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OBM: Hi Neal, cheers for your time today. It's such a plesure for me! How’re you doing, and what’re you up to at the moment?

Hey there! We're currently riding in the bus on a day off between shows. Last night in Spokane, WA was killer!

OBM: Before we talk about the album specifically, let’s get the obvious nonsense out of the way. There were some pretty big lineup changes since the last album. Were you ever worried? Was DevilDriver’s future ever in doubt?

I don't know how long (if at all) Dez & Mike were worried about the roster change. Austin & I tried to immediately quell any hesitation in them by bringing lots of songs/riffs to the writing table. I've known Dez for years so we already had a solid relationship; I feel we clicked with Mike on the 1st day of writing. 

OBM: Congratulations on the new album, first of all. You have been doing this fourteen years now. How do you maintain inspiration and not just get bored and sleepwalk through it? 

Thank you! I think Mike finally got his time to shine on this one. Although it was a collaborative effort, he really had to take the reigns for the 1st time in both songwriting & preproduction.  This and the addition of new blood to the lineup really set the foundation for "Trust No One."

OBM: This album is titled "Trust No One", talk to me about the theme or themes that run through this album and how it relates to this title?

Well, Dez wanted a blatant title; one with no need for explanations. But if I had to elaborate, I'd say the theme throughout is to watch out for yourself, your small circle/family because a lot of times no one else will.   


OBM: Is writing something that’s pretty collaborative for you, something you do in a practice room, or do you come up with ideas, pass them on, that kind of thing? How much would you say a given DevilDriver song changes from entering the studio to the final product? Can you give us an example? 

Writing in DevilDriver is compartmentalized collaboration. On this record Austin, Mike & I would meet at Mike's studio & create music beds which we would then send to Dez who would adorn them with vocals. As far as evolution, it varied from song to song. Mike changed the verse riff of 'Testimony of Truth' at least half a dozen times but 'My Night Sky' really didn't change much from its demo roots. 

OBM: You guys worked with Mark Lewis in the studio again, how was it to work with him another time? 

I think it's well publicized that we love Mark. What an ear for tones! He's also fun to hang with which becomes important when spending months on end with a guy. 

OBM: You guys have always had really interesting cover art. What does this cover say about the record? 

A wolf in sheep's clothing; just another analogy for trust no one. 

OBM: What would you say the overall message of this album is?

Choose your friends wisely & family close. 

OBM: How hard is it to keep topping what you’ve already achieved?

With the new lineup, the sky is the limit. We are always talking about newer/bigger stage production, playing places & countries we never have, etc.

OBM: In terms of touring for the new record, what are your plans?

We're already planning out next year. Concerning the rest of 2016, we are on our way to start a tour with Hatebreed right now that'll run until June 18th. After that we're home for a short while and then we're off to Europe for some fests & a Ministry tour. We're planning something big for this fall stateside. 

OBM: What kind of music do you tend to spin on the bus while on the road? Do you tend to listen to a lot of heavy music in your down-time or, do you prefer more of a variety of styles? It depends on the mood, but mainly you'll hear old country and '50's rock 'n' roll in our back lounge. 

OBM: What do you think changed most during your 14 years as a band?

On your shows, but mostly in Metal in general?  I see a lot of down-scaling so I think it's more important than ever to go out, see live shows. Support, be present & enjoy the art. 
OBM: Thank you so much for your time.



DevilDriver | Trust No One
Erscheinungsdatum: 13.Mai 2016
Label: Napalm Records

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Erscheinungsdatum: 28.Oktober 2003
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Dez Fafara | Gesang

Mike Spreitzer | Gitarre

Neal Tiemann | Gitarre

Diego Ibarra | Bass

Austin D'Amond | Schlagzeug



"Well, Dez wanted a blatant title; one with no need for explanations. But if I had to elaborate, I'd say the theme throughout is to watch out for yourself, your small circle/family because a lot of times no one else will."

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