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Hi guys, thanks for your time, how's things going?

Everything’s fine, thank you ! what about you, dude ?


For those of our readers who don't know who “Black Bomb A” are, can you tell us a bit about the band?

Black bomb a is a French band originally coming from the suburbs of Paris. It was created at the end of 1994. We have 4 albums and one live album with DVD. It’s a melting pot of punk, rock , hardcore and metal characterized by two singers, one treble voice and one hoarse voice.


What bands have influenced “Black Bomb A”?

 A lot! We have six members with different influences. But we can say Biohazard, Suicidal Tendencies, Faith no more, Sick of it all, Exploited, bad religion, The Spudmonsters, Nailbomb, Pantera…


Could you tell us a little bit about your last record "one sound bite to react"?

The drum, the bass and the guitars have been recorded with grégoire Saint Maxin, our sound engineer on live and as far as the voices go, we worked with stéphane Buriez who had recorded our previous albums (Straight in the vein, Human Bomb and Speech of freedom). We mixed this album together :  “gre”(grégoire  Saint Maxin) and Black Bomb A.


Could you tell us what inspires the lyrics?

We are inspired by our lives, our feelings, by some sounds, books or movies. It depends. Some are about our perception of society, others are more introspectives. But we are some kind of sponges, always ready to take everything, everywhere.


When you’re writing, do you stick to the inspirations of writing good music or is it more how you’re feeling at the time?

We always hope to write good music, or what it seems to be good music for us but it’s depend of our inspiration, we have some bad and good days so we have to take the time to sort our songs, the time of reflection. After that we try to select the good ones for the cd. 


How was the reactions on your last album? Are you content with it?

There were different reactions for this album, some were good, some were bad but it was the same thing for the first, the second or the last album…But actually we got more very good reactions than bad ones and that’s great, there are still a lot of kids at our gigs. Anyway, my opinion is that this album hasn’t been worked enough on the promotional side…


Do you write at the moment on an follow album?

Yes we are working hard on it, it’s not easy because we still giving shows during the same time. After 4 cds it’s not always easy to do new stuff in staying what we are and don’t repeat ourselves. But it’s always exiting, it’s a challenge one more time and we like challenge!

So we hope to kick some ass with our new stuff as soon as possible!


“Black Bomb A” have always had a really distinctive sound, do you take a lot of influence from other bands or are you really defiant in being different?

Black Bomb  is 13 years old now, so we have a strong personality in music and sound, on cds and on stage, so we are not afraid about our different musical influences, we evolve with it but we don’t denatured ourselves, we transform it into a new face of  us. It’s assimilate and used with our own style.


After the success of “Speech Of Freedom” from 2003, did you feel under any pressure when you have written “One Sound Bite To React”?

No! There wasn’t any pressure during the period of composition but rather before because, when we had so many things to manage, like “Where do we go? With which Label? With which money?” Then, we just had to work, trying to forget the business to focus on the composition.


You have played so many shows in the last years! I have read that you played in first two years of your band 300 concerts. Is that true and have you any stories from the road that you can tell us?

Yes it’s true and there are so many stories but you know, things that happen on the road should stay on the road!lol…And too much drugs have killed my memory !lol.


You spent so many time on the road, how important is it for a band like “Black Bomb A” to spend as much time on the road?

It’s our life, our pleasure, our identity. till the beginning we recorded some album because it’s the key to go one stage. We like to be on the road as much as possible because we have grown with the road, we have build ourselves and our band with it. It’s our way of life and we are not happy without it. It’s an important part of our personalities , it’s our choice and it give us a kind of balance. Maybe things can change in the future, but not for the moment! J


When you’re on stage, what’s the biggest buzz for you, seeing all your fans singing along or losing their minds in a mosh pit?

Seeing all our fans singing along and losing their minds in a mosh pit at the same time!

It’s very difficult, we know, but we have some incredible fans!


Are there any bands you really want to tour with?

We have already played with Exploited and Sick of it all for example and it was so great, but it could be wonderfull to be on tour with Rise against, Biohazard or System of a down! And why not Rammstein! J


Do you play any gigs here in Germany this year?

Yes I think that we are going to play this year in Germany, and we’re very impatient to be back, the last tour was great !


So as an artist then do you prefer to get stuck in and write music or get out there and tour?

It could be a great pleasure to write a song that you think really good, it’s a great sensation, a magical moment, but definitely our greatest joy is to go on stage! Then we can share these songs with people and share a great moment of emotion and intensity! We can discover some new place and new people and bring them good time and pleasure before disappear like a kind of  electric mirage! J 


What do you think about the German metal scene? Do you know much about our bands? Caliban, Heaven Shall Burn, Maroon etc?

Yes, we know Caliban and Maroon, we already played together on festivals in France and Belgium. They are  very good bands and I guess there are heights of others great bands to discover all around the world†!


How important is Myspace for a band like yourselves?

It’s a good way of promotion and information. And an another possibility to exchange with our fans or another bands or professional organisations. Its also a place of fun and discovery. So it’s important but it’s not essential. Some people think that myspace is the beginning of all, but it’s not true, the work and the shows are for us the main thing. It’s the difference between to be and to seems to be.


So you’ve already recorded a video for "Beds Are Burning" how was it for you and was it your first video shoot ?

Actually, it was our second videoclip… we had a very short budget to do it , but we still worked  with the same production team “One O One”. It was quite funny,  we shot it outside, near the sea and I had to drive a collection car ….it was great !!!!lol


Who had the idea to cover the “Beds Are Burning” from Midnight Oil and why you had chosen this song?

Finding a cover that everybody in BBA could enjoy is a difficult thing…. We played “Beds are burning” maybe two years on stage before thinking to record it on our album, because many fans came after the show and always told us  “you should record it on the next album, please do it !”. So we finally decided to do it…


What are your strength as a band?

Our musical crossover maybe and the intensive use of the double singers. Our will and our experience, our knowledge about the tour.

Above all, we are genuine, we are true in everything we do.



What one album/band/song made you want to be in a band?

For me it’s an old French band called “Trust” singing in French and their song “Antisocial”. Maybe Elvis too! J


Are the bands in the France scene supportive of each other?

Yes they are trying, there is some associations of different bands who are working together. But it’s an hard time actually for the music industry so it don’t work as well as before. And when things getting harder, tensions grow… It’s time to see the true ones, and your real friends. J


At last, have you anything to say to your fans and our readers?

Thanks a lot to our fans to support us, thank you to the others to take some time to learn about us. We hope to see every one on the road one day or another. Thank you for the interview and sorry for our bad answers! J

Respect to all, may the force be with you!

Black Bomb a - Beds are burning


Black Bomb A - Enemies Of The State


Black Bomb A-Pedal to the Metal


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Black Bomb A-One Sound Bite to React


Black Bomb A-Illicite Stuff Live


Black Bomb A-Speech Of Freedom


Black Bomb A-Black Bomb A


Black Bomb A-Human Bomb


Black Bomb A-Straight in the Vein EP


Line Up:

Djag - Gesang

Poun - Gesang

Scalp - Gitarre

Snake - Gitarre

E.T  - Bass

R.V - Schlagzeug



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