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OBM: Please, describe your band in a few sentences!

We are Cross Damage, a French music band oriented toward hardcore since 2005. We are 4 in the band; Alex sings, Derrick is the drummer, Max plays the guitar, then Tom joined the line up to become our bassist.


OBM: You have many different influences of music. How do you convert these to your sound?

Yes we have several musical influences inside the band, different for each of us. It starts from The Beatles to Gojira (some great metal band from our country!).It's pretty tight to make everyone happy haha, so we just try to create something new and different. However, we got references which help us to create our own music, like Twelve Tribes for example...Our style is close to this kind of music.


OBM: Is this your first Cd you have recorded? How was it for you when you had record for the first time?

We had a few studio experiences by the past including our 5 tracks demo (thanks to the association “Asscom”). It was the first time we recorded songs with this quality, so we had to work hard and it was a bit puzzling but we had a really good time to do it.

OBM: How many shows have you performed in your band history?

About 15 or 20 shows, but we're planning to play more. We're focusing on gigs because we think that it is very important for us; it’s the best way to make people listen to our music and know it, and we enjoy it!


OBM: What are the best shows you have performed up to now?

Last month we played in a small concert hall called “mondo bizaro” with famous and good bands so we were very excited to be with them. They were all nice. But we love performing and every gig is a privileged moment for us.


OBM: You still another quite young band, how do you see your future? Which wishes do you have?

Of course we are young (we’re all about 20) we have a lot of time in front of us. We would like to take the time to evolve and improve our performances, our music! For us and for our public.


OBM: Finally, we want to know, what are your plans for 2007?

You ask the right question! As we told you before, we got a lot of projects for this New Year. We're planning to play more and more (at least 2 concerts per month) on bigger stages if it’s possible. We’re planning a week tour which will begin in April. We're also planning to try and perform in other countries like Belgium or England. It's going to be a great Rock’n Roll year!


Vielen Dank für dieses Interview, was unser allererstes war!


Bis bald Cross Damage

Cross Damage - As Long As We Live


Cross Damage-The Opposite Cycle


Cross Damage-Silence of Decay


Cross Damage-Demo


Line Up:

Alex - Vocals

Max - Gitarre

Tom - Bass

Derrick - Schlagzeug





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