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OBM: Firstly, can you give us a quick background on how Sanctorum was formed and how you came upon your signature sound?

We were just all mates who just wanted to play heavy music so we started to jam and it's built up from there really. Our sound is something that evolved over the years just writing and playing together just doing what we want and not having any outside influence on the music we create.

OBM: How did the name Sanctorum Originate?

I think one of use saw it somewhere and it was like "hey that sounds cool lets use that" no real thought behind it other than i seemed to fit the music.

OBM: Who have you guys pulled influence from in the past and present musically?

All sorts really Sabbath, Metallica, Machine Head, Every Time I Die, Pink Floyd, Iron Maiden, Pantera and the list goes on!

OBM: So, your long awaited third full length is out and it’s been in my stereo for weeks! Firstly, talk to us about the cover art!

With the cover we wanted something that wouldn't look dated in 6 months time like alot of records can do nowadays, we wanted something strong yet simple that really let the music speak for itself.

OBM: The record itself feels a lot more diverse, heavy and haunting than your previous record. What were some of the collective goals of the band going into writing and what are some of the passionately covered topics here?

I think the only real goal we had was to create something that we were really proud of and that pushed the music and our abilities in every direction possible. The way we write is just to play what we are feeling at the time theres no real feeling of "we're a metal band we cant play that" kinda thing, it's a great feeling to be able to do whatever you want. As for the topics covered in the album lyrically there is all sorts, passed business dealings, relationships and our views on what's going on around us at the time.

OBM: Any interesting stories you care to share regarding the writing/recording process?

Cant really think of just one to be honest cause its always a good time in the studio. It can be hard at times to get things just right but i think thats just because we all want to push for the best work possible during the whole process but its still a great time.

OBM: The title “Semper Fidelis” is very powerful. How did the decision for the name come about? Was this something that you as the lyric writer felt or was this a collective feeling amongst the whole band?

We were looking for something that summed up how were we feeling about our music and what was going on in the scene at the time. We have always been a band that do what we want to do and don't follow trends to try and cash in on some short lived trend or phase. I think as soon as you stop doing it for yourself and start doing something because it's cool at that time your just lying to yourself and everyone who hears it. So it's part mission statement, part fuck you really!

OBM: The lyrics to this album seem searching and desperate, but each in their own way. Do you find your writing therapeutic or is some of this stuff hard to disclose?

Yeah you know it's a great way to get stuff out and deal with things, it's a process that can really help you to put things in perspective and get stuff out in a heathy way.

OBM: What’s your favorite track off “Semper Fidelis” and why?

I love them all for different reasons and my favorite changes all the time, but the one i keep coming back to is the albums opener 'Rise of the Underdog' cause its just a ripping song and we open with it live and it just gets things kicked off and amped up.

OBM: You have had such a long career as a band, how do you feel you have grown as a person and musician from your first album to this most recent work?

I think as a musician it helps you to evolve as a player and song writer and you get more comfortable with trying new ideas and such i think you can hear that with each of the albums. As a person you grow quite quickly and its a great way to figure yourself out and what you want from what you do.

OBM: There is so much music out these days and especially in the heavy scene it is so easy to sound like everyone else. What do you feel sets you guys apart in this scene?

Yeah there is so much out there and theres alot of fakes, sell outs and talentless people doing well of the back of there looks or a story and a half assed record. I think what sets us apart is we do this because we genuinely love it and the music we create is for ourselves and other people like it then great but we are always going to be honest in what we do and i think that stands for alot these days.

OBM: You obviously have a great passion for music. What does music mean to you personally?

It's always been something thats been there that i can turn to no matter how bad things get as a release but also its great fun to be able to share experiences with your mates and just enjoy life.

OBM: I am excited, as I am sure readers are, to see you guys live! What are your tour plans as summer approaches?

We are really hoping to be able to tour more and more and its something we are working hard on but we are a DIY band we dont have anyone behind us pumping money into the band and all that so it makes things a little harder but wheres the challenge in the easy road hey?! So what i'd say to people who want to see us live in there local town is go and bug your local venue constantly about having us come and play, buy an album and turn all your mates onto what we do and let us know where you want to see us! Fan power!

OBM: Lastly, any extra thoughts you wanted to share?

Yeah just want to thank everyone out there who has ever brought a record or some merch or seen us live its because of you we can keep on doing what we love to do so thank you my friends! Also keep an eye on our website and facebook etc for updates on new videos, tours and a brand new record coming in 2012!

Sanctorum - Paradigm


Sanctorum - Semper Fidelis


Sanctorum-Ashes of Redemption


Sanctorum-The Heavens Shall Burn


Line Up:
Aaron Sly - Gesang, Gitarre
Alex Commons - Gitarre, Gesang

Matt Alston - Schlagzeug



"I think as a musician it helps you to evolve as a player and song writer and you get more comfortable with trying new ideas and such i think you can hear that with each of the albums. As a person you grow quite quickly and its a great way to figure yourself out and what you want from what you do."

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