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OBM: Hey guys, how are you today?

Hi guys, so fine thx! What about you? How is going in Germany?

OBM: So, what's new since our last interview?

Well, this is the 2nd OBM interview, and we want to thx & congratulations u, 'cause the magazine is going to be very very extreme and your page / organization is like an international & worldwide one :). In this period Fightcast 's writing new stuff and at the same time organizing some mini tour . Everything is top secret now :).

OBM: Okay, going on to your first album then. Care to plug it a bit? What did you want to achieve with it?

Breeding a Divinity is a sort of "key " to enter in a new world, new experience, new sensation. We want to promote this all around the world if possible.

OBM: What sort of things has inspired this album?

Ourself! This album tells about 5 guys, united by the same passions. A new energy ready to fight!!!

OBM: A number of the lyrics seem to be particularly personal. Are your songs inspired by your experiences?

Yeah of course! For example the 1st one tells about a Franz’s disease that tried to kill him. He was the strongest Fightcast! He won! We want to support one by one and the music is the right way!

OBM: Is writing the songs a way of closing certain chapters in your life? Do you see them as a way of revenge?

The revenge is not the lyrics or the single words, but this cd in general. We fight vs. people who tried to get us down, with no reasons. Breeding is one of strong element we use to win these person, with live show, this kind of interview etc...

OBM: What about the title "Breeding A Divinity"?

A new terrible creature birth!!! Ready to meet it? :)

OBM: Listening to the album, there is a huge nod towards the Gothenburg metal scene. What is it about that sound that you find so inspiring?

Yeah man! We take inspiration from the most important Swedish artist like In Flames, SoilWork, The Haunted, Meshuggah...

OBM: Considering the first "Fightcast" record is absolutely amazing, you must be feeling pretty amazing?

Sure! We presented this in our local city, in front of more 700heads & headbangers:) It was the most incredible esp. of our life. Could be very cool do this all over the world.

OBM: What can we expect from the record?

Nothing, everything will come, it will be the right things. We understood to don't make any illusion.

OBM: How is the collaboration with your first record Label "Kolony Records" in your band career?

Kolony Rec is working very hard and in a optimal way. Anyway, this is a very small and young label, with no experience, but we trust in and we'll continue to work hardly!

OBM: MySpace has been a huge help to yourselves and a lot of other bands. How much of it was by accident and how much of it was planned?

We think MySpace is the biggest door for the fame! Don't abandon this! It's very important!!!

OBM: How do you feel when performing the songs live? Do you think kids can relate to them?

It's the best sensation you can feel. Sing your songs with the other guys, who see u playing your instruments and making noise on stage. YEAH. Better than sex:)

OBM: Who inspired you to start playing in a band?

Anyone. We decided one random day :)

OBM: Speaking of playing live, what are your touring plans?

Top Secret :)

OBM: Are there any plans for you to come over to the Germany at all?

We are hoping this. We have a lot of fans there. If u want to organize, it could be very cool:)

OBM: What are your ambitions for Fightcast? How far can you go?

We want to play our music as much as possible, this is clear, but it's so difficult. As you probably knows the musical world is too complicate. We want to dislocate this, and dominate all! :)

OBM: Okay guys, thanks for your time and all the best for 2009. Is there anything else you want to say?

Fightcast: BORN TO DOMINATE!!!!

Fightcast-The White pitch


Fightcast-Breeding a Divinity


Fightcast-Killer Goodfellas Family


Line Up:
Filippo Tellerini - Gesang

Alberto Casadei - Gitarre, Gesang

Stefano Casadei - Gitarre

Francesco Vicini - Bass

Marco Biondi - Schlagzeug



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