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OBM:Alright, let's start! We just wanted to get a little background info first. Tell us a little about yolur band!

Dead By Mistake is a band that exists since 3 years and in those 3 years we had a lot of line up changes.

OBM: Where did you all meet and how did you get the idea to establish "Dead By Mistake"?

All our members were players in some local bands, and we grew up together as children so that had a great influence too. We realized we had the same taste in music and we get on well as a team. The core of Dead By Mistake you can say are Sasa, Nino and Goran, and so it will be.


OBM: What does your band name mean for you?

The name of the band came completely spontaneous. First we were Die Again and then Rules for Drowning and then Goran said “Dead By Mistake”. We looked at each other and said THAT'S IT. A little bit controversy name for our homeland but that isn't bothering us.


OBM: How would you describe your sound to someone that hasn't heard you? Do you think that you have your own style, yet?

Our sound can be described as metalcore mixed with pop. Our music covers everyone; from the real «tough guys» to the ones who are unlucky in love.


OBM: You have your first EP "Kisses and Memories" released by yourself! How long did it take to write and record? Didn’t any persons help you by this all?

We had support from our parents and from our producer Mario Merdjan. The EP contains 4 songs, and we recorded a video spot for «We'll Meet In A Fabel Of Our Past Lives», which can be found on YouTube. And I have to say thank you through your magazine to all our friends because if it wasn't for them, we wouldn't be here today. They were a great help by coming to our concerts and burning our CD's, and sending bulletins on MySpace. Thanks to all of you guys.


OBM: Where did you record the EP?

In the Red Light studio in Zagreb.


OBM: A band’s first release is often a big statement. How was the feeling when you had finally finished your first EP?

The feeling? It was great. We were really happy when we finished the CD. I can remember that Goran's dad came to pick us up to Zagreb, about 90 km from our hometown, and we were listening to the EP the whole time. One of our friends had a party that same evening and we brought the CD an introduced it for the first time to a greater mass of people. It was really great.


OBM: And where can we get your EP?

You can get it only by contacting us, through E-mail, MySpace, concerts. Here's the E-mail if you're interested:


OBM: Which other Croatian bands can you recommend our readers?

Defnes by Nosie, Overflow, Voodoo Lizards, October Light, Things Fall Apart. You can find these bands on MySpace.


OBM: At February 2008, are touring with the band "Dear Whoever" in Europe. Is this your first tour in Europe ever?

Dear Whoever, unfortunately, isn't coming in February but in June next year. On this tour we're going around towns and we're having local bands as supports there. This isn't our first tour. Just to mention, a great one was in April 2007 with the UK band Casino Brawl.


OBM: You have also played with other good big bands like "On The Last Day", "Scars Of Tomorrow" and “The Casion Brawl”! Is there any other band that you would like to play with?

That was a great experience playing with all these wonderful bands.  Wishes? Well, I guess that every band member has his own opinions and wishes about playing with other bands. But I think nobody would complain if we would play with bands like: Atreyu, As I Lay Dying, Caliban, Underoath etc. That's just a few names, of course there are more.


OBM: Do you have any aims next year apart the tour?

We gonna record CD, play a lot of shows and that is it...:-D


OBM: What kind of music do you hear in your private?

Nino-As I Lay Dying, Placebo, Still Remains, The KIllers...

Goran-Suicide Silence, Unerath, Walls Of Jericho...

Filip-Mayday Parade, Jimmy Eat World, A Day To Remember

Tomislav-Sick OF It All, Still Remains, As I Lay Dying

Sasa-New Found Glory, A Day TO Remember, Paramore, As I Lay Dying


OBM: Finally, do have some sentences for your fans and our readers?

Stay METAL and come to our shows and support bands from BALKAN....hahaha..Thanks Benjamin and thanks to OWNBLOOD-MAGAZINE...DEAD BY MISTAKE loves you....:-D


Dead By Mistake-Awake EP


Line Up:
Goran Bistrovic - Gesang
Nino Huzjak - Gitarre
Luka Pintar - Gitarre

Pavlec - Bass

Sasa Macek Schlagzeug





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