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OBM: Hi, thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions for us. How are you doing; what’re you up to at the moment?
We're pretty good all of us, thank you. The tour is going really great and the people all seem to dig what we're doing. And it's a good feeling playing the new songs live.

OBM: So you guys are back for your new release "Backwards Over Midnight ", fill us in on what the last year has looked like for you guys!
It's been hell of a rollercoaster, ups and downs and a lot of struggles but always really exciting and good to be on it. And now that the album is out and the tour is moving it all feels great. We're in a good position now, things can only go up from here.

OBM: What would you say the overall message of this new album is?
I'm not sure there is one, really. It's all about good music, good rock n roll. We wanted to create something timeless in our very own way.

OBM: What does the musical and lyrical writing process look like for THE DURANGO RIOT? What specific elements (musical, lyrical, spiritual, technical, etc.) do you include in this process?
It's different from time to time how the songs come together. Usually you get a hung up on something exciting, a riff or a melody or maybe just some words and then we start working on it together. But some songs just seem to fall out of the blue. You just wake up with the whole song basically done in your head. That is magic.

OBM: Going into the studio for this record, what were some of your expectations for the record? Do you feel like you met all of your goals with the end result?
By the time the songs were written, we had a somewhat clear vision of how we wanted the album to sound like, a more freely sound, more dimensions. I really enjoy how the result came out, really proud of it! It's not what I heard in my head, it's not perfection in that sense. But that's alright, it probably never will be perfect, and that's why you have to go on trying with another album.

OBM: Talk to us about the idea behind the title “Backwards Over Midnight”?
The title is our night time salutation. It's about looking back and not looking back at things that have been.

OBM: Can you clue our readers into your favorite track from the new stuff, why you love it and why you think fans will dig it?
Damn that's a hard one, it's like choosing your favorite kid! But I'm really proud of the opening track "Everybody's Got To Go" we found something special there. And "Your Rags, My Riches" is my favorite live-track at the moment, and I like the groove in last song "Gone South" and the killer trumphets.

OBM: How do you feel you’ve grown as musicians and writers since your first release “Telemission”?
I'd say we've grown a lot. To me it doesn't even feel like the same band in way cause we've transformed and grown together so much since Telemission. I don't even remember what I was thinking back then. But I love that it's out there and some of the songs still hits me like a train every time I hear them.

OBM: What has your experience with Neo Membran – Nineton Rec. been so far?
Good, they done there work for us!


OBM: I would say that you guys really stand out in this genre. Where do you see this scene heading as far as trends go? Where do you see THE DURANGO RIOT fitting in?
We don't see us as part of any particular scene it that sense. I don't see us fitting in anywhere really? Of course, it's rock n roll music, no doubt about it, but I feel these sub genres and hypes are hard to apply on our band. I like to believe we could stand next to all that and just be solid and great at what we're doing forever and ever and ever and ever.

OBM: What has life on the road been like so far?
The tour so far has been really amazing. People seem to really dig it. And to just see all these places, and meet all these people is just to good. We couldn't ask for more.

OBM: Thank you for speaking with us! Anything else you’d like to add?
Thank you as well!!!

The Durango Riot - Your Rags, My Riches


The Durango Riot - Backwards Over Midnight


The Durango Riot - Telemission


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"It's different from time to time how the songs come together. Usually you get a hung up on something exciting, a riff or a melody or maybe just some words and then we start working on it together. "


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