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OBM: Hi guys, thanks for talking to us. How are you today?

We're fine , it's a pleasure talking 'bout our band with you and the readers.

OBM: For those people who don’t know you Guys, could you introduce the Band members and tell us what they do!

We're currently four , we are searching another guitarist to replace nicolò who left the band recently due to personal reason
I (Fulvio-Bass) run a recording studio , Niccolò (drums) is a clerk in a drum shop ,Vito (guitar) is studying guitar in a Roman music academy and giuseppe (Ttables) is opening a tattoo studio

OBM: How long have you guys been together for? How do you get together?

We know each other since we were kids from and before school,we formed in 2002 and after lots of changes in the line up (and name) here we are!the four of us that remains play since that year.

OBM: What do you make of the ‘Myspace revolution’?

We think myspace opened up opportunities that were unbelievable a few years ago , you can spread the music in every corner of the world let everyone know when you will play , it sure replaced paper flyers!

OBM: You put out a EP this year, tell us about a few of the songs and the inspiration behind them?

This is the first ep that really reflects the way we want to make our songs sound , we studied these for a long time and we finally have a solid line up to count on. Personally i think these songs came out from our will to play this music and the sacrifices we did to make this possible.

OBM: What was the writing process like? How you guys get a song together?

Vito write down the guitars , then we play them in rehersal and we arrange the rhytm section , then we add lyrics to the whole thing , we play the song again and again ,changing a little bit a time , since we find it good to be played and recorded , also now we have the way to record songs ourselves ,so we can immediatly listen to them and how they sound.

OBM: Are you getting positive feedback from EP?

We got some positive reviews , but from the side of labels we see still nothing , let's hope for the future!

OBM: Any plans for a full length album?

If a label will release our work we will certainly put down a full-lenght , otherwise we will continue writing ep , or maybe a split with another roman band.

OBM: Did anyone of you guys playing in an other band before? Or is “In COLD Blood”,the first band for you guys?

This is the first serious band for all of us , we played with other people before , but not with the same intentions and sacrifices.

OBM: How many records you guys actually got out?

We got out three ep , but again 2008 promo is what icb music wanted to sound like.

OBM: Your music sounds like you running trough a brick wall, what would you say was you biggest influence?

We listen to a lot of music , but certainly our main influences for this project were melodic death metal (swedish on all) and hardcore ,bands like hatesphere ,haunted, at the gates , fear factory , chimaira , agnostic front , sick of it all are what we listen all day to.

OBM: Is there any kind of ritual or something that accompanied you on every concert?

None in particular, we know each other for so long , that every concert is like goin out with friends to have a beer.

OBM: If you guys had the chance to go on a world tour with one your favourid bands, which band would it be?

I think goin' on tour with apache would be the dream for all of us!

OBM: Would you guys like to have more cooperation with other bands?

We sure want , and we are always searching bands to work together , for example we organize gigs in rome and if a band deserves to play we are the first who wants to do the best to make it happen!

OBM: What advice would you give to young up and coming bands, being so you were one not so long ago!”

We are still a young band , but if we have to , our advice will be: play a lot, trust in what you do and do everytime the best you can , and when live , take the shit out of you!

OBM: After working together for so long, you guys are tired of touring?

Are you joking ? We would like to be in tour every day of our life , unfortunatelly we don't!

OBM: You guys are from Italy, did you Guys ever played in Germany or somewhere else in Europe? And if you not, are you planning a Tour to Europe or Germany, so that our readers have the chance to see one of your shows?

We played in france a little time ago , we're looking for other gigs in europe and we are searching contacts , i hope you will heard about us in your town soon!

OBM: What do you think about the rest of the Italy metal scene? Any favourite bands?

In the last few year the italian metal/punk/Hc scene grew up really fast ,there's a lot of band that deserves much more than what they have here, people who really give the best to make all this possible! we would like to mention hour of penance , golden violence ,kernel zero , inside process , think about , rise from the agony , bedtime for charlie , and a lot of other bands ,they are too much!

OBM: What do you think holds the future for your band? Maybe a World Tour?

It would be awesome , but we have a lot to do now , we're writing new songs for another promo and we are searching gigs in europe ,then if the luck will be on our side why not a world tour? ahah.

OBM: At last, is there anything you want to tell the world out there?

Keep supporting underground music , a big hail to all our friends and a big "fuck you" to all the posers!




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