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OBM: Hi, thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions for us. How are you doing; what’re you up to at the moment?

I’m doing good. The band is taking its first real break all year. I’m having trouble adjusting to the domestic life, but I think I’m good now.

OBM: I’ve listened to the album "Hate Me" many times this week and I’m certain that it’s going to do very well for you. Can you tell us a bit about what it was like making the album and what it was like working with Howard Benson and Michael Carey on production?

Working with Michael Carey was awesome. He is such a relaxed guy. He didn’t do any production on the album. We wrote a few songs with him though. He helped us focus on our lyrics. Everything had to have a true meaning and make sense in every way. In the literal sense, the words had to make actual sense. He helped us convey our words in a way that expressed our feelings  in the most appropriate way. He didn’t necessarily write them, but he helped us to make sure they were right. 

Howard Benson was amazing. He had so much confidence in us and he just pushed us to write…. write.. write and write some more. For him, he didn’t care what kind of songs we wrote or what they sounded like. He would just let us know when the songs were good. He helped see a few great ones that we thought weren’t very good. But he never tried to force anything on us. An Amazing producer

OBM: All of the songs on your new LP feel very distinct from one another, and the whole thing is especially different from your past metalcore styled records! How did that come together?

I don’t think we really ever had metalcore records. Maybe metalcore songs. But all our albums have always been diverse. I feel the difference with this though, is that this time around we decided to go more extreme on every song. If it was a heavier song, it had to be the heaviest song we’ve ever written. If it was a more balladish type song, lets make it a love song.. everything was turned up to 11. As to why it became so diverse…. well we like different types of music, and we just whatever songs we thought were the best regardless of what style they were. At the end of the day, if Escape The Fate wrote and recorded it, then it sounds like Escape The Fate because it is Escape The Fate.

OBM: What was the hardest part about writing and recording the record? Was it re-structuring and doing everything differently? 

This was the best record making experience I’ve ever had. We were such a strong team. I felt like everyone was writing and we didn’t take anything personally if the other guys didn’t like it. we all helped to make each other better. So we never felt embarrassed to show a song. It was a very creative time. As far as what was the hardest part, well, I had to lose myself for this record. I lost sight of who I was. I’m still recovering and trying to come back down to earth. I let go of all of my personal life. I stopped caring about my family and friends. I ate differently. I would just spend all day and night writing music. My relationships are still damaged. I remember watching a documentary about Metallica making the Black Album. Three out of four of them got divorced. I understand why. When you have one goal in mind, everything else doesn’t matter. We had so many demons that we needed to get out, and making the best album ever was the way we were going to do it. Making this record fucked me up, and Im just not the same anymore.

OBM: What comes first for you guys, the melody or the lyrics?

Instumental music comes first. But when it comes to vocals. it goes both ways. on this record it was mostly lyrics first. we figured we could find a melody for the exact words we wanted to say.

OBM: Was there any themes/ideas that you wanted to have on the record that didn’t make the cut or that you wanted to write about? 

Yes and no. The main thing i personally wanted to write about is kind of on the record and kind of not on the record. The song ‘END OF THE WORLD’  is about not letting the life that you’ve had define who you are. It’s about not letting whatever bad things have happened to you destroy you. For me, it’s about my brother who is actually my cousin that my parents adopted for a while before he went too far down the wrong path. He had a very fucked up life… horrible. I wouldn’t wish the kind of struggle he had on anyone, not even my worst enemies. Now as an adult man, he struggles to find his place in this world, and more importantly, happiness. I wanted to write a song that told him, It doesn’t matter that your mother abandoned you. It doesn’t matter that you don’t know who your father is. it doesn’t matter that you had no home as a child. It doesn’t matter that you got molested as a child. It doesn’t matter. You are somebody. You are not worthless. All that shit isn’t the end of the world. You can still be happy and be somebody. Its crazy because I played the song for him in person. He started crying. The chorus of the song says ‘Im not a ghost’. His girlfriend started freaking out. She told me that he always called himself a ghost, even going as far as to post pictures of ghosts on his Facebook instead of his actual face. Crazy thing is, I didn’t know that he did that, and Craig actually wrote the chorus lyrics. Amazing. The song didn’t make the actual record, instead it is one of the extra songs that is on the deluxe edition. 

OBM: Do you find your writing therapeutic or is some of this stuff hard to disclose?

It’s very therapeutic. I feel so connected to my bandmates now. I feel like we know more about each other’s pain and hopes and dreams now because of these songs. Theres so much we got out of our system. i don’t know how to be myself anymore because the only way i knew how to communicate was through song for so long. I feel like i need to write a song about that feeling now. I feel like an alien in this world and the only thing that understands me is the songs. 

OBM: What is the significance behind the title “Hate Me”?

Hate Me is about accepting who you are and not giving a fuck what anyone else has to say about you. I may be a little confused right now, i may be a little broken… but thats who i am and my record talks about it and I don’t care if you don’t like me or my record. I hope you love me, but if you don’t.. go ahead and hate me… cause i’ll be good with or without you.

OBM: The artwork for the album "Hate Me" is quite eye-catching, what is the idea behind it?

Craig had this vision. He was very into tarot cards and what they represent. that particular card is the wheel of death. its a magic trick. you strap someone on it and throw all your knives at them and they some how don’t get hit… in our album covers case, they do get hit.. but they’re still alive… and can never be killed.

OBM: Do you guys have a favorite song off the record? What about these songs make them your favorite? 

I have many. Breaking me down was written with some of the guys from papa roach. It was very therapeutic for both of us because we both had old friends that we had such a struggle letting go of. We loved them to the point that it would kill us because the people we’re talking about were such a mess, so self destructive. We kept trying to save them but it only broke us down more… its about letting go. 

OBM: Do you think your approach to music has changed over time?

Yes, tremendously. I have always been very self conscience of my writing. but i realized that you just have to express yourself be it musically or lyrically. You just gotta put it out there. its either going to suck or theres other people who will understand your vision and will help you see it through. I used to keep things to myself and work on it for years until i felt it was perfect. Sometimes you just gotta say fuck it. 

OBM: Who are you currently listening to? Is there anyone out there that is currently impressing your socks off?

Im an old school kind of guy… music always finds me… old or new… i usually prefer old.. don’t know why.. But Adele seems to know how to strike a chord. She is tortured by a former love that she apparently can not seem to let go… And i feel her pain and confusion… she’s gnarly dude.

OBM: For you 2016 is going to be…..?

I don’t know.. but people have to hear Hate Me… so 2016 will be busy...

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Escape the Fate | Hate Me
Erscheinungsdatum: 30.Oktober 2015
Label: Eleven Seven Music

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Label: Eleven Seven Music

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Erscheinungsdatum: 26.September 2006
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Craig Mabbitt | Gesang

Kevin Thrasher | Gitarre

TJ Bell | Gitarre

Robert Oritz | Schlagzeug



"Hate Me is about accepting who you are and not giving a fuck what anyone else has to say about you. I may be a little confused right now, i may be a little broken… but thats who i am and my record talks about it and I don’t care if you don’t like me or my record. I hope you love me, but if you don’t.. go ahead and hate me… cause i’ll be good with or without you.


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