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OBM: Could you describe your band to everyone who doesn’t know Angelreich? How did you guys meet and get the band started?
We're a metalcore band hailing from Szczecin, #7 biggest town in Poland located at the Northern-East corner, next to the German border. What's quite interesting, the band started around 2002 in totally different place - in Pila. Angelreich's original band members were: Tomek - guitar, Adam - bass, Bartek -
drums, Hubert - vocals and me - Matt, also doing vocals.After sudden departure of Bartek and Adam in the mid of 2005, Tomek and I decided not to give up with the band and look for some opportunities to have our line-up completed in Szczecin - a place where I was studying in that time. After few weeks, I asked Mateusz, waldek and Greg to join the band. They were involved in various (nu) metal projects but I knew they're cool guys with good skills. The current line-up remains the same since 2005 with one exception - Tomek has been replaced by Konrad. That's the whole story!

OBM: What's the significance of the band's name?
Well, I met with some opinions that our name is nothing more than mixture of Angel Crew and Vegan Reich and surely means anything special. To be serious, the idea comes from Undying song "Echoes of Mesopotamia" where you can find a verse: "we are the ten thousand year reich - with us let it end". In our comprehension, word "Reich" decribes the whole human population. And the name "Angelreich" is our imagination of the Earth in next few thousand years. The Earth desolated by human and abandoned by God(s), The Earth controlled by the Angels - heaven-sent to get back all that people not respected.

OBM: So your first album "The Plague" is out now, have you got much feedback yet form people that have heard it?
Yes, we got some feedback shortly after "The Plague" release mainly from Polish kids. Mostly they liked the style we present on this album, but lots of them complain about its length saying it's much too short. Genearally it seems that people found it good what took effect in huge number of album donwloads from rapidshare and other unofficial sources.

OBM: How was the recording of your first album?
I could say it was extremely tiring but on the other hand we had much fun with every step of the recording process. As you probably know, we decided not to visit external studios and work in 4 walls of our rehearsal room and Waldek's place. We started around August 2008 and we had the whole stuff recorded 4 weeks later. The real fun started with mixing and mastering as we prepared nearly 20 sound versions before we sticked to the final one you can hear on "The Plague".

OBM: Whats the inspiration behind "The Plague" and whats the meaning of the title?
Well, just take a look around. All the conflicts, acts of terror, all diseases, floods, droughts etc. or simply devastation of natural resources seem to be this title "Plague". We are human, we think that our high-developed minds are able to find a remedy for every misfortune. At the same time we don't realise how arrogant we are for each other and how much we destroy the place we live. So "The Plague" is not the act of God or someone else, "The Plague" is the result of our everyday activity.

OBM: What do the lyrics on your album deal with?
These lyrics have two authors (Waldek is also writing sometimes). My lyrics are explication of the album's title but Waldek's ones seem to be more personal. Nevertheless, the common ground is critical look upon the things happening in the world or the things touching us in everyday life.

OBM: You've done a tour for your new album in April, how was it?

We're often laughing at 4-day tours as it's a big exaggeration to call them as "tours" haha. But yeah, it was a great time spent with our friends from In Twilight's Embrace (btw, please check these guys out). We know each other since many years but we never played a tour together. So both - socially and organizationally, the tour was perfect.

OBM: You must be really happy to have the CD out on Spook Records, they release great stuff!
There is no doubt we're happy with this. I observed Spook's activity on Polish scene from the very beginning and it made me feel sure that dealing with him would be very good for us. We have a great respect for Dawid's efforts as he's currently the only one who not winded up from the local scene due to economical crisis.

OBM: Is there anything in the scene that pisses you off or that you'd like to see changed?
Yes, there is one significant thing that piss me off. I mean the secularization of the hardcore scene. I remember from the past many bands telling about antifascism, ecology and vegetarianism and so on. I rememeber it had a huge influence on my present views and despite I did not always agree with they, i learnt to respect the dissimilarity of views. And what we have now? - neverending popularity contest... I don't really live to the time when hardore will end at music. I think it means too much for me to accept this status quo.

OBM: I know that "Angelreich" isn't full time, what do you guys have to do away from the band to pay the bills? Would you like if all hardcore bands could make a living out of it, or are you happy with it as it is?

We're not full time and even we don't feel any pressure to become a full time band in the future. Besides having fun with playing in a band, we do different things. Konrad and Mateusz are still students, Waldek works as a professional graphic designer, Greg works in company making the neon lights and I work as a buyer in well-known electronic concern.

OBM: Do any of you have side projects, if so tell us about them?
Waldek had a few... Currently the most important one is called The Aesthetic and this project was a backround of all electronic stuff from "The Plague". Under this sign, he also run a music production studio and does some graphic designs. Feel free to check it out at

OBM: Tell the readers 5 facts about the band/members no one really knows!

Mateusz was an altar-boy when he was young and innocent, Greg is a plumber by profession, Konrad is trying to become a lawyer, Waldek plays guitar non-stop and never sleeps and I... I spend half of my free time on playing football.

OBM: Do you have any good tour/show stories?!
Every single show or tour brings us some funny events. I think you should join us for tour someday to see how it is haha.

OBM: Do you find a European crowd different to the crowds back home?
I could say that nowadays globalization eliminates the differences also in terms of crowd's behaviour during the shows. I think in Poland crowd's reactions were more spontaneous few years ago, but together with increase in number of shows it started to look more like in Western Europe.

OBM: What does music mean to you?
I can mention just a simple example that the first thing I do after coming home from work is to turn on the music. I spend with music few hours daily, so it's enough to state it's a significant part of my life.

OBM: Are there any band you'd like to take out on tour, or tour with?
Surely we could mention few names of the bands we listen. However, I think it would be much cooler to team up for the tour with our friendly bands. Just take a look on our MySpace to find some names...

OBM: So what is planned for the rest of 2009?
Firstly, touring as much as we can. Secondly, to finish writing second album. We have few new songs ready and we hope to enter the studio again by the end of 2009.

OBM: What are your 5 favourite albums?

My all time favourites hardcore albums are:
Battery "Until The End"
Shai Hulud "Hearts Once Nourished..."
Abhinanda "Abhinanda"
Throwdown "Haymaker"
Poison The Well "The Opposite Of December"

OBM: Well that's the end of it, thanks very much for your time any last words?
I'd like to thank you for your interest. If you liked to learn more about Angelreich, don't hesitate to visit or simply get in touch with us through this site. We'd appreciate it very much!

Angelreich - The Face Of Your Fear


Angelreich-The Plague


Angelreich-To Know We Can Die Is to Be Dead Already Split


Angelreich-Our Minds, Our Thoughts plit


Angelreich-When the Lights Fade Away... Fears Crawl Out EP


Angelreich-Promo CD


Line Up:

Mateusz Argasinski - Gesang
Waldemar Jedruszak -Gitarre

Grzegorz Kloczko - Bass
Mateusz Janowicz - Schlagzeug




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