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OBM: How’s your tour in Germany going on so far?
Eron: It’s going great. We played two shows so far. Last night was in Wiesbaden and the first night Munich. And tonight Cologne. So far it’s been great.

OBM: Is this your first time in Germany?
Eron: No, this is ehm… our third time in Germany.

OBM: And did you like it?
Eron: Yeah, absolutely. The first time was back in 2006 and we played some festivals in Europe over the summer and then we had some club shows in Germany. And then we had a lot of drama going on in our career. Our guitar player Casey passed away and we got in several law suits with our record label, managers… It slowed us down a lot. So we weren’t able to come over to Europe or do any traveling outside the United States during that time period. Fortunately we’ve resolved all those issues obviously – still minus Casey – but we’ve been able to move on and get our feet on solid ground once again and last year we came back to Europe, did a full European tour and we’re going to try to come back at least once a year cause we love it here.

OBM: Great! Good news for us. So, just a silly question.. What did you do on Thanksgiving last week? Did you eat some turkey?
Eron: Absolutely. Had a lot of turkey. I ate so much food I felt terrible the next day. We ate dinner with our families and then the next day we had to get up at like five in the morning to get on a plane to make it over here.

OBM: Wow. So you’ve been to America just to…
Eron: Yeah, just a few days ago.

OBM: Cool. After your upcoming UK tour you’re going to continue your tour in the US, right?! How long is it going to take…? Because you’ve been on tour for like months, so… When is it going to end?
Eron: We like to stay out on the road, we like to perform in front of our fans. It’s one of the most fulfilling things about being in a band. This… performing and seeing people react to something that you’ve helped create. So we finish up in Europe like at the 20th of December, we go home, spend Christmas with our families and then we have about two weeks off in January where we’re going to start writing and hopefully start recording our next album. And then we’re going on tour in the US for about a month with “Me Talk Pretty” and “Medina Lake”. After that we will be in the studio working on the next album more.

OBM: Ok. Let’s talk about your new EP “Hate”. It’s the first EP of a trilogy. What’s the thought behind that?

Eron: Do you mean the thought behind this EP in general or all three of them?

OBM: Both.
Eron: With “Hate” it’s basically us getting everything off our chests and… We’ve been through a lot over the years. There has been incredible frustration and anger built up inside of us. In our conversations that we would have after the shows and behind closed doors never really matched with the music that we were performing every night. The music was kind of happier and sort of put on a cheerful face. And it didn’t feel right. So we wanted to make this music reflect everything that was going on and just get it out there once and for all. With the trilogy we wanted to sort of creatively tie all of these albums together. Everything we’ve been through isn’t just about being pissed off and frustrated. There is a lot of positivity. I think without keeping our heads up and trying to keep an open mind about things we wouldn’t have continued as a band. After everything we’ve been through. There’s a lot more to tell and we didn’t want to limit ourselves to one album to tell all of it. We figured releasing smaller albums – you know, just EPs – more frequently sort of works better in today’s world where people want new music on a much more rapid pace and it allows us to be a little more creative because we can try different things much faster and we don’t have to wait as long between album cycles or any of that stuff.

OBM: That kind of answered my next question because it seemed odd to me to make three EPs after you’ve made some LPs, you know?!
Eron: You know, I think it’s just… The world is changing and people don’t listen to 14 songs anymore. We played songs that were track 10 or 11 on “The Silence in Black and White” which is by far our biggest selling album. People would look at us dumbfounded, you know?! As if it were a brand new song and I think people just get to about track 5 or 6 on an album and then they just tune out. So with releasing EPs and less songs on them it sort of focuses the listener’s attention and makes them pay attention to every song that we put out there. We don’t want to write songs that nobody hears. That’s not the goal of this. If we’re putting the time and effort into recording a song we would like people to hear it and this is sort of a better way to do it.


OBM: So you kind of planned to do three EPs. Have you already finished some lyrics for the next EPs? Is it something that you have in mind already?
Eron: We sort of discussed what we're going to be doing in theory. I think JT has started writing some lyrics. We're going to hit the studio pretty hard once we get back from this tour. Se we'll have to see where it goes. But we do have a general outline already.

OBM: What inspires you? Like people, art, music, whatever...
Eron: Oh,gosh...I think...Being able to... Being fortunate enough to play music and do my one true passion in life. Something that personally inspires me and makes me motivated to continue this and put all of my efforts behind this and do whatever I can to make this succseed. That's sort of fulfilled by performing live every night and seeing the crowd's reaction and response to...

OBM: How does it feel to have an own record label? Does it make you feel more independent or are you still a little anxious about it?

Eron: I think we're still a little anxious about it because we've.. You know, because running our own record label is new to us. We've seen a lot, we've experienced a lot. A lot of good and bad with record labels over the course of our 8 - year career. So we've learned a great deal about what to do right and what to do wrong. Those experiences have sort of shown us the way that we want to do things. But it's still like implementing the ideas that you have and things and goals you want to accomplish. It's still kind of hard and it requires a lot more work and effort than we would had in the past. Because we always had a label to do all kinds of things for us. You know, publicity, advertising, distribution.. Now that's stuff that falls on our shoulders. Which is cool because I'd rather.. It's refreshing, it's a relief to know that if we want something done we know exactly who to call and it's us. We don't have to go through a series of label representatives and wait a week or two for them to just respond to a simple email. So we can hopefully accomplish a lot more now.

OBM: So it's more work but it's still easier, right?!
Eron: Yeah. When you're doing something that you really enjoy it's not really work though.

OBM: Talking about enjoying things.. What do you enjoy besides touring and recording?
Eron: My family. My wife and my child. I love being home. Just relaxing and enjoying their company.

OBM: Is there any goal that you would still like to achieve as a band?
Eron: I would love to... There's several places around the world that we have yet to travel to and I would love to get down to South America, we would love to get to Indonesia, the Philippines... We definitely need to get back to Australia. I would like to see South Africa. All these different places that we still get to travel. I absolutely want to go there before this band is done. If we can continue to be a band for the next ten years... That would be amazing, I think. What else?... I would love to open for the "Foo Fighters" if they ever going to take us out. Maybe we will read this interview...(laughs) I'm sure there's other things I'll think about as soon as this is over.

OBM: So, any last words, anything that you would like to tell your fans?
Eron: Let's see. Please check out our new EP "Hate". Do it on spotify or on iTunes. If you want to have an actual physical copy you have to come see us at one of our shows or order it off of our webstore at least for now. Hopefully we're having the next one in stores. We appreciate your support and if you've never heard us before please check out our newest album. We would really appreciate it. Without our fans and listeners we would not be able to do this so we really appreciate you as well. And thank you for the interview.

Hawthorne Heights - Is This What You Wanted?


Hawthorne Heights - Hate


Hawthorne Heights - Skeletons


Hawthorne Heights - Fragile Future


Hawthorne Heights - If Only You Were Lonely


Hawthorne Heights - The Silence In Black And White


Line Up:

JT Woodruff - Gesang, Gitarre
Micah Carli - Gitarre
Matt Ridenour - Bass

Eron Bucciarelli - Schlagzeug
Casey Calvert



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