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OBM: Your long awaited second full length is out and it's been realy great! Firstly, talk to us about the cover art.

The cover art reflects what was written on the record, symbolized someone trying to rise up to what they believe in and long for, but slowly being pulled back from their family or peers.  That is the most of it, but there is other topics discussed on the record.

OBM: Would you say your influences changed much from the time you were writing for "I Am" to when "One Reality" began writing?

Not influences, we just wanted to experiment a little more as musicians.  Writing new music you are always going to want to try things differently, its endless so there should always be room for creative freedom.

OBM: I take a lot from the title, One Reality. Talk to us a bit about what One Reality means and what specifically you had in mind when you wrote the lyrics from which the title is taken…

There was alot of things going through my head while I was writing the lyrics for the record, I feel like I covered a pretty good amount of topics on the record, but they were all within reason of each-other.  But in the end of it, I pretty much wanted to say that we have one shot to make what you truly love make happen, because like or not life is fragile, you gotta make things happen that make you happy.

OBM: What sort of pressure do you face when you sit down to write a new song?

Time, the clock is the enemy. We try to put in the correct amount so at the end of the process we have what we need.

OBM: What are some of your favorite tracks of the new record?

I personally love One Reality, Dreamer, and Our Freedom the most.

OBM: I am absolutely hooked on the songs "1000 Lies" and "Our Freedom". Can you tell us a little bit about the meanings behind those songs?

1000 Lies is about about realizing that you need to do what makes you happy, that you are not doing something that makes you miserable or just for the money, happiness is key.  Breaking away from the people that so you won't or can't do something and chasing what you want despite them. Our Freedom is about being alone and taking major steps on your own without any guidance, and remaining positive through the adventure of learning and growing as an individual.

OBM: What is the biggest difference on this record that Texas In July fans can expect?

More to the point drums, some very open relaxed songs, compared to some of our old heavy technical songs, but there are still those kind of songs too!

This is your first release with Nulcear Blast Records, how does it feel?

Amazing, I never thought that we would release a legitimate record in the states, let alone Europe.

OBM: Back to the new record. Any interesting stories you care to share regarding the writing/recording process?

It was a fun time, we really enjoyed everything about it.  We get so excited for the writing and recording process every time.

OBM: How much would you say a given Texas In July song changes from entering the studio to the final product? Give us an example?

Over 36 hours a piece for sure. We plan to invest more time for future records.

OBM: You guys work with Chris Harris (Suicide Silence, Chimaira, Hatebreed) in the studio, how is it working with him?

He is the man, very good producer, super easy to get along with as well as work with.

OBM: Is the whole band there for the whole process? Or do you kind of come in, do your part and go? Is everyone contributing to each part?

Everyone is there for the whole process.  Except while writing, sometimes we do our own thing during that when we need to.

OBM: What would you say makes Texas In July's music unique?

Im not sure to be honest with you. It is hard judging your on music, nobody listens to the music they make like a fresh pair of ears would.

OBM: There are a few tour dates posted up right now on your site, what is the plan after the tour?

To go home and rest for the rest of the year, and write some music! Possibly some shows around our home town as well.

OBM: Who is currently on constant rotation on your ipod?

Hundredth, I am listing to their new record right now haha!

OBM: Where do you see yourselves and Texas In July in about ten years?

Hopefully still rocking, maybe not as much but still rocking.  Also have wives and houses and be good to go! 

OBM: Anything else on your heart that you would like to get to the readers? 

Please check out our new record One Reality! 

Texas In July - Hook, Line, & Sinner


Texas In July - One Reality


Texas In July - I Am


Texas In July - Salt Of The Earth


Line Up:

Alex Good - Gesang
Christian Royer - Gitarre
Chris Davis - Gitarre

Ben Witkowski - Bass
Adam Gray - Schlagzeug

United States
Pennsylvania • Lancaster



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