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OBM: At first give us a short lesson about your band history!

Hi everybody here’s Monster (guitar player) from Doomsday, we are a metal-coreband from Rome Italy. We have been around for almost 2 years and our debut lp is out on Good Life records .The band started to jam in the summer of 2005 when I recruited some young guys really motivated, we recorded a demo and soon we had some offers included the one from Wynona records and Good Life records. The lineup is: Monster: guitar Davey: vocal Kris: guitar Sacha: keys and bass Emiliano: drum.

OBM: In September 2006 you had released your first full length album 'NoAngel Wings' ,,Have you plans for an new album this year?

Monster: We're already working on new materials but i think our next lp will be out in 2008.

OBM: Who had produced your album "No Angel Wings"?

Monster: We produced it by our own with an help from a longtime friend of us.

OBM: How was it for you to work with a professional producer?

Monster: We never worked with a pro-producer...not yet ;)

OBM: Have you write some new songs up to now?

Monster: Of course almost 6 songs are done at the moment.

OBM: What want you to express with your songs?

DAVEY (singer): I take inspiration from everything I live every day. I just write down anything happens in my head, and I think I’m naturally influenced by the period mankind is living in. I try to express what I feel in a direct way and I just hope that people can recognize itself in the songs, because I think this is the best way a band can have to communicate something to the audience.

OBM: You sign up by Good Life records, how was it for you and how is the collaboration?

Monster: Really good, I know Ed the boss of GL records from almost 10 years so everything btw us is really friendly.

OBM: How hard was it for you to find a record label?

Monster: not hard at all, we sent our demo around and we've got several offers, and we choose GL without any doubts because they are one of the best European labels.

OBM: In April you play some shows in Germany, are these your first time in Germany?

Monster: No, we already played there in December, just 2 shows, one was in Chemnitz and the other in Wangen.

OBM: What are your musical influences and how do you put these influences into your sound?

Monster: Each members of Doomsday is a big fan of the Swedish metal so that’s the way we wanted to sound.

OBM: Do you have any musical idols?

Monster: I'm talking for myself and I don't have any idols in the music scene, but there's lot of people that I respect especially bands with a strong political and positive message, like all the vegan sxe movement from the 90".

OBM: How big is the straight edge scene in Italy?

Monster: It was big in our home town Rome btw 1996 and 2001,now there are still sxe kids but not as much as it used to be...and that's sad in my eyes.>

OBM: Are there prejudices in Italy against the straight edge scene?

Monster: When the sxe scene was big of course there was lot of prejudices, militant sxe as always being considered as an intolerant movement by a lot of people.

OBM: Are there any bands in Italy from the underground scene that you can approve us?

Monster: Talking about the metal-core scene I think that Fightcast are one of the best, but there are lot of good hxc bands too, the most popular is To Killthey're from Rome too and well known in Germany I guess ,)

OBM: Have you any hobby’s beside your band?

Monster: Every one of us has, talking for myself as I told you I’m 33 years beside the band I like to relax at home and maybe watch some football ;)

OBM: What are your aims for this year?

Monster: Touring as much as we could, shoot a video and finish to write the new materials, that’s a busy schedule!

OBM: Have you some words for our readers?

Monster: Wir lieben euch DEUTSCHLAND!!!! We thank you very much for that interview. We hope you enjoyed it. Of course I did!!! Thanxxx to you for the interviews and the support for further info’s feel free to check our MySpace page:


Doomsday-Lay Down and Burn EP


Doomsday-No Angel Wings


Line Up:
Davey - Gesang
Monster - Gitarre
Kris - Gitarre
Giulio - Keyboard
Sacha - Bass

Emiliano - Schlagzeug



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