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Lavatch / Gravity Lost - Tour startet morgen

Morgen startet die Tour der Kölner Jungs von Lavatch mit dabei sind die Münchner Gravity Lost! Wer also die Möglichkeit hat sich diese beiden Bands anzuschauen, sollte diese auf jeden Fall wahrnehmen!

Hier die Dates:
19.4.2014: Rastatt - Jugendtreff
20.4.2014: Pirmasens - Saalbau
21.4.2014: Aalen - Frapé
22.4.2014: Leipzig - Kulturcafe Manfred
23.4.2014: Rostock - Alter Zuckerfabrik
24.4.2014: Essen - Panic Room
25.4.2014: Sonthofen - Barfly
26.4.2014: Luzern - La Fourmi

Gravity Lost:



Victory Records - Kostenloser Spring Rock Sampler 2014

Victory Records haben den neuen Spring Rock Sampler mit Songs von EMMURE, COMEBACK KID, THE BUNNY THE BEAR, REVEREND HORTON HEAT, CLOSE YOUR EYES, TERROR, A DAY TO REMEMBER und vielen mehr online gestellt. Hier gehts zum kostenlosen Download:

01. Emmure - E
02. Comeback Kid -Should Know Better
03. Islander - New Colors
04. The Bunny The Bear - Pale Green Eyes
05. Reverend Horton Heat - Scenery Going By
06. Close Your Eyes - The End (Feat. Zoli)
07. Wretched - Karma Accomplished
08. Erimha - Verdict Of The Soul
09. Seeker - When Hope Fails
10. Neurotic November - Wasabi Anguish
11. Tear Out The Heart - Dead By Dawn
12. Terror - Hard Lessons
13. Counterparts - Compass
14. Darkness Divided - Remnants
15. Ill Nino - La Epidemia
16. Sister Sin - Fight Song
17. A Day To Remember - The Downfall Of Us All



Feed the Rhino - Neuer Videoclip "Give Up" online / Album-News

Feed the Rhino kündigen für den 13.06.2014 ihr neues Album "The Sorrow And The Sound" auf Siege Of Amida Records / Century Media / Universal an!

Zu dem Song "Give Up" wurde bereits jetzt ein erster Videoclip online gestellt: 

Zu vielschichtig für die Hardcore Szene, wesentlich zu mutig und gegen die Regeln, um je als Heavy Metal Band durchzugehen und viel zu einfallsreich, um in die Punk-Sparte zu passen, haben FEED THE RHINO in ihrer kurzen Bandgeschichte bereits bewiesen, dass sie aus der Menge hervorstechen.

Die Tracklist liest sich wie folgt:

1 New Wave (02:55)
2 Give Up (02:45)
3 Behind The Pride (03:17)
4 Black Horse (03:56)
5 Finish The Game (03:29)
6 Revelation Not Revolution (04:42)
7 Set Sail For Treason (03:26)
8 Deny And Offend (03:02)
9 The Sorrow And The Sound (04:48)
10 Bright Side Of A Dark Ride (03:06)
11 Keep Your Purpose Hitman (02:49)
12 Another Requiem (03:00)




In Andenken an den an Krebs verstorbenen RED TAPE PARADE Frontmann Wauz feiert das Video zum Song „Leap Year Of Faith“ heute an seinem Geburtstag Premiere und ist somit das letzte Mosaikstein in der Videoreihe, die den Sänger posthum würdigt:



Heights - Band-Auflösung

Hier das Statement der Band:

Heights is dead, no really this time.

The end of the band that has been your entire lives for nearing 5 years was always something of mystery to us, I guess it’s easy to believe it would take something dramatic or eventful to derail so much work and effort, to stop something that had become larger than any of us ever truly believed.

So the reality took us all by surprise, towards the end of last year a couple of us just didn’t feel the same passion that we always relied upon. Without that, we all knew it was time. In fact, we’re closer as friends than we’ve ever been, and we plan to spend the last few months and shows enjoying the end to what will forever be something we are all proud of.

This band has literally taken us around the world, we’ve played shows in Australia, Russia and more countries in Europe than Dean can even name. In each of those countries we’ve had the privilege of meeting genuinely amazing people, fans of our band, where for 30 minutes we had a connection that made everything worth it.

For those people, more so than anything else we thank you - that’s the only constant that has kept this going for so long, and the memories of the shows we have played will always be with us. We will be announcing our last shows soon, and we’ll do it all one last time.




Arch Enemy - Angela Gossow verlässt die Band/Nachfolgerin bekannt

Nach 13 Jahren ist schluss für Angela Gossow bei Arch Enemy. Die Nachfolgerin von Angela Gossow bei Arch Enemy steht auch schon in den Startlöchern und ist keine unbekannte. Es handelt sich um Alissa White-Gluz von The Agonist, die für Arch Enemy ihre alte Band verlassen wird.

Angela Gossow wird Arch Enemy allerdings als Business Managerin treu bleiben und möchte in Zukunft auch andere Künstler betreuen.

Das neue Arch Enemy-Album "War Eternal" erscheint wie geplant im Juni 2014 und wird gleichzeitig auch der Einstand für Alissa White-Gluz.

Hier noch die Statements von Angela Gosso, Alissa White-Gluz und Band-Chef Michael Amott

Angela Gossow:

“Dear ARCH ENEMY fans, this is not easy to tell you…I have decided to step down from being ARCH ENEMY’s voice of anger. After 13 years of pure fucking metal, 6 studio albums and countless tours through five continents, I feel the need to enter a different phase in my life, be with my family and pursue other interests. I will however remain business manager for ARCH ENEMY, and I will continue to develop my artist management roster.

I am staying true to my heavy metal roots, just leaving the spotlight so to speak. I am passing the torch to the super talented Alissa White-Gluz, whom I’ve known as a dear friend and a superb vocalist for many years. I always thought she deserved a chance to shine – and now she’s getting it. Just like I got that chance back in 2001.

I want to thank all ARCH ENEMY fans, our labels Century Media (worldwide) and Trooper Entertainment (Japan), our dedicated road crew, and in particular Michael, Daniel and Sharlee for their love and support throughout all these years. It’s been one hell of a ride! We conquered every situation, made it through thick & thin together in the most exciting and rewarding time of my life. Thank you all for being there with me on stage, in front of the stage, and backstage. You have touched my heart, and I hope I was able to give something back to you. I am grateful for the wonderful memories - I will cherish them forever!

I am looking forward to the next decade of ARCH ENEMY madness! Right now I am listening through rough mixes of the new studio album and I am blown away! 2014 will see a renewed ARCH ENEMY at the top of their game. I am proud to be part of this ARCH ENEMY chapter, albeit in a different way - revving up the engines behind the scenes. I hope to see you in front of the stage, I will join you there this time. Let the killing begin, once again!”

Alissa White-Gluz:

"I am very honored and happy to announce a new chapter in my life and musical career beginning now; I have joined forces with one of my all-time favorite and globally respected bands, ARCH ENEMY. ‘Wages of Sin’ was the first metal album I ever bought, and it was love at first listen. It is not often that you get a phone call from your favorite band asking you to join! I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work with such amazingly talented musicians whom I also consider great friends. I look forward to being able to write and perform at a whole new level now with ARCH ENEMY! Music is forever, metal is limitless and this is only the beginning!"

Michael Amott:

“We are eternally grateful to Angela for all her passion, hard work and talent. Her legacy is tremendous and will always be a big part of the band’s history. We feel great pride in what has been achieved in the past, but also look forward to new battles and new victories. We welcome Alissa with open arms - and we hope you will have open ears. We might have just created our most wicked metal opus yet with our upcoming album ‘War Eternal’!”


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Album des Monats

Matt Pryor - Wrist Slitter

Lavatch / Gravity Lost - Tour
19.4.2014: Rastatt - Jugendtreff

20.4.2014: Pirmasens - Saalbau
21.4.2014: Aalen - Frapé
22.4.2014: Leipzig - Kulturcafe Manfred
23.4.2014: Rostock - Alter Zuckerfabrik
24.4.2014: Essen - Panic Room
25.4.2014: Sonthofen - Barfly
26.4.2014: Luzern - La Fourmi












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