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A fresh approach to the metal scene!

Answers by Rasmus Normand

OBM: Hey, how's it going?

Hey - everything is good thanx.


OBM: So, the new album "Rewakening", what can you tell us about it?

Well - it is our 2nd full length album. It is a more diverse album than the debut "Storm the Walls" I think. We have all become better musicians and better songwriters. I also think that we have found our own style and sound on the new album. If I should try and make it short I would say that if you like groove metal with hints of death and thrash metal - well then you should give our new cd a spin. It's impossible to explain how music sounds you really have to listen to it to know what it is all about.


OBM: What about the title "Rewakening", what's the idea behind?

We feel it is a great title to say "hey we are still here and not just a one-record band" Since the debut we have played many, many shows and been on a European tour - that makes you grow as a band - so in a way we are more experienced now and in some form Rewoken.


OBM: How do you think you've changed as a band, since you formed?

When you form a band you have certain ideas of what you want and how you would like to sound etc. And as things move along you develop and learn. And that is what makes a band what it is - all the things you experience and do. We have always wanted to play the music we like -- and not try to make the music we think others would like. Lucky for us a lot think that we make great metal and that’s why we can release records and play shows - really amazing. We have all changed in the band and become more mature and know what we want. Since we formed in 2005 we have released two albums - toured with Illdisposed on the Danish Dynamite Tour 2008 - played a bunch of shows in Denmark - won the award for best live band 2008 at DMeA (Danish Metal Awards). So I think that what we have done as a band in 3,5 years is pretty good. And now it is soon time to write the songs for the 3rd album.


OBM: What sorts of things have inspired the album lyrically? Can you talk us through some of the songs?

It is personal things Johnny sings about. What you experience in your everyday life and all the things around you. How you struggle with the good and bad things inside you and trying to find your path in this life. It really is very personal and that is very honest. We could never sing about some made up weird stuff that didn't mean anything to us. We are who we are and sings about that - we don't go into a role when we are together as a band.


OBM: Do you enjoy the writing process?

Yeah I think it is fun to write new songs - you know when an album is released and it is

new to the listeners, the songs are "old" to us - not that we don't enjoy them but we have played some of the songs on “Rewakening” for almost a year in the rehearsal. So yes I like to be creative and try and write a great metal song.


OBM: How did you select the songs and the order they went in?

Some songs sound great when you write them - but after a while you can just feel when there is something wrong with a song - so it has to go. We threw a lot of material away in the process of writing “Rewakening” - it has to be what we think is the best that gets on cd. And the order they come in is just what we think was the best order - maybe it is a crazy order for someone else - it is difficult. We just try and mix it up so that all the heavy stuff isn't in the first part and the fast stuff in the end - it has to be a mix.

OBM: What about the previous record. What did you learn from your experiences on the last record?

We learned a lot. About how we  work together in the studio and how we like the process to be. We were unexperienced as a band when we recorded the first one. And with “Rewakening” we had a total different approach to the work in the studio we had much more to do with the sound and how we like things to stand out in the final mix. So all in all we know now what we want - and most important - we know what we don't want.


OBM: Who writes the songs?

It is me and Johnny who writes the basic Structures. Then when the songs are 90% done we take it to the rehearsal and see if it is as good as we think - and we change some bits and pieces here and there. That’s pretty much how it is done. We don't meet in the rehearsal to write new songs. Takes too much time just standing there fiddling around.


OBM: Who would you say you get your musical influences from?

I don't know? From all the music I listen to I guess. But I can tell you which bands I grew up with. Of course there is Metallica - I just love Metallica's 80's stuff. Slayer is cool too. Obituary, Testament, Carcass, Pantera.  But I also listen to a lot of other stuff - Jimi Hendrix, Dire Straits, Mike Oldfield. I think that you don't get to be a good musician if you only listen to one specific genre.


OBM: Okay, going on to the album then. What did you want to achieve with it?

Just wanted to make the best album we could at the time we wrote the songs and the time we spent on the recording process and to show a new side of the band. The songs on “Rewakening” are a bit longer and more complex (at least for us, ha ha). So we wanted to still be The Burning but with new elements in our music.


OBM: What sort of records made a big impact on you growing up?

Master of Puppets - I will never ever get tired of that record.


OBM: How will the new songs fit into the live set considering that it should be played as a complete piece?

Our live set is a 50/50 mix of old and new stuff.


OBM: If you could do a cover of a non-metal song in your own style, what song would you most like to do?

"Paint it Black" with Rolling Stones!


OBM: What do you think the album and the band offer the metal scene in 2009?

I think we have a fresh approach to the metal scene. There is a lot of bands trying to make music that will be popular - but you can hear that on their records. We don't care about fame - we make what we feel like and that is what you can hear on our albums. We are not the fastest band in the world - we are not the most technical musicians - but we don't try to be either. We try to make great metal songs.


OBM: What’s the plan for the rest of the year, apart from the album?

We are just about finished with a small spring tour in Denmark. And then we don't have any shows untill the fall - also in Denmark. Unfortunately we don't have international booking - so it is very hard for us to get the festival gigs and good support tours. We try ourselves but it is more that tough without a wellknown booking agency. So I guess the summer will be spent on writing new material but of course if something good turns up - we are always ready to pack our gear and hop on a bus.


OBM: What’s your favourite record from 2008?

I have to say Death Magnetic from Metallica - great to hear some heavier songs from them again.


OBM: Okay guys, thanks for your time. Anything else you want to say?

I just want to thank you for the time and to all the metalheads out there - have a great summer with lots of metal and cold beers and check out “Rewakening” our new record.

The Burning - Bait The Hook


The Burning-Hail The Horde


The Burning-Rewakening


The Burning-Storm the Walls


The Burning-Every Knee Shall Bow Every Tongue Confess


Line Up:
Johnny Haven: Vocals
Alex Kjeldsen: Guitar
Tobias Nefer: Bass
Tobias Høst: Drums

Former/Past Members:

Rasmus Vinding - Gitarre

Thue Moller - Bass




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