OBM: Hi, thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions for us. How are you doing; what’re you up to at the moment?

GIORDANO - Hi Benjamin, thank you for the interview!! we are very busy in this moment, we are searching for the new guitarist that will substitute Claudio Leo that passed away on January 17 leaving an deep void in our souls and heart. He was the founder of the band and he wrote the majority of the songs with me and Marco Barusso, the other guitarist and producer. Claudio had a cancer and he lost his fight against this terrible evil before the new album was out..a tragic event that makes us stronger and the only we have to remember Claudio is and will be forever to play his music everywhere. This is what he asked us before leaving... so now we are focusing on this matter and we are auditioning lots of possible guitarist. In the meantime we have 8 or 9 new songs ready to be fixed and on of these is already part of our setlist during the last concerts and we have great feedbacks from the fans. We feel we have new songs that will surprise all of you !!

OBM: Your long awaited second full length is out and it's been really great! Firstly, talk to us about the cover art.

GIORDANO- Thank you very much Benjamin, the cover art was created by an Italian Artist called Matteo Piter Pederzini that created this man that looks like me a bit that impersonates Cain and a sort of King Of Nothing with a pair of aces in his hand that also play the game of Cain and Abel, where Abel is the bloody, dying card. A masterpiece that give us a mascotte like Eddie for Iron Maiden, so I think we will see again this guy in our covers.

OBM: Would you say your influences changed much from the time you were writing for "Old Faded Pictures" to when "Cayne" began writing?

MARCO – Well, when Claudio started writing for “Old faded pictures” I still wasn't part of the band, they were influenced by bands like Paradise Lost, Black Sabbath, U2, they wanted to do something dark and hypnotic, we love that album but we're pretty much different now, we put our new influences In the writing process, as Giordano told you, me, him and Claudio wrote most of the new album and our intention was to write good songs built to last, we worked a lot on structures, arrangements, high and lows, dynamics, stuff like that.

OBM: Was the storyline that you present on this record something you knew you'd be writing from the start of "Cayne"?

GIORDANO: No, there wasn't any story line but every lyric I wrote for this album started from a disease I had in the deepest, darker part of my soul. And writing lyrics makes me feel better, I can use my bad blood to write on something that leave a scar on my heart and soul. An open wound that remains closed for the time of the song..

OBM: Can you clue our readers into your favorite track, why you love it and why you think fans will dig it?

GIORDANO: My favorite song is the last one, Like The Stars, I remember when Claudio gave me his demo for this song and I felt immediately that was a great hearted song. My ex girlfriend was going through a bad time and I wanted to tell her that I was here with her and together we could pass through every difficulties...I also love my interpretation and performance, one of the most intense of the record..

OBM: How important is it to you all to have a message behind your music?

GIORDANO - The right combination is the real mission for us. The music inspire me to put out something from my heart that fix the mood of the song. My lyrics talks about past life and experiences that gave me something good or bad (most of the time bad..) and anyone can find himself in my words.

OBM: How much would you say a given Cayne song changes from entering the studio to the final product? Give us an example?

MARCO – As you know, aside from being the guitarist, I'm also the producer of the band, I work a lot to the “pre production” thing before, and we fix most of the parts together in the rehearsals, we build the main skeleton of the song, then, when I start recording the parts in studio, there I can fix the rhythmic and harmonic interlocks, and add some effects, sounds etc... I can tell you that after we got the song recorded we can also play it better live because we have all the single parts clear at last, but maybe for someone that is not really careful regarding musical subtleties the songs doesn't change much, but it does for me.

OBM: Is the whole band there for the whole process? Or do you kind of come in, do your part and go? Is everyone contributing to each part?

MARCO – It depends on the single song, some does more here, some more there, some likes to stay with me in the studio and follow all the process and maybe contributes with ideas to different things, some others just comes, plays their stuff then go away, maybe not because they doesn't like it but just because they can't stay there all time. Anyway I'm sure circumstances bend to the will!

OBM: What is the biggest difference on this record that Cayne In July fans can expect?

MARCO – Sorry but I haven't understood your question, can you ask it with different words?

OBM: What would you say makes Cayne's music unique?

GIORDANO - All of us have 6 different musical roots, as musicians and as listeners. This mixing colours give to our sounds something unique that come together when we have an idea to start working on. The violin and the special arrangements using this magic instrument make the difference in our sound, and this is our jewel in the crown with catchy melodies and guitar “kick-in-the-teeth” impact.

OBM: When people attend an Cayne show, what do you want them to come away with?

GIORDANO - Energy, passion, liberation, free, power, unity, and a strange addiction to everything related with the band !!! ahahah

OBM: Who is currently on constant rotation on your ipod?

GIORDANO - I don't have an iPod but every morning I take one or two cds from my collection to listen to when I drive to go to my job and this morning I listened to Melissa from Mercyful Fate and Delta Machine the new cd from Depeche Mode. I adore these bands even if are so distant as sound, look, lyrics..first of all I'm a fan of good music and I have lots of “saints” that inspire me in the music of Cayne like King Diamond and Depeche Mode, and they are some of a big list.

OBM: What are some of your plans for the summer?

GIORDANO - We have some concerts planned here in Italy in May, June and August and we have a biker fest in France near Rennes the 15th of August where will be the main act and we can't wait to play in this wonderful festival.

OBM: Was there anything else you guys wanted to throw out at the readers?

GIORDANO - Yes !! please come to our official website www.cayne.it and take a look at our stuff, go on our facebook page and spread the word of Cayne, you will be Addicted in few minutes after listen to our music or watching our videos and Together As One we will conquer the world !!!

Cayne - Together As One


Cayne - Cayne

(CD 2013)

Cayne - Addicted

(EP 2011)

Cayne - Old Faded Pictures

(CD 2001)

Line Up:

Giordano Adornatoc - Gesang

Claudio Leo - Gitarre
Marco Barusso - Gitarre
Giovanni Lanfranchi - Violin & Keys
Andrea Bacchio - Bass

Guido Carli - Schlagzeug



"The right combination is the real mission for us. The music inspire me to put out something from my heart that fix the mood of the song. My lyrics talks about past life and experiences that gave me something good or bad (most of the time bad..) and anyone can find himself in my words.


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