OBM: Hey, thank you for doing this interview with us! Talk to me first off about what’s behind your name?
This is the tribe built on the seven sins, which is reflecting the human race in general.

OBM: Your first single of the new EP is titled “Make Me Dead”. Talk to us about the meaning within this track.
Tapping into the mindset and frustration of a person pushed into a corner of misunderstaning, love hurt, abuse, bullying or domestic violence - leaving only one way out... atleast the feeling of it.

OBM: The EP itself feels a lot more diverse, heavy and haunting than your previous record. What were some of the collective goals of the band going into writing and what are some of the passionately covered topics here?
All members of Seventribe are very liberal and diverse in our musical inspiration input. Years of love, hate and struggle (much alike the world around us) has made us ready and able to face our own darkness within, which we’ve tapped into. All of this helps to ‘Tribify’ the material, not only for the EP Reborn, but for several finished songs and the ones in the pipeline. Music-wise we've dropped the tuning even further, right alongside our deepest and most murderous thoughts, which also reflects the feel of the material.

OBM: You guys released the “Dream Me EP” in 2011 and that has had to sustain Seventribe fans for 2 years now. Besides recording and preparing for the release of this new EP, where has Seventribe been?
First of all; Rest in forever peace Malin Tolf - Dream Me Back So I Can Save. At the time of Dream Me things spun off in all good ways imaginable for Seventribe. Not only did we get to engage a very loving partnership with Jägermeister, we also toured Sweden’s fantastic summer festivals. The biggest being Sweden Rock, Sonisphere and Metaltown. Apart from the new EP we’ve been working on alot of new material as well. A new video is also recorded. We also parted with two members last summer and recruited two new vocalists; Davey Minor and Moe Fury.

OBM: Any interesting stories you care to share regarding the writing/recording process?

Well, our drummer Mike JR shed alot of tears because of a wrist injury generated by an epic fail downhill biking accident. Further more the whole band was only 3 meters away from being annihilated by a stray car raging by outside our studio in 80 miles/hour. The driver died of an heart attack while passing us and just smashed his car into the next house. One of those times when you learn it´s not our turn to go. Yet. 
Lex Styx is made all out of authentic and acoustic sounds generated and recorded in our rehearsing studio.

OBM: What can you tell us about the lyrics of Reborn?

It´s a classic story about darkness and agony, about giving up, about wanting to end it all but somehow you find a light, that little straw to grip, to climb out of your coffin. And when you do, you wanna be damn sure to build something better, than what nearly dragged you down for good.

OBM: Why did you choose this title for this new record?
As in life you should embrace your mistakes and learn from them, not to repeat them. Thus you should replace the infected blood with new, revitalized. When you do, you can step out of the misery as a new version of you. A better one. A Reborn version.

OBM: How is the scene in Sweden these days? How much does that scene and style play into your art and how you view music?
The general attitude is narrow minded and orthodox. Often a set conception of what metal should sound and look like. We couldn't care less. Metal is in your feelings and emotions. Metal is to not give a shit about what you should be like. Metal is not in your clothes, tattoos, hair or Spotify playlist. We are not influenced by any particular Swedish metal acts. Seventribe’s musical background is Hardcore and Metal.

OBM: Back to the new record. What are you most excited about regarding fans hearing the new songs?
Of course the material it self, but equally as much the sound. We’ve tried to mimic the live feeling and infuse that into the sound. We are also very keen to know how the new songs transcends to our fans at the live shows.

OBM: What message are you trying to send, if any, with Reborn?
Non political - Non religious - Expression of raw untamed emotions. This is the soundtrack of the listeners best and worst times in life.

OBM: So after your release on the 22nd of March what is your plan?
Tour as fuck and at the same time work on the songs in our pipeline. The EP Reborn is just the tip of the iceberg!

OBM: Thank you very much for taking the time to speak with us. Is there anything else you’d like to add?
We cannot emphasize enough that if you wanna experience what Seventribe is at the very core - You have to see

Seventribe - Reborn




Seventribe-Dream Me



Line Up:
Moe Fury - Gesang

Davey Minor - Gesang

Handsome - Gitarre

D-Man - Gitarre, Gesang

Kid Bondage - Gitarre
Mike Thaison - Percussion
Andy Hollow - Bass
Mike JR - Schlagzeug




"Metal is in your feelings and emotions. Metal is to not give a shit about what you should be like. Metal is not in your clothes, tattoos, hair or Spotify playlist. We are not influenced by any particular Swedish metal acts. Seventribe’s musical background is Hardcore and Metal."

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