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OBM:Hey guys, thanks for your time, how are you today?

We're doin good. We just got a new guitarist today.

OBM: So, for those of our readers who don't know who "Set Sail" are, care to introduce the band and tell us who you are?

Joey - I play drums

Chad - I play bass

Robbie - I play guitar

Chris - I play guitar. Its my first day in the band.

Mitchell - I do vocals.

OBM: How would you describe the music you play to people that never heard about Set Sail?

We just play some fun hardcore.

OBM: Let's talk about your band name, why you have decided on this namen and how long you have looked for a suitable namen? Is there a deeper background on it?

There isnt really a deeper meaning to it. We were throwing around some names and it went from "test yourself" to "life sets sail" to finally agreeing on set sail.

OBM: While the main part of your sound is hardcore, there is a definite punk influence to the sound. What inspires that?

All types of bands really inspire us, not just one type or another. We all listen to a lot of different music.

OBM: Okay, talk us through some of the songs on your myspace site, what inspires them lyrically?

A lot of my inspiration comes from many different things that are happening around me. From Al Pacino, a song about the loss of my uncle, to This is Progress, a song about growing up. I just try to write as honest as I possibly can.

OBM: What is the writing process like, do you write as a band or as individuals and then combine the ideas?

"Its a jigsaw puzzle created by me and joey" - Robbie

But really Robbie comes to practice with millions of parts and we work together to make into a song.

OBM: Have you any plans for an album? Have you record an cd up to now?

Yeah, as of right now, we are starting to work on new songs for a new cd. And we have recorded a cd, called "Breaking Ground".

OBM: What about bands, what kind of bands inspire you?

From Metallica to Champion, Limp Bizkit to Alexisonfire. Everything inspires us.

OBM: How do you see todays punk/hardcore scene in global and the place it gots in your life?

Its exploited. Like no other. With places like Hot Topic picking up on this community, and shoving it down the mainstreams throats, its killing the message that we all believe in. Having kids at shows is great, but when they are there because Hot Topic told them that a shirt and cd would them cool, its shit. Hardcore is a huge part in our lives and thats all we can say.

OBM: As every band, what do you think about the exsistance of myspace related to whoring or music?

We find that it can be a helpful tool for bands with talent to promote themselves, but to bands without talent that can add

friends upon friends and and do nothing but whore themselves, it just creates something terrible.

OBM: Looking at your gig list though, you've got a mammoth amount of touring coming up in 2008, how important is touring for you?

Well, touring means a lot to us because it gives us the chance to take music we love on the road and play it for kids who havent heard it yet.

OBM: Do you like the interaction you got when you play for a crowded venue?

Yeah. Its a great feeling to have kids run around and sing all the words to the songs. Its just the best feeling.

OBM: Are there any plans for you to come over to Germany at all?

Yes. If you can pay for it. But really, if the oppurtunity arises, we'd love to come over.

OBM: What are your local scenes like? Do kids come out to shows for local bands?

The scenes are pretty good here. Its great, because the kids come out and definitely support the bands. 

OBM: Short quiz (answer with what comes up in your mind)!

-Food? never enough.

-Family? a lot.

-friends? Hardest Mosh = Steve Wojcik

-Hate? Girl Pants

-Tattoos? Chad.

-Best USA HC band?

Joey - Terror

Chris - Buried Alive

Robbie's head exploded after trying to think of one. 

Chad - Champion

Mitchell - Tie. Hope Con or American Nightmare.

-Best band in the world?

Joey - Pink Floyd

Chris - Metallica

Robbie - Curtis Mayfield

Chad - Metallica

Mitchell - Blink 182

-sxe? Chad and Robbie


-girls? gone wild.

OBM: What are the rest of your plans for 2008?

Not die. Pretty much put out a cd and tour.

OBM: Thx a lot for your time, any last words for your fans and our readers?

Thanks for the support and thank you guys for reading this.



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