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OBM: Hi, thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions for us. How are you doing; what’re you up to at the moment?

We aren't up to a whole lot at the moment. We have some time off right now until we head out to do Russia and our European tour with evergreen terrace. I’m in Montreal with my girlfriend at the moment but I head back out to Orange County next week.


OBM: Let’s catch up first; besides touring touring touring, what has the last two years felt like for you guys?

The last 2 years have been amazing. I couldn't have asked for anything more from my life or the guys I tour with. It’s been a crazy ride and I have grown a lot. I love the person I am and I love this band more than ever. I can’t believe the things people say about us sometimes. Everyone is just so fucking nice and it blows my mind. I truly feel that I haven't done anything remarkable or outstanding but we get treated by our friends and fans like we are. I’m overwhelmed.


OBM: Did you guys sit down and write this album or did it happen mostly on the road? Can you paint a scene for the readers so maybe we can get a taste of your surroundings and what this writing process was like for you guys?

Musically we sat down had to work on it. Chris and I wrote this entire record musically. So we either worked on it together at his house in Windsor or separately. I find it easier to sit down and let it out that way. However lyrically, I write them everywhere. I get inspired by just about anything. it’s important to that I keep my eyes mind and heart open to take in anything I can for lyrical inspiration. Anything from something I see to something I hear or feel will in spire me. Tour is great for that being as how we have the great opportunity to travel the world. Not a chance that a lot of people get so I’m very grateful for it and I use that time wisely.


OBM: Going into the studio for this record, what were some of your expectations for the record? Do you feel like you met all of your goals with the end result?

The only expectation we had was I think the same expectation that any band should have when going into the studio. Do the best possible record that you can do. Don't be boring. Don't do the same thing you did on the last record. Offer something more instead of the same BORING hardcore songs track after track. After all, people are paying to listen to your art so the least you can give the all of you.


OBM: Any unique or interesting stories while recording?

Recording at the blasting room is amazing. Working with someone as legendary as Bill Stevenson was amazing.


OBM: Any struggles with the lyrical content or did the writing process flow pretty effortlessly?

Both. Some was effortless and some was a struggle. The normal recording struggles that everyone goes through. It’s a stressful time. Because for us our music is an extension of us and for others, it’s theirs to judge. That can be a bit hard.


OBM: I’m curious about the track "Against Them All". Dissect this track for us and how it ties into the album as a whole…

Well that sing musically was written by Chris. It was one of the first sings that was done for the record. We had the chorus done for a while but we couldn't seem to find other music to build around it. It was incredibly frustrating. But Chris being the great songwriter that he is ended up making it a banger. He's great to write with.


OBM: Do you find your writing therapeutic or is some of this stuff hard to disclose?

It's always something I have enjoyed. I find it hard to verbally express myself sometimes but when I sit down and I can reflect on how I feel about things it's very nice. It's time in my own head. I cherish that.


OBM: Talk to me about the title "Diamond". What is the idea behind them?

Forever more than just surviving, this is my life and this life is my diamond was the very first lyric I wrote for the new record. I found it fitting to the way I view my life. I don't ever just want to get by. I want live every minute of my life. I fail at that a lot but I'm trying.


OBM: How have the fans reacted to the early songs you’ve released and played live so far?

The new songs do better than the old songs, which is always a relief.


OBM: For the fans who still hang on tightly to the days of "Comes from the Heart", what can be expected from the new record that will bring them out of the past with you?

Haha I'm not sure. I've never really liked these questions to be honest. I guess just listen and find out.


OBM: Is this your proudest record you’ve put out to date?

Abso fucking lutely


OBM: You obviously have a great passion for music. What does music mean to you personally?

It's the only way I know how to get who I am across to anyone. I'm not that good at anything else and it's the only thing I know. Without I would be dead.


OBM: Anything else on your heart that you would like to get to the readers?


Right on! We wish you good luck with your new album, and thanks again for taking a minute to talk with us!

Stick To Your Guns - We Still Believe


Stick To Your Guns-Diamond


Stick To Your Guns-The Hope Division


Stick To Your Guns-Comes From The Heart


Stick To Your Guns-For What it's Worth


Current line-up

Jesse Barnett: Vocals [since 2003]
George Schmitz: Drums [since 2008]
Chris Rawson: Guitar [since 2008]
Andrew Rose: Bass [since 2008]

Josh James:


[since 2008]

Former/Past members

Elliott Sellers: Drums [2006]
Justin Rutherford: Guitar [2003-2007]
Alex Barnett: Guitar [2006-2009]
Curtis Pleshe: Guitar [2003-2006]
Darel McFayden: Bass [2007-2008]
Ryan Nelson: Guitar [2006-2008]
Casey Lagos: Guitar [2003-2008]
Noah Calvin: Bass [2003-2006]



"Forever more than just surviving, this is my life and this life is my diamond was the very first lyric I wrote for the new record. I found it fitting to the way I view my life. I don't ever just want to get by. I want live every minute of my life. I fail at that a lot but I'm trying."

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