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OBM: Hey guys, how are you?

We are fuckin' good! Ready to rock you all!

OBM: This is not your first OBM interview, what changed since?

Well, we released our first EP, and we still performing live along the road, always trying to play on bigger stages.

OBM: You're putting out your new EP a short time ago, what can you tell us about it?

Yes, as we said it just before, it's our first EP named "Silence Of Decay" , you can hear five new songs from Cross Damage! Five bastard & kick ass songs! We are very proud of it, because when you choose to record an EP, before releasing an Album, you can only present few pieces from your music, and it's quite hard to prove that you have your place in the metal world with only few chances to convince people. So we really wanted to hit hard! Have a huge sound, good feeling and stunning songs!

OBM: What was the writing process like? How you guys get a song together?

It hasn't changed, Derrick brings new song's ideas, then we work on instrumental part, then we work on vocals. Most of the time, when the song seems finished, we try to find how makes it better, so it changes again and again to be ready to play it live or in studio.

OBM: How long did you work on the CD?

About 6 months from the creation to the record. We began working on songs the earlier we could, to be ready to record it well, and to let them evolve a long time before the “d” day in studio!

OBM: What was the recording process?

We started with the pre-prods two months before; we got in the studio and recorded quite quickly the songs we wanted to put in the CD. We bounced the tracks and worked again on it, to correct what wasn't good for us. Then we go back to stud' for the final record which will become "Silence Of Decay“. We spend 2 days searching the best drum kit and the right guitar sound, moving mics in front of amp cabs and on every part of the drum...One day was enough to record the drums. We spend 2 days for the guitar tracks, and 2 more for the bass lines. The vocals lasted only 1 day.

OBM: How different is your sound now to your first song material?

We sound more strong and huge! We specially worked on vocals and drums, and now we try to create more aerian parts in Cross Damage.

OBM: Okay, let's talk about the Ep, tell us about a few of the songs and the inspiration behind!

The songs are about human beings and how positive thoughts can help in life. They treat of dark causes, but they always have good feeling; sometimes it’s dark, sometimes it’s optimistic. It’s all about emotion and intensity, reflecting the real life... That’s why we write in Cross Damage.

OBM: Your music sounds a hit in the face, what would you say is your biggest influence?

Well, we still love some bands like Twelves Tribes, Poison The Well or The Ocean.

These are our favorite ones and we feel quite near to them, but the real influence in music is in our hearts...

OBM: How important do you think breaking the home town is for a band, in terms of establishing that first fan base?

It’s the only way for a band to spread their music. A lot of bands never try to take the road, or record a good production, and stay in this stasis. It’s sad because some of them could give something new if they would work for it, and go to the people.

We won’t talk about fans for Cross Damage, but the right thing to do in music is to offer it.

We don’t lie to ourselves and we meet the crowd: This is Music for us.

OBM: What would you do if you weren’t doing music right now?

Woaw! It’s impossible to imagine! We are friends, we love music and we couldn’t stop!

Even if Cross Damage wouldn’t exist anymore, we would still play together.

OBM: If you guys had a chance to go on world tour with one of your favorite bands? Which one would it be?

Especially guys we would get on well like Twelve Tribe (but they are not touring anymore), Poison The Well or Walls Of Jericho, for example, it could be nice!

OBM: How many gigs have you played up to now? Is there as special one you remember?

Now in 2009, we must have performed about 40 times. We played on big stages, but our best show ever was in our town, in Normandy. You know; All our friends we love are here, the party; the good vibe rocks you yeah!

OBM: Is there any kind of ritual or something that accompanied you on every live?

Hum...Not really... We don’t putting on make-up or fuck girls in toilets...

But, yes, we are often drunk! We try to bring the party from our country in our van!

OBM: What is planned for the next time or upcoming year?

At present, we are writing our first album. There’s a lot of work and we hope to bring it out next year. All we can say is that it will be more progressive and powerful!

OBM: Last but not least, is there anything you want to tell to your fans, friends and people out there?

Move your asses to gigs the more you can, it’s the most important! We move our ass to spread this culture out!

Thank you Own Blood, stay tuned for our album!

La France arrives!

Cross Damage - As Long As We Live


Cross Damage-The Opposite Cycle


Cross Damage-Silence of Decay


Cross Damage-Demo


Line Up:

Alex - Vocals

Max - Gitarre

Tom - Bass

Derrick - Schlagzeug





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