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OBM: How has the writing process been different on this record? To your first full-length "Count Your Blessings"?

(curtis)Well we had a lot less time to write this record compared to cyb so we had to get our own practice space where we could go all day. So we practiced pretty much all day most days of the week. We had to write so fast wed write a song and then start another straight after we played through the other like twice. So it was pretty intense.


OBM: What was the song you had the most difficulties with in the studio?

(matt nicholls)The songs with the samples and electronic stuff in were the most difficult, as we‘re not used to them – it’s even harder playing them live! But i think they have become na essential part of our sound now.


OBM: The album was produced by Fredrik Nordström, how did that come about?

(lee malia)He's worked with At The Gates, Dimmu Borgir, Arch Enemy, In Flames. He's got that real Gothenburg sound.  Our label put forward a few producers and when we heard who he had worked with we just said ‘why not’? He was a cool guy – very chilled. I think he got a good sound out of us.


OBM: What was it like working with him? What did you learn from him?

(curtis ward)It was awesome we lived in the studio and he used to come in and wake us up with fire alarms. And then shout at us for making his studio such a mess. So most days wed have to tidy up before we could do anything. And then he gets mad that we didn’t put the organic stuff in the organic bin. lol   He’s awesome at producing though he made our cd sound exactly how we described how we wanted it. And we couldn’t be happier with what he’s done for us. I said the main thing i learned was organic food goes in the black binbag and most definitely not the white.


OBM: So what's the idea behind the album title, "Suicide Season"?

(oliver)It’s about a time i went through my life, which was really hard. i nearly fucked everything up and lost everything. it was the worst time of my life, but the thing, because of it, the album may well of never been made, but at the same time, if it didn’t, i wouldn’t of had the emotions and feeling to of written the lyrics I did. That’s what suicide season means, the fine line between life and death.


OBM: Do you get some first feedback about the new songs?

(matt keane)Yeah the fans are loving it! I think people respect that we’re trying something new. There’s always going to be kids on the net slagging it off, but we’re happy with the reaction. The press seems to love it too.


OBM: What’s your favorite track and why?

(Oli)We all have our favorite tracks, depending on if we’re playing them live or not. Some personal faves are Chelsea Smile and The Comedown as they are great live, as is Football Season Is Over and It Was Written in Blood. The fans seems to agree with those choices as well


OBM: Your music is very technical. How important is it for you to create the songs very technical and groovy and the songwriting so different and interesting?

(curtis ward)We just wanted to make an album that we liked. So we never had any intentions of how it would groove or how technical parts would be. We would just start with a riff and then work forward with what he though fit the song best.


OBM: Let's talk about the artwork for your new album! who has create it or was it your own idea?

(oliver) It was my idea and concept, although a company called sons of nero did the actual design work. I was pretty anal about how i wanted it to look, it took about 5 different photoshoots til i was happy. The concept is about baring it all, showing your shame, spilling your guts.


OBM: What can your fans expect from your new album?

(matt k)Party, hardcore metal fun times! It’s a big departure from our previous sound, but what’s the point in making the same album twice? They can expect bring me the horizon version 2.0


OBM: Do you think kids will be able to connect with your lyrics?

(oliver)I think so. There’s stuff on there that only applies to me, but at the same time kids can read that and relate to similar problems that they've had. i think some of the lyrics (especially the comedown) may only be understood by an older generation.  All the lyrics aren’t doom and gloom, there’s songs about partying, and having a good connection with your family and friends, which just about anyone should be able to connect with.


OBM: If you had to put into words what Bring Me The Horizon is about, what would you say?

(matt nicholls)It’s about our lives. Sometimes we’re serious and have to work, like recording, writing etc. And sometimes it’s about getting wasted with your friends on tour! But whether its partying or working, we always do it properly! It’s also about friendship (good and bad), anger, revenge, frustration as well.

OBM: Do you think the increase in popularity of the web means that bands have to be willing to push themselves that extra mile or risk losing fans who turn to the next band they find on the web?

(lee malia)I’d be lying if i said that we didn’t get a big boost from MySpace and the web. But it helps as much as it hurts. I mean, we were really helped by people being able to hear our music, but then again, everyone downloads nowadays, so it makes it harder to be a band, or at least make a career form being in a band. Yeah people might just jump to the next band on the net, but then that’s good for the next band right? And if you like a band, you like a band. Just cos you like other bands doesn’t mean you don’t like the first one.


OBM: What are the best things about touring and the worst?

(curtis ward)The best thing about touring is partying all day every day and making real good friends with people. And the shows playing shows is the best part for sure. When were not on tour i miss the buzz of playing shows. The worst part is when stuff goes wrong like buses breaking down and things breaking on stage and not been able to speak the language of people who could help you.


OBM: You spend a lot of time on the road so what do you do to keep yourself sane?

(matt nichols)Getting wasted to be honest. We write sometimes, check out the place we’re in, walk around, meet some fans and just take it as it comes. We do well on MySpace, so we keep that up. We talk to our friend’s online, stuff like that. I guess it’s just whatever any 21/22 year old would do if they lived on the road. Oli owns Drop Dead Clothing, so he runs that from the road sometimes. We usually party pretty hard after the shows though! And try and not get in too much trouble! Well, at least stuff that people will find out about!


OBM: Which bands in your country do you think we should check out?

(EVERYONE PUT SOME IN) architects, bossk, dead swans, durge, and the arctic fucking monkeys!,


OBM:Personally what do you think about the Europe metal and hardcore scene at the moment?

(matt nicholls)Its seems cool. We’ve done signings in europe and they were crazy. Hopefully the scene will keep growing there. There’s loads of pockets of places that have good scenes that you wouldn’t expect. There’s a cool shop called Rattlesnake in Vienna that everyone should check out!


OBM: I would like to thank you for this interview do you have any last words?

Thank you too! Live every week like its shark week!

Bring Me The Horizon-Blessed With A Curse


Bring Me The Horizon-There Is a Hell, Believe Me I've Seen It. There Is a Heaven, Let's Keep It a Secret


Bring Me The Horizon-Suicide Season Cut Up


Bring Me The Horizon-Suicide Season


Bring Me The Horizon-Count Your Blessings


Bring Me The Horizon-This Is What the Edge of Your Seat Was Made for EP



Oliver Sykes - Gesang
Lee Malia - Gitarre

Jona Weinhofen - Gitarre, Keyboard, Gesang
Matt Kean - Bass
Matt Nicholls - Schlagzeug

Former Members:
Curtis Ward - Gitarre



Bring Me The Horizon, ein Name der seit 2004 die unangefochtene Speerspitze im Death und Metalcore darstellt. Entstanden ist der Name aus einem Zitat Captain Jack Sparrows aus dem Kinofilm "Fluch der Karibik". Schon die erste EP "This Is What the Edge of Your Seat Was Made for" wusste mehr als zu überzeugen, zwei Jahre später kam dann das langersehnte Debüt Album  "Count Your Blessings"der Engländer, was wie eine Bombe einschlug und sogar die britischen Charts enterte. Den großen Durchbruch erreichten die Jungs dann letztendlich 2008 mit "Suicide Season", seitdem ging es immer weiter bergauf. Das aktuelle Album "There Is a Hell, Believe Me I've Seen It. There Is a Heaven, Let's Keep It a Secret" beweist weiterhin das hohe Niveau dieser Ausnahme Band und bekam sogar den Kerrang! Award für das beste Album 2010. Der eine mag sie der andere hasst sie, aber eins ist klar, BMTH sind eine der besten Bands, die dieses Genre zu bieten hat!





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