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OBM: Hi guys, how are things at the moment? Where are you and what are you doing?

Things are going really well for us at the moment! We've recently had a new addition to the band, Nick took over on vocals after our latest UK tour. We're also putting the finishing touches to our debut CD which we're recording in April. Also our new single will be released February.


OBM: How long had you guys been playing music before you were signed by “This is core

Records”? Tell us how that came about…

We have been playing music together for 3 years.  An old band we had been in played a few UK shows with Beppe, the label owners band and we stayed in contact. This Is Core was the first label that we approached knowing that they are reliable, honest and hardworking!


OBM: What do you feel is your greatest accomplishment on this record?

Being able to self produce our EP. We knew exactly what sound we wanted, and knew how we were going to achieve it. It's something we're really proud of and its only the beginning of our journey.


OBM: What has been the reaction, or feedback, since the EP dropped?

The feedback has been crazy! We didn't expect so much positive feedback so quickly. When we played our first show with Your Demise, kids were already shouting lyrics at us and really getting involved and the reactions are only getting better.


OBM: The E.P is Self-titled, any reasons?

Yes. We feel that it makes a statement about our feelings towards the band. The EP is more a statement of who we are and what we are about.


OBM: There is a lot of conviction and passion in your lyrics. What are some topics that we can expect and why did you choose to write about them?

The lyrics for the EP are based on love, hate and personal experiences we all go through in life. Each song has lyrics which people can relate to.


OBM: The artwork for this record is very interesting. Is there any symbolization going on there?

We have been a big fan of Jon Barmby's artwork for a long time and its been a pleasure to able to work with him. We are really happy with how the artwork turned out and we be using him again in the future.


OBM: What are some bands that you guys pull influence from?

We all have our individual influences, but as a band we collectively are influenced by The Ghost Inside, Parkway Drive, It Prevails and Killswitch Engage


OBM: How much would you say a given High Hopes song changes from entering the studio to the final product? Give us an example?

All of our material was 100% ready before we entered the studio so we know exactly what we were doing. We have our own practice studio so that allows us to focus and work on our material without any time or financial restraints.


OBM: How does High Hopes work in the studio? Is it all business or is there a fair amount of goofing off still?

When working in the studio, we try to maintain some degree of professionalism. But like all bands we do muck about! But thinking of our band as a 'Business' is not what we are about. We make our music because we love what we are doing and want to show our fans that.


OBM: What equipment are you working with on this record? amps, pedals, guitars, etc…

The guitars were recorded through a Peavey 6505+ through a 6505 Cab. We used a Maxon OD808 distortion pedal just to give it more punch. All guitars were recorded using a Schecter Hellraiser.


OBM: What does your music mean to you? What do you hope to convey to people with it?

Our music means everything to us. Its what we've put all of our time and dedication into, something that we are heavily passionate about. If someone takes something positive away from our music then thats all that matters.


OBM: What do you want listeners to walk away with after seeing your live show?

To share the same love and passion for our music as much as we do, we try and have as much fun as possible while on stage, also to entertain the crowd and make them enjoy the show. Leaving a lasting impression that will make them hopefully come back again.


OBM: What is the agenda of this group? What things would you use to identify your passion

for music?

We head into the studio in April to record our debut. We will also be coming across the mainland Europe in spring 2013 keep an eye out on our Facebook page for details.


OBM: Who is currently on constant rotation on your ipod?

At the moment it's either Gideon - Milestone, or Stick to your guns - Diamond. Both incredible albums.


OBM: Was there anything else you guys wanted to throw out at the readers?

Check us out and give us a like on facebook.


Line Up:
Brian Turner-Gesang
Nathan Pryor-Gitarre
Krishan Pujara-Gitarre
Shaun Flanagan-Bass
Daryl Pryor-Schlagzeug



"Our music means everything to us. Its what we've put all of our time and dedication into, something that we are heavily passionate about. If someone takes something positive away from our music then thats all that matters."

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