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OBM: Hi guys, how are things at the moment? Where are you and what are you doing?
Hello there!! Things is great here in sweden! Right now we have a little break so everyone is here in Gothenburg doing stuff we do when we are "normal" people and not on tour. thinks like working out, hanging out with our friends and girlfriends, stuff like that.

OBM: You’re out on the The Slaugh Tour this winter. How do you survive life on the road and what are your plans after the tour?
Its not a problem to be on tour, if you don't like the life on a tour bus this is not the job for you and you get used to it anyway so. After the tour we have a short break for christmas and new year, and then we will start playing again.

OBM: You’ve chosen to fairly explosive support acts in Marionette and One Without. Were they personal choices?
Not that i know of.. Marionette is here from Gothenburg so we know some of them. Most of the time its the booking agency that handles what band are coming or not. We can tell them what bands we like and want to bring on tour but you never know! Its all business.

OBM: What are you looking forward to with this tour? Stoked to see reactions to some new stuff?
Yeah of course we want to show europe our new songs! Its the time on stage that makes it all worth it and i hope they will like as much as we do!

OBM: What has been your best ever experience while touring?
So far i think it was to see Japan, it was unreal and you wont get it if you dosen't go there your self.

OBM: What about your worst?
Hmm i really don't know, some shows are great! Some are less great, and some of them sucks haha! But most of the time the shows are really good. We are a bit spoiled with getting big shows so there almost always very good !!

OBM: What essential items do you take on the road?
The "must" items for me is the hygienic stuff, i don't like to feel like a dirty bump on tour haha. its a way to stay sane for me and of course clothes to match all the weathers you can have on tour since you travel from one country to another. Some times its warm one day and minus the next. So you have to be prepared for every kind of weather and your laptop!
OBM: For those of us who have yet to see you live, describe your show and what you want kids to take away from it?
Its all about the energy between you and the people in front of the stage, I hope that kids walk away from a dead by april concert happy and exited! And that next time we come play in there town they have told all there friends about us so there coming to!
OBM: What is the most difficult thing about being on the road?

To eat healthy food! Here in sweden we are spoiled with healthy food. But on tour is a lot of junk food. Some people like living on junk food and some do not! We do not ! hehe.

OBM: What has been your favourite venue/country to play?
For me its Japan, Loadpark festival in Tokyo, it was amazing. Its not the best show, but its the show i will always remember. Besides that i like the festivals best, its big stages, lots of staff that knows what to do and takes very good care of you and you get to meet other bands that you like sometimes.

OBM: The metal scene is hugely popular with kids at the moment. What is it about that scene that makes it so popular?
Music styles comes and goes, but its one style that always stays strong no matter what… Hardrock and Metal!

OBM: Thank you for speaking with us! Anything else you’d like to add?
Hope to see you all on tour!
Dead by april

Dead by April - Last Goodbye (Teaser)


Dead by April - Incomparable


Dead by April - Stronger


Dead by April - Dead by April



Line Up:

Jimmie - Gesang
Zandro - Gesang
Marcus - Bass
Alex - Schlagzeug




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