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Take Offense

OBM: You’ve been on tour in Europe this summer. Was it your first time overseas? How did you like it?

Yeah it was our first time overseas man and it was real cool. The way people reacted to us over there was definitely a lot better than I had expected and most of the shows made me feel as if I was playing right in California. Good vibes all around. Can't wait to make it back.


OBM: How would you describe the German crowd?

Nothing sticks out too far in my mind besides the fact that the german scene seems to really know their shit. Everyone seems to be really interested in hardcore and are more so into knowing what your all about, your views and such. Not saying that kids aren't interested here, but it definitely stood out more over there. It's also crazy that there's such a language barrier but it doesn't stop them from learning all your lyrics and singing along at shows.


OBM: What is your impression on the bands in Europe?

Can't say that I've heard to many bands from europe, but those that I have heard and liked are definitely doing their thing. One band that really stood out for me was Deal With It, the band we went on the road with over there. Sad to see that their breaking up, but that kinda shit happens. They're a great group of guys and they put out a lot of solid shit that I truly enjoy. Cornered and New Morality are some of my favorites as well. They play their shit real tight and got some great shit going musically. They also always got some cool, funny/weird shit to say which is cool, haha.


OBM: Your next US tour with “Trapped Under Ice” is about to start. What do you expect from it?

I only expect great things man, and I'm really looking forward to it. We've already spent a short time on the road with them previously, about two/three months ago on that Stick Tight tour with Terror as well, and it was unbelievable. We're really tight with those guys along with Backtrack who will also be on this tour. Both bands have new material that they're releasing on Reaper, so kids already have every reason to come out to these shows we'll be playing. We also got some new shit that we just recorded and should be dropping sometime early next year.

OBM: When is your new EP going to be released? Can you tell us what it is going to be called?

Hopefully right around when spring hits. It's gonna be called "Under The Same Shadow." I think people are gonna trip out a little when they first hear it, but in a good way. I had my doubts in the beginning about the songs. I felt we were rushing them, but it all worked out and they sound great.

OBM: What bands inspire you the most? If you had a chance to work together with someone, who would that be and why?

To be honest man, just in the span of half of a year we've worked with every band that I ever even dreamed of working with, and I know I can speak for most of us, if not all. If you're talking about current inspirations I gotta say that Terror is a band that has always played a big part in inspiring us and I'm sure so many bands/people can say that. But it's just natural because that's what they've always been about, they're just an inspirational band. It's funny to say because those guys are our friends so I'm sure they'll like that, hah. We also played Black N Blue Bowl this year, and if you know who played that then you already know that THOSE were the bands layed that shit down to begin with. They're the roots, the origin. It blows my mind that we were able to be apart of that. Those are bands that have always influenced and inspired us and will continue to inspire bands throughout the lifetime of hardcore music. There's not one particular band I can think of working with at the moment, but that's because I would love to work with any band that has their shit together and have the same goals and aspirations that we do, that way we can help each other out.

OBM: For you 2012 is going to be…..?

Wonderful, and I can't wait. We've been doing our best to show people what we're about and I think they're slowly trying to catch on. I know we're already getting word of more tours, and we plan on making more international trips. Everything's looking up and we plan on keeping it that way. Peace to everyone in Germany, hope to see you guys in 2012!

Take Offense - Power In Our Hands


Images/Take Offense/Take Offense -Tables Will Turn (2011)

Images/Take Offense/Take Offense - The Battle of

Chula Vista


Take Offense - Happiness Under Chains


Take Offense - Peace In Death (2008)

Line Up:

Anthony Herrera - Gesang
Ruben Benavides - Gitarre
Greg Cerwonka - Gitarre
Ray Mosher - Bass

Joe Rodriguez - Schlagzeug

United States
Kalifornien  •

Chula Vista


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