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OBM: Hi, thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions for us. How are you doing; what’re you up to at the moment?
Hey! Sorry this took so long. Just moved in to a new apartment and have been trying to get used to normal life.

OBM: Your debut album “Colder Than Ever” is out now, talk to us a bit about what the title is about and what you hope to get across with this album.
"Colder Than Ever" was released in March on BDHW records. The title actually comes from a Life of Agony song called "Through and Through" on the album River Runs Red. The whole band loves that song/album so we named our album after that lyric as homage. The album is about dealing with loss, despression, neglect and stress. We hope that these songs will help get someone through a rough time, like they did for us.

OBM: The deal with Beatdown Hardwear appears to be working out well for you guys. What made you go with those guys?
It definitely is working out great! We went with Toni because he has shown interest in us since early 2011. He has an awesome label and we're very happy that we are on BDHW.

OBM: It’s an awesome album, are you pleased with the way it turned out?
Thank you! Yes, I am.

OBM: How does a record tend to come together for you guys? Is it written from scratch or pieced together from various bits and pieces, ideas?
This record was written together as a band. The music, the lyrics, the production: everyone was apart of it.

OBM: How does Warhound work in the studio? Is it all business or is there a fair amount of goofing off still?
We try to work as fast as possible but we are always goofing off, fucking with each other, falling asleep, taking pictures.

OBM: Is the whole band there for the whole process? Or do you kind of come in, do your part and go? Is everyone contributing to each part?
The whole band was around for the recording process. Personally, I am involved with every aspect of the recording from tracking each instrument to mixing and mastering.

OBM: What do you do in your free time at the studio?
For me, there is no free time. I'm sitting with the engineer from start to finish.

OBM: Is it important to you guys that your music creates an atmosphere? If so, what were you aiming for this time around?
Definitely! Great question! CTE is a concept album. The songs should take you through a journey of growing up. We wanted to write a classic hardcore record, and I feel that this album definitely represents the underground, the people living low.

OBM: Who have you guys pulled influence from in the past and present musically?
Life of Agony, The Bad Brains, Numb, Prince, NWA, Fury of Five, E Town Concrete, Korn, Onyx, Biohazard. I could go on for days haha.

OBM: You obviously have a great passion for music. What does music mean to you personally?
Music is everything to me. It has shown me the world, figuratively and literally.

OBM: Which contemporary musicians and bands do you particularly admire, and would recommend?
NASTY, World of Pain, Hardside, The Beautiful Ones and Vice

OBM: What was the last vinyl record or cd you bought?
Last vinyl was Soundgarden "Flower" and CD was Kanye West "Yeezus"

OBM: Thanks for your time! Last question, do you have any announcements or shout outs for your fans?
Thanks so much for reading this!

Interview is by Nico LaCorcia (Drums)


WARHOUND | Colder Than Ever


Warhound | Colder Than Ever

Erscheinungsdatum: 26.April 2013

Spielzeit: 24:44

Label: BDHW Records

Producer: Warhound

Warhound | The Hardstyle

Erscheinungsdatum: 01.November 2012


Label: Self-Released

Producer: Warhound

Warhound | Colder Than Ever Demonstration

Erscheinungsdatum: 2011


Label: Dog Years Records

Producer: Warhound

Warhound | Return of the Hardstyle

Erscheinungsdatum: 27.Februar 2011

Spielzeit: 09:00

Label: Born Ill Tape Production

Producer: Warhound

Warhound | For the Hounds

Erscheinungsdatum: 2010

Spielzeit: 11:50

Label: Born Ill Tape Production

Producer: Warhound


Jon Ortiz - Gesang

Ronnie Vinal - Gesang, Gitarre

Sean Inacio - Gitarre

Sergio Mendoza - Gitarre

John Bro - Bass

Nico LaCorcia - Schlagzeug



"Definitely! Great question! CTE is a concept album. The songs should take you through a journey of growing up. We wanted to write a classic hardcore record, and I feel that this album definitely represents the underground, the people living low."


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