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OBM: So how are things with Bokaputa today?

Guillaume: Fine, thanks. We're not big stars but we do have fun and we hope to share it with a larger audience as soon as possible.


OBM: For those people who don't know who you are could you introduce the band members and tell us who does what?

Guillaume: I play drums.


Sboub: I play guitars


Thomas: I scream shit they wrote and we ll write


Pascal: I play bass and scream backing vocals


OBM: How did you guys meet, how long have you guys been together?

Sboub: Guillaume, Pascal and me are friends since more of 10 years. We were playing in a band called "Shock Wave" and some of the songs of this band have contributed to " Fat and furious". Recently, we were looking for a new singer…


Thomas: and here i am...!!!! Not really a gift but I was the only one not being busy.


Pascal: We know Thomas for 2 or 3 years as an excellent guitarist and backing vocal in his old band. When we were looking for a new singer (screamer), in the same time, he left his band. So naturally we tried to play together and everybody was very happy of the experience. Naturally, he's now the new singer.


OBM: How would you describe your sound to someone that hasn't heard you?

Guillaume: It's metal with lots of influences, rock, heavy, HxC and bluesy things.


Pascal: Fat & Furious music!


OBM: What sorts of bands influence you and did you use those influences for your own sound?

Guillaume: Oldies like Sepultura, Pantera, Metallica, Biohazard, Nailbomb, Down... We just try to play our music but it's our first album the next will be more BOKAPUTA.


OBM: Your band name is very interesting, what is the meaning of "Bokaputa"? Is there a deeper background on it?

Guillaume: It means less or more "mouth of whore", it's the title of an old song. It's about dickheads who said some bullshits about us.


OBM: In 2006 you had record your album "Fat and furious"! How long did it take to write and record it? Are you happy with it?

Guillaume: We spend a long, long time but not in studio. We recorded the drums than, a month later, the bass. A few months later, we recorded the guitars and the voices.


OBM: What did you want to achieve with it?

Guillaume: Nothing. Not the Meshuggah's album, we really don't want too achieve anything. We've just recorded the songs we wrote as well as possible at this time with a big and cool sound.


OBM What inspired the title from your album? 

Guillaume: The cover.


Pascal: and the music, a bit!!!


OBM: I like the cover, who had designed it?

Sboub: Sebastien SAUVADET, a friend of us, a great drawer.


OBM: Could you tell us about some of your favorite songs on the album and what inspired them lyrically?

Guillaume: I really like "meilleur" it's just about life like the others songs, and the fact we try to do our best in everything, every day even if we make some mistakes. Generally, I write things about my life, I try to be positive even the subject is not. We're not here to tell everybody what is right or wrong, just try to do the best, to be best, "d'être meilleur".


Sboub: I prefer « transpire », it is for me the song were you can find all the components of Bokaputa, groovy parts, fast parts, and a big « break neck » part at the end.


Thomas: I like yet (the groove sounds like "bridge of death" from Manowar and i like that), Meilleur, Transpire, A l'ancienne...


Pascal: "Meilleur" is for me the best song from the album.


OBM: Your songs are only in French! Why have you decided to write your songs in French not how many other French bands in English?

Guillaume: It’s our language. We like it, we speak it every day.


OBM: Your album "Fat and furious" has been out since 2006! Are you work on an new album at the moment or have you plans for a new one?

Guillaume: We have some materials for the next album.


Sboub: 11 songs….


Pascal: our best songs are coming …


OBM: What's the scene like in Marseille? Can you tell us a little bit about it?

Guillaume: We have lots of great bands.


Sboub: Yeah there are mytihics a band from Marseille, you have to know Babylon Pression, Dagoba, ETHS (Guillaume played drums in it for many years), Tripod, Disturb, and many more…


OBM: Is the scene quite close? Do the bands get on/support each other?

Sboub: There are labels and collectives (custom core, coriace,…) but everybody had plenty of work and we have to make our contacts for playing. We’re looking for a booking agency actually.


Thomas: and we'd love coming and playing in Germany :)


OBM: What about the kids do they come out to metal/hardcore shows?

Sboub: The metal is much more popular in the north of France, the kids are essentially moving for big bands in the south, the beer is expensive in pubs of France and maybe it's the reason.


OBM: Okay, tell us about your worst gig experience with the band, if you had one?

Guillaume: We had only good times for the moment.


Sboub: Yeah, we enjoy playing together, good conditions or not ROCK N ROLLLLLLLL !!!


Thomas: Just for fun = no bad experience


OBM: Was it a hard for you as band to enforceable in the hardcore and metal scene?

Sboub: We don t like to stick etiquette on our music, so we don t assert any appurtenance in each or each scene…


Pascal: we are a just rock band which play faster and louder and shout his lyrics. Call this hardcore or metal or something else is not a problem for us.


OBM: What is your live show like?

Guillaume: Fun, fun and groovy metal moments, a lot of energy...


Sboub: A lots of laughs, positive moments


Thomas: Power grooves, jokes....


OBM: For a band at your level, how important is something like Myspace. Is it the tool for upcoming band?

Sboub:  yeah, a community portal like Myspace is important but i think there is a lot of hypocrisy on this. We use it with prudence.


OBM: Do you guys work as well as the band or is this now a full time occupation?

Guillaume: I play in a few bands; I'm a full time drummer. Check my page ;) (


Sboub: I work in computer s hardware


Thomas: I work on another project which is born in (


Pascal: Check my myspace too :\pascalblanc class="style19"target="_top"> 


OBM: What do you think are your strengths as a band?

Guillaume: Because we can play our music like we do. We're friends and nothing else matter.


Pascal: We know very well each other. We go in the same direction, just for pleasure to be together and make music without pressure. I think we are very lucky to make music like this.


OBM: Any new bands you like right now, that we might not have heard of?

Guillaume: Really Addictive Sound, 22, Lunatic Age, Straighten things out... Ok, sorry, I play with those bands. I really like Kruger, Comeback kid, The Bronx, Babylon Pression, Bypass, Fischer, Housebound, La Methode, Layne, Tripod, Lofofora, Destruction inc...


OBM: What are your plans for the next time and of course for the next year?

Guillaume: Lots of shows!!!


Sboub: Kick some ass in concert and record the second album.


Thomas: I gonna eat something ... play video games... And for the next year we gonna kick ass' world with lots of shows and a second record.


OBM: So finally, have you something to say to your fans and our readers?

Guillaume: thanks, peace to everybody.


Sboub: Don t care about appearance, be free, drink beer and listen to analogical music


Thomas: Be yourself, stay true and keep on rockin


Pascal: Listen all kind of music


Bokaputa - Fat And Furious



Luis - Gesang

Sboub - Gitarre

Pascal - Bass

Guillaume - Schlagzeug


Former Members:
Luis - Gesang



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