Answers by Nathan Zorn

OBM: Firstly, can you give us a quick background on how “Fall City Fall” was formed and how you came upon your signature sound?
We were just friends in high school who thought it would be fun to play music together, we've had lineup changes since, but it's still just all of our best friends. Our sound has definitely changed since we started, but we really just play whatever we want, there are no rules in music.

OBM: How long had you guys been playing music before you were signed by "Victory Records"? Tell us how that came about…
The band formed in 2008 but we never really did anything "real" until 2010. We posted a music video for "Anxiety Attack" on Youtube and one of the guys from Victory came across it and contacted us to come down and do a showcase.

OBM: Expand on your title "Victus "  for us. Also talk to us about how it correlates with your cover art?
Victus means "overcome". The art is a picture of someone who is being held back by a bunch of crazy vines, it basically symbolizes lifes struggles that we all endure and the every day personal battle we are all trying to overcome.

OBM: How did you find your time in the studio for "Victus"?
It was great. We recorded with our good friend Stu McKillop in Vancouver, BC and it was just relaxed, we knew what we wanted, he was stoked on everything, we just messed around and experimented with already existing ideas and it just happened very organically and naturally. 

OBM: It’s an awesome album, are you pleased with the way it turned out?
Thank you very much! We are all very proud of it.

OBM: Your sound seems to have evolved in an epic way. What do these songs and this style mean to you?
The songs mean a lot to us, we put our heart and soul into this album. It's not really a style, its a feeling, we just write what we feel.

OBM: There is a lot of conviction and passion in your lyrics. What are some topics that we can expect and why did you choose to write about them?
We just write about life. Everyone goes through shit and a lot of people sweep their problems under the rug, rather than deal with them.  We want these songs to conjure up those buried feelings and make you think.

OBM: For those who have yet to hear the record, who would you say is its biggest musical influences and comparisons?
We get the Chariot or DEP, La Dispute, often. I don't 100% agree, but we love all of those bands so we take it as a compliment.

OBM: What’s your favorite track off Victus and why?
I like "Taken" the most. It just gets under my skin more than the rest.

OBM: What do you feel is your greatest accomplishment on this record? What does the title and the album as a whole say about this collection of songs?
I don't know, we just want people to hear it and hopefully it triggers something in them and makes a positive change in their life somehow. Thats the goal, really.

OBM: The album is out since the 22 January, what’s the next step? Hitting all the usual festivals this summer?

OBM: What has been the reaction, or feedback, since the 22th when this album dropped? Where do you see this scene heading as far as trends go? Where do you see Fall City Fall fitting in?
It's been surprisingly good, I've only read a couple reviews that didn't like it too much, but they weren't terrible by any means. We aren't really a trendy band per say, we just do what we want, so were just going to tour as much as possible and hopefully people will hear and and stand behind what we are about. 

OBM: Was there anything else you guys wanted to throw out at the readers?
I appreciate you taking your time to read this interview :)

Fall City Fall - Dead Eyes


Fall City Fall-Victus


Fall City Fall-Dead Saints

(EP 2012)

Fall City Fall-1629


Line Up:

Nathan Zorn - Gesang
Keenan Pylychaty - Gesang
Jordon Storey - Gitarre

Andre Urquidi - Bass
Nathan Pope - Schlagzeug



"The songs mean a lot to us, we put our heart and soul into this album. It's not really a style, its a feeling, we just write what we feel. "

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