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OBM: You released the last album in 2008, catch us up on the last three years in the life of H2O....
Basically just a lot of touring. We got to go to some very cool places and play with some very cool bands.

OBM: The new record is called "Don't Forget Your Roots" and it is a tribute record to fifteen of the legendaryest hardcore/punk bands from the 80's & 90's! Why did you decided to put out a tribute album and not a new album?
Its something we have wanted to do as a band for years, and it seemed like a good time to get in there and do it. We're not ready yet to make a new record, although we have started taking steps in that direction and writing, its just not that time for us a a band yet. The covers record was a fun way to pay tribute to the bands who inspired us and well as a nice way for us to spruce up the live shows with some different material that we have a ton of fun playing.

OBM: Do you feel the same kind of progression from the first H2O record to this one?

I'm not sure I understand the question, but I'll give it a shot. I'd like to think for a band like us, slow and steady is the name of game when it comes to musical progression. As much as people might look down on it, I love bands like ACDC, Motorhead and Bad Religion who it could be said have stuck to their original style pretty firmly throughout the years with occasional forays into slightly different directions and I'd like for us to have a similar thing going on, in regard to staying close to the style we do best.

OBM: You guys have always had really interesting cover art. What does this cover say about the record?
This is a mock up of the cover from 7 Seconds, Walk Together, Rock Together record, so its also a part of the whole tribute theme of the record.

OBM: What is your favorite tribute track off the new record?
Thats tough....I go through phases and it hasn't been out long enough for me to really fall in love with anyone track over the others. I have to say I love playing the Sick Of It All, Madball and Cro mags songs live though, I love both all songs as a fan, so its hard not to get stoked when we play them.

OBM: What would you say the overall message of this album is?
Well, from our point of view, we wanted to pay tribute to some of the bands who really helped inspire H2O and who's music most directly informed the way we sound now. Its also kind of like a mix tape you might make for a friend of bands that you think he might like but hasn't heard yet. So hopefully, people might hear someone on there that they haven't checked out yet, go and get the original record and find a new favorite band.

OBM: I have to ask. What do you have to say to the longtime H2O fans out there that may not be too stoked on your new material?
If your talking about Nothing To Prove, it seems that most people seem to really like it. If your talking about the covers record, it hasn't been out long enough for us to really get responses yet, either good or bad. If your talking about in general, then I have to say that if you don't like the new material thats fine, and I know that you can't always please everybody all the time. We do plan on putting out a new record in 2012 and I hope you like that one.

OBM: How has the response been from fans?
For the most part, everyone I have spoken to about it likes the covers record. But I do understand there is a certain amount of politeness involved in not going up to people in the band and saying you think their new record sucks, so I don't expect to hear too much of that even if people are feeling that way.

OBM: What do you feel is the strongest characteristic of H2O?
I'd like to think our energy and I hope that we can offer a positive message to people.

OBM: What does it mean to you all that H2O is a band influencing a multitude of new artists?
Obviously, its really flattering if people want to feel that way about us. I don't really like to think of us in those terms though, I think too much self back slapping can give you a big head.

OBM: Do you see yourself still doing H2O ten or even twenty years down the road?
Sure...I could also see it coming to an end sooner than that. We don't really have an agenda and we make it a point that none of us NEED to do the band for any reasons other than the fact that we love it. So long as we feel that way, I think we can go on and on. If it starts to feel like a burden then we''ll put it aside.

OBM: What do you think changed most during your 16 years as a band? On your shows, but mostly in Hardcore/Punk in general?
It seems like the scene goes through ebbs and flows, sometimes it huge in a town, and the next time its dead and then its back to huge again. The only thing I can say that hasn't changed in the last 16 years, is that the scene is constantly changing...

OBM: What does music mean to you personally?
Music is my magic carpet and my wish box....its taken me all over the world, introduced me to some amazing people and some amazing ideas...without music, my world would be so much smaller and have so much less color in it. Music is the one constant in my life..

OBM: What was the last vinyl record you bought?
Wow!! I think it was Tackhead "Friendly As A Handgrenade". When I moved from the UK to to USA, I went right into living in a Hare Krsna temple so I didn't have a record player, I just had a walkman and tapes and with all the touring I did for the first decade I lived here, that was the best way for me to listen to records. You can't really bring a turntable on a van tour.f5

OBM: Thank you for speaking with us! Anything else you'd like to add?
Thanks for taking the time and showing interest in our  band...hopefully we can come and play in you town soon!

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Line Up:

Toby Morse-Gesang
Todd Morse-Gitarre, Gesang
Rusty Pistachio-Gitarre, Gesang
Adam Blake-Bass
Todd Friend-Schlagzeug


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