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Time Decides


OBM: Hello guys! Does everybody feel fine?
Well, at the moment not all of us feel fine
Dries (drums) has got the flew and Toon ( vocals ) has a broken legg, because of a car accident.
Our other members luckily don’t have any problems yet haha!

OBM: "Sea Of Questions" has been out for a couple of months now. How has the response been? Was it what you expect, better, worse?
We‘ve got surprisingly good responses! In fact, we didn't have to search for a label at all.
The first day already when we've put up a song, a Belgian label called "Clenched fist records" contacted us and said that it was interested in promoting our cd. Also the buyers and people at shows said they've been totally blown away by our sound, which makes us feel good!

OBM: Your band first called Mulciber and after a year you had change your name finally in Time Decides. At first why did you change your name and is there any diffrent between Mulciber?
We’ve changed the name because we had a change in the line-up and not everybody agreed to take that name as our band name and we initially played metal and we wanted to cross over to brutal metalcore.

OBM: Are you still writing songs at the moment for your new cd?
Yeah we're still in the mids of the song writing, we want to put 9 songs on the record and we're now at 6 songs but the song writing process is developing slowly, because we don't have a decent place to rehearse at the moment.

OBM: What are your main musical influences?
We haven't got a specific influence but some people say we remind them of bands like Arkangel. Like I said before, we are influenced by a lot of metalcore / deathcore and hardcore bands.

OBM: How is the collaboration with your record label?
It’s great! We’re grateful that those guys wanted to help us selling and promoting our mini cd. Because when we started the band it was even unthinkable for a small band from Antwerp to get noticed by a label. But here we are!

OBM: Can you introduce our readers, what kind of show do you offer the viewer?
Well, we try to make a perfect mix between metal and core so that everyone gets something good out of our music. That isn’t always easy, because it depends on what kind of audience you’re playing to. But we really try to make our show energetic and we try to get the crowd excited and make sure they’re having a good time!

OBM: Do you have specific aims with your bands? is it just a hobby or do you try to pursuit a full time job with your band?
It would be awesome if we could start doing this full time. But if a band wants to do that, there will be sacrifices to be made. We sure as hell want to start touring, we’ve got a tour coming up in April, The Total Takeover Tour, and that’s exactly what we want to do, make the whole world like our music, first Europe and then everything else :-D

OBM: The Belgian scene is growing in the last years with bands like Rise And Fall, Blood Redemption and Do Or Die. Can you tell us about the Belgium scene?
It is definitely growing and hopefully more and more bands will get noticed by international labels and bookers. We also really want to support all the Belgian bands that are into metal, hardcore, metalcore, death metal, every kind of brutal music. Get fucking Belgium on the map!

OBM: How does the process of writing a new song work? Is there one person who does most of the work or is it a group-effort?
The guitarists usually get an idea of how a new song should sound like, thinking of riffs and the structure of the song. But we all get together and review the ideas and basically everyone gets his saying in the writing process. Sometimes a new song is written in just 1 or 2 days and sometimes it takes a couple of weeks, depending on the different opinions of our band members.

OBM: Are you political engaged? I have  read something about the problems between the Walloons and Flanders lately.
No, we don’t think music is about politics and we definitely do not want to put out a political statement. When you go to a show, it’s like getting really wasted, forgetting all your issues! :-D
But sure, this problem between Walloons and Flanders is really fucked up and we ought to find a solution real soon!

OBM: Tell us something about the shows you have  done so far!
The shows we’ve done so far have been fun, no doubt! We’ve had friends representing us and the Antwerp hardcore scene. But the shows have taken place in Antwerp most of the time and we really want to go wider than that, play shows in different countries, like we’ll do with our tour. But it doesn’t matter to us what place we do a show, it can be the smallest, most gnarly place you can think of and we’ll play there, in front of 5 kids :-D

OBM: And finally at the end, do you have some final words for your fans and our readers?
Those fans who have bought our mini cd, we hope you like it! Those who haven’t bought it yet, get it! And look out for our upcoming full cd, which will be mastered in the Antfarm Studio in Denmark. We hope to release it somewhere in March, April. It will be mind-blowing for those who like some powerful metalcore with brutal beatdowns! And if you’re from Belgium, Germany, France, Spain or the Czech Republic come check us out on our tour and hopefully you’ll have a good time!




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