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Picture by Niek van Hees

OBM: Hi guys, thanks for your time, how are you today?

We´re fine! Making ready for another European tour, this time we will go to the cold East all the way to Moscow. It´s gonna be awesome cause we´ve never been there before.

OBM: For those people who haven’t heard of "No Turning Back", could you give us a brief life story?

Well, we are a hardcore band from the south of The Netherlands, Brabant. We are together since 1997. We released five full length records, three MCDs, two split 7''EPs and a 7'' EP that are released on labels worldwide, for example Reflections Records, Bridge Nine Records, Alliance Trax and Reality Records. We are pretty much contantly on tour, something that is unique for a hardcore band from Europe. So far we been to the US 6 times, a headline tour in Brazilian and Japan and been touring Europe non-stop. Besides that we run our own label Bust! Records.

OBM: What other bands were you in before "No Turning Back"?
No Turning Back is my first band. I was 17 when I started this band.

OBM: You are a band since 1997!Aside from musically, how do you feel you’ve changed over those ten years as a band?
It's a natural process not unlike growing up. As a person I have learned from everyday life. Also the life on the road, meeting people from other countries and learning from their culture made us see the world with different eyes then most people do. That also reflects on the band.

OBM: Care to plug your latest release...
We released our latest full length Stronger worldwide on Reflections Records four months ago. The reactions are excellent and overwhelming and the crowd response to the new songs is amazing. For us this is our best release. Every band says that each new release but this time we feel we found the perfect sound and vibe and the songs feel good music and lyriclywise. 11 years experience in one record.

OBM: Who inspires you or who do you look upto in the music scene ?
Who inspire us? We get the most inspiration from everyday life and being on the road. Cause we are constantly surrounded with music we get a lot of ideas we want to work out, moslty on the road. We have a lot of respect for bands that are non-stop on tour and just do what they do best, play shows! Shout out to Terror, Death Before Dishonor, Have Heart, Madball, Sick Of It All, Ritual, Strenght Approach, All For Nothing and all the other bands that are touring their asses off..

OBM: You looking forward to 2009? What's planned for the band?
Another worldwide tour that will bring us to North, Central and South America and Europe. This will all start end of February. Then we want to go back to Japan, going to Australia and South Africa and trying to play every good festival in the summer. There are no releases planned so far but you never know with us.

OBM: How did you discover punk and hardcore?
My brother hooked me up in 1994 with a Madball and Biohazard cd. This was the beginning of the end. My first show was in '95, Downset and from that moment the energy and power catched me.

OBM: A lot of kids get into hardcore because of the connection between their own lives and the lyrics, what attracted you to hardcore in the first place ?
The energy and the power. The music came first place later I discovered the lyrics from the bands I liked. Later on I found out there was a scene and a movement of kids that had the same idea about subjects in life and being a outcast of society.

OBM: Kids seem to relate to you personally through your lyrics, how does that feel?
That means a lot to me. The first time a "fan" mailed me about how my lyircs helped him out with the lost of his dad made me feel weird but also happy in the same time. I don't write lyrics so that people can relate to them but if they do and get strenght out of it that is very fulfilling.

OBM: It must be an amazing feeling watching kids screaming your words back at you?
That's the best. Seeing tons of kids upfront trying to grab the microphone and sing all our lyrics is for us the best feeling and it gives us the strenght to give more and more during the show. A hardcore show is nothing without a crowd response. All over the world kids are singing along during our set, sometimes it's unreal.

OBM: Are there any good up and coming H/C bands we should be checking out?
I am going to name four bands. These are not brand new bands but for me the bands that are making a difference in the scene for just being real hardcore bands; New Morality, Deal With It, Ritual and Steel Nation.

OBM: What records are you listening to at the moment ?
- LAX, The Game
- Du Zoon, Kempi
- Dedicated to babies that came feet first, Cold World
- Set It Off, Madball
- The Album, NAS
- Shock Troops, Cock Sparrer
- The Harder They Come, Jimmy Cliff

OBM: For a band at your level, how important is something like Myspace. Is it the ultimate tool for promoting and up and coming band?
Yes, I think for new bands it's a great tool to promote yourself. When we started the band internet was all new, we never really had a steady website until five years ago and even then it was hard for us to get it updated so we stopped using it. So for us Myspace was too late to be really important as a new band. We started using Myspace in 2004 because we could easly update it and got in contact with our fans all over the world. New bands can spread their music and message and even make there band look like they are allready the biggest band around just with a slick layout and massive friendnumbers. Other sites like are helping out as well. The world is getting smaller and smaller since the internet. It also means looking back at a more mystic time of discovering hardcore and bands, every upside has its downside.

OBM: How would you describe the average "No Turning Back" fan?
Someone who loves seeing and hearing a band full of energy and power playing the kind of hardcore they like.

OBM: What advice would you give to young up and coming bands, being so you were one not so long ago!”
Well, what we did with No Turning Back; Give up everything for your band. And that means everything. Play every show you can, also when your mom got her birthday or your cat died. Even if you have to drive three hours for just 25 euro or nothing. Even if you have to tour two weeks, having night drives for 12 hours to be on time at the next show and again not getting paid. Losing money. Try to record the best record. Get the best equipment. And the most important; Stay yourself and be real to yourself and the kind of music you play. Hard work pays off

OBM: What did you learn from the extensive touring?
We learned that the world as we see it now is totally different then the way we saw it before. I mean this not as heavy as it may seem, but there are a lot off differrences from Tokio to Rio en in between. We made alot of friends all over the globe and that being in a touring band is a dream come true, even with all the sacrifices we've had to go through. I'm proud of what we've have achieved with No Turning Back.

OBM: Thanks for your time, anything else to say?
Thank you. Hope it was fun to read.




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