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Hey guys, thanks for your time. How’s things going?

Great. We are having a short break at the moment. The last six months has been crazy busy, so it’s good to be back at home for a while.

OBM: The record is self-titled. Any particular reason? Is this just simply the best representation of what The Go Set is all about?

Basically it was the most collective effort we’ve done as a band, so it sort of fits that it’s self-titled.

OBM: What are you most excited about regarding fans hearing the new songs?

I really like playing ‘Drums of Chelsea’ and it’s a song that seems to get received really well by the audience too.

OBM: What were some of the collective goals of the band going into writing and what are some of the passionately covered topics here?

I think that our collective goal was to make a record that was really succinct. I mean, like, no filler songs. We are always passionate about topics like the environment and political and social injustice, so I guess that is the inspiration for a lot of the songs.

OBM: Is lyric writing often a collaboration between all the band members?

I write all of the lyrics, but we decide on the music structures and the arrangement ideas together.

OBM: Any interesting stories you care to share regarding the writing/recording process?

Not really. It was actually pretty tame. I mean, on all of our other records we’ve drank lot’s of booze and partied while we recorded, but on this record it was very business-like. Maybe because we are a little older and we didn’t want to waste our time and money in a studio making a crappy record.

OBM: Regarding the creative process behind an album, do you feel that your personal approach to songwriting has changed or evolved over the years, alongside the band’s sound? Or has it remained pretty constant?

Yeah, the process has definitely changed. I think that the thing that I’ve learned the most about songwriting is the ability to edit my own songs and to get rid of bits and pieces that aren’t necessary. I think I’ve also learned how to be more creative and less formula driven in the arrangements. Personally, I’ve also had a lot of life experiences in the last ten years that has given me more creative avenues in the songs too.

OBM: You recorded at Hothouse Studios in St Kilda, Melbourne! How did you find working with Paul McKercher?

He’s a genius, and he was really hard on us. His approach is very much about trying to get everything recorded live, and for each of us to play our parts really well. I really enjoyed how professional he was.

OBM: The artwork for the album is quite eye-catching, what is the idea behind it?

We’ve gone for an industrial theme. The photos are all from sites around the old Soviet Union. I like the imagery because it fits with our song ideas. There is a very political theme running through the album, and I like that the artwork represents industrial and political imagery.

OBM: What’s your favorite track on the album and why? What is it about?

My favourite song is called ‘The New Age’, mainly because I like what the song is about. We actually recorded it as a demo and then just mixed it for the album. The song is about the state of the world today, and about the process of exploitation between rich countries and poor countries, and about the hypocrisy of violence and inequality that exists globally.

OBM: How hard is it to keep topping what you’ve already achieved?

I don’t know that you ever really top your last effort. I think that each record just represents a moment in time, and a particular point in your creative expression. Obviously artists evolve, so I guess that the goal is to just keep getting better at expressing yourself. I don’t really measure our records by the amount of sales, more about how much I enjoy listening to them in years to come.

OBM: You have had such a long career as a band, how do you feel you have grown as a person and musician from your first album to this most recent work?

That’s a hard question. I suppose that I’ve just grown up as a person, which has also meant that I’ve developed more experiences. Hopefully the process of being a songwriter is fed from life experiences, and hopefully the more material that you write the better you get at creating songs that can tuch people.

OBM: Who have you guys pulled influence from in the past and present musically?

We grew up listening to The Pogues, The Dubliners, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen etc, but these days we also love listening to Flogging Molly, The Gaslight Anthem, Bouncing Souls, and Against Me.

OBM: What do you think of the Australian music scene these days?

It’s tough. I mean, one or two radio station basically control the popularity of all of the local music. If you don’t get a lot of radio play, you really need to build a fanbase by touring. And touring in Australia is really tough, because the country is enormous and there are huge distances between cities.

OBM: Can we expect to see you playing around Germany in the near future?

Yeah, we love playing in Germany. We expect to be back again in the summer of 2013.

OBM: Okay, thanks for your time, anything else you’d like to say to finish up?

Thankyou! Please get a copy of our new album, and hopefully we will see you all in Germany next year!

The Go Set - Drums Of Chelsea


The Go Set-St

(CD 2012)

The Go Set-Another Round in Melbourne Town

(Live CD-2010)

The Go Set-Fallen Fortunes

(EP 2010)

The Go Set-Rising

(CD 2008)

The Go Set-A Journey for a Nation

(CD 2007)

The Go Set-The Hungry Mile

(CD 2006)

The Go Set-Sing a Song of Revolution

(CD 2004)

The Go Set-Welcome to the New Dimension

(EP 2003)

Line up

Justin Keenan - Gesang

Ben Fraser - Gitarre, Mandoline, Gesang

Lachlan McSwain - Dudelsack, Flöte

Evan Young - Bass

Ago Soldati - Schlagzeug



" I suppose that I’ve just grown up as a person, which has also meant that I’ve developed more experiences. Hopefully the process of being a songwriter is fed from life experiences, and hopefully the more material that you write the better you get at creating songs that can tuch people."

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