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Answered by Rick Chapple

OBM: I so appreciate the opportunity to get to talk to you! Where are you guys at today?
At home. We just got back from touring Poland, Belarus, Ukraine and Russia. Now we're getting ready for our headline UK tour.

OBM: Your third record, ‘Empire of Light’ is due out pretty soon. How did you approach the writing process for "Empire of Light" Did you go into this record with any particular sound or approach in mind, or was it quite an organic thing?
We had certain ideas in mind. We wanted to try new things that we have never done before. Challenge ourselves creatively. We wrote shorter songs, we wrote longer songs. We knew the album was about positivity and never giving up. But other than that, the writing was very organic.

OBM: Do you guys write collaboratively or does someone take the lead?
It varies, sometimes we write a song together in the rehearsal room or sometimes maybe me or Jonny(guitar) will write the bulk of a song and then we will all work on finalising it. THere are no rules when it comes to writing. If someone writes something and it sounds like DSHS and we all like it, we use it.

OBM: Where did the theme of "Empire of Light" itself come from?
We were thinking about the meaning of the album. For us the album is about being positive and never giving up. So we thought about the sound of the album - it is big, and it engulfs the listener. This is what we wanted to achieve. So Empire Of Light is almost a visual representation of the music. The music spreads and grows and creates a sense of positivity and resolve.

OBM: Are there any tracks on the new record that really stand out for you, and that you can’t wait for people to hear?
All of them. But seriously, we really can not wait to play all of these songs live. But if we had to pick some stand out tracks then probably VIII, The Waves and The Seas, The Verge and End Of Days. We've already played 5 of these songs live and they are sounding huge - so now we want to tour as much as possible and get to play all of them.

OBM: You worked with Alan Douche (Converge, Mastodon, Dillinger Escape Plan) this time around, what was his approach like?
Alan mastered the album. Jonny Renshaw (Guitar) recorded, engineered and mixed the album at Bandit Studios, so he had much more of an input that Alan. Alan did a great job mastereing Blessed & Cursed so we wanted to work with him again. But on the whole Jonny takes the credit for the overall sound and feel of the recording. We feel he did a really great job. He really captured the essence of what we were trying to achieve.

OBM: How hard is it to keep topping what you’ve already achieved?
If you think about it that way, then it is extremely hard. But sometimes you have to just say to yourself, this isnt about beating the last record, its about trying to develop as a musician and trying to push the boudaries of what the band is capable of. We always kept in mind that we never want to change our sound, but ultimately, a band should never stay in one place for too long. You have to push yourselves creatively and see where that takes you.

OBM: Often you hear people talk about music being good for a certain season because of the feeling the music exudes. Fall isn’t so far away from your release and It definitely feels like Fall to me…What you think about that?
Thats interesting to hear. For us the album has more of a summer vibe- well some of the songs do - like Crusader, A New Legacy, VIII, almost feel like you could be in a car with the windows open, blasting it out of the stereo. But I can see how some of the songs might have an autumnal feel. I guess everyone reacts differently to music and that is the beauty of it.

OBM: How do you feel you’ve grown as musicians and writers since your first release “A Fragile Hope”, or even since “Blessed & Cursed”?
A lot. We have developed a more efficient writing style with each other. We are more open to new ideas and we feel that we know when to trash an idea or when to develop it. I think creatively you will develop at different rates and in different styles, but in terms of writing as a group, we have definitely honed our skills over the past 8 years.

OBM: So, the last few years have looked pretty full on for you… have any moments stood out as particular highlights for you?
So many great times - headlining a stage at Download Festival; touring with awesome bands such as Underoath, Norma Jean, Architects, Cult Of Luna, Envy; touring Russia 3 times; headline tour of europe; numerous UK headline tours. Its been a crazy ride and we still have so much we want to achieve.

OBM: Have you tried some of the new songs out at home then? Do you guys have quite a strong fan base in England?
We've only played 2 of the new songs in UK. We can not wait to unleash more songs on our upcoming UK headline tour in November. We've always had a strong fan base in UK and we have had a lot of great feedback about the new album so I am hoping this tour will be amazing!

OBM: In terms of touring for the new record, what are your plans?
The world. We will tour anywhere and everywhere and we will try our best to make that happen. We will definitely tour europe and we hope to get over to Australia, Japan, Canada and maybe even U.S. We've always wanted to tour the world, we just hope we can do it with this album. We have a lot of fans all over the world and we really want to play for them.

OBM: What bands have been impressing you recently, either live or on record?
The Elijah and Feed The Rhino. Two really great upcoming bands from UK. We have toured with both of them and they are both completely different but have such awesome live shows. Try to go and see them, you wont be disappointed.

OBM: Thanks for your time, finally, what are your plans for the rest of the year?
Touring, Touring and Touring!

cheers Rick Chapple (Guitar)

Devil Sold His Soul - A New Legacy


Devil Sold His Soul-Empire of Light

(CD 2012)

Devil Sold His Soul-Blessed and Cursed

(CD 2010)

Devil Sold His Soul - Tortuga

(Split 2008)

Devil Sold His Soul-A Fragile Hope

(CD 2007)

Devil Sold His Soul-Like It's Your Last

(EP 2006)

Devil Sold His Soul-Darkness

(EP 2005)

Current line-up

Ed Gibbs - Gesang

Jonny Renshaw - Gitarre

Richard Chapple - Gitarre

Paul Kitney - Keyboard

Jozef Norocky - Bass

leks Wood - Schlagzeug

Past members

Dave Robinson - Schlagzeug

Tom Harriman - Schlagzeug

Iain Trotter - Bass



"For us the album is about being positive and never giving up. So we thought about the sound of the album - it is big, and it engulfs the listener. This is what we wanted to achieve. So Empire Of Light is almost a visual representation of the music. THe music spreads and grows and creates a sense of positivity and resolve."


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