and new bands that are just starting out can't seem to get anyone interested in them because people are being bombarded with 10 new bands everyday.  

OBM: You’ve got to headline the Bonecrusher Fest coming up in February 2012! How did you prepare for that tour and what are some essential items you pack before you hit the road?

CARNIFEX: There's a lot we do to prepare for a Headliner. We have to come up with new T-shirt and hoodie designs then have all the merchandise printed. We're having a vocal cover contest and the winner gets to perform that song on stage with us at a show. We're offering VIP passes so you can get a shirt, poster, laminate and come hang out with us after the show. The week before the tour we rehearse our set so that we can play well sound the best for our fans. The essential items is all our gear we need to bring to perform and the pills to sleep on the flight over. Everything else is secondary.

OBM: A lot of people find your live shows extremely cathartic! Is that something that you feel yourself, a release of all the negative stuff while onstage?

CARNIFEX: Definitely. We get out most of our aggression on stage. Off stage we are pretty mellow dudes.

OBM: What kind of music do you tend to spin on the bus while on the road? Do you tend to listen to a lot of heavy music in your down-time or, do you prefer more of a variety of styles?

CARNIFEX: We actually don't listen to heavy music very much on the road. It ranges from reggae to 80's rock.

OBM: In terms of touring for the new record, what are your plans?

CARNIFEX: So far we're Headlining Bonecrusher in Europe in February and doing direct support to All Shall Perish in the U.S. in March and April. After that I'm not sure what other tours we have lined up but we will be on the road none the less. 

OBM: What was the best moment of the year for you guys?

CARNIFEX: I think it was playing With Full Force Festival in Germany in June, 2011. It was pretty epic!

OBM: What music is your band listening to these days?

CARNIFEX: We all have very different tastes in music. We all try and listen to the new metal records coming out.

OBM: Thanks for your time! Last question, do you have any announcements or shout outs for your fans?

CARNIFEX: The only way to support us is to come out to a show so come out and bang your head with us!

Carnifex - Until I Feel Nothing


Carnifex - Until I Feel Nothing


Carnifex - Hell Chose Me


Carnifex - The Diseased and the Poisoned


Carnifex - Dead in My Arms


Line Up:
Scott Lewis - Gesang
Ryan Gudmunds - Gitarre
Cory Arford - Gitarre

Fred Calderon - Bass

Shawn Cameron -Schlagzeug


"That's something we worry about every time we write. There's no room for slacking let me tell you. We just make sure that we're not settling for ok. We want to be excited about every riff in every song and if we can continue to do that I think we can keep getting better."

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