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OBM: Please introduce the band to someone who doesn't know you. How long you guys have been a band, where are you from and who is who in the band?

MT: Hello everyone out there! My name is Myke and I am the singer of Bury Your Dead, a band from all over the United States. We have been shredding and riffing for almost 10 years now. There are 5 of us: Bubble, Slim Mark and Towning.


OBM: Talking about “It's Nothing Personal”, I wanted to know: Has the recording process been long and hard or pretty quick and easy?

MT: The recording process was exceptionally easy this time around. We had about 6 months to make the record so we took our time to write the best songs that we possibly could. Once in the studio, the process went by really fast. We actually only spend 4 weeks recording the record from start to finish.


OBM: Why “It's Nothing Personal”? Any particular meaning behind this title?

MT:  The name of the record is our tongue-in-cheek way of saying that this record is the culmination of all of the personal struggles and feelings we have endured as a band and in our own lives over the past year. Nothing could be further from the truth as far as it being "nothing personal".


OBM: Are you totally satisfied with the result? If you had the possibility, would

you change anything of it?

MT: No, I really think that this record is perfect. I can honestly say that if I never recorded another album in my lifetime, I would be perfectly content with my efforts on this recording. I'm more than satisfied with the result. I am excited to see it get into everyone's hands all around the world.


OBM: Still talking about your new album. This album sounds different from any of

your previous work. Do you think your sound has followed an evolution or what?

MT: Definitely, I think that after the last "self-titled" record, we opened up a lot of avenues we could take as far as our sound is concerned. We wanted to showcase that we are all talented musicians and celebrate being able to write super heavy songs with melodic and catchy choruses without having it sound cliché. I feel very passionate that we accomplished that. When we went into write this record, we never sat around and thought "well let's write a record that sounds like this... or let’s do this differently" it was a very natural process.  What is on the record is the result of a deluge of emotion and passion for our craft.


OBM: Do you have a stable source of inspiration for your lyrics or it just depends on your moods or what’s happening in your life?

MT; I would say that my inspiration for my lyrics comes from my life's experiences. The failure, the hard times, the good times, loving, losing it all and still being able to carry on. Anything I write comes straight from the heart and I feel each word I say. I have been through a lot in my lifetime, good and bad. I could go on and on indefinitely about my feelings and experiences.


OBM: What’s your favorite song to play live right now?

MT hmmm... that's a hard one.  i love all the songs we play for the most part. i can give you a list:

"House of Straw"

"Broken Body"

"Sympathy Orchestra"

"12th Stroke of Midnight"

"Hurting not helping"


and the list goes on and on....


OBM: What's your musical background? I mean, what are the bands that inspired you the most? Mainly listen to old or new stuff?

MT: I like all kinds of music, honestly. It helps to keep me sane in a world that is so crazy.  As of late, I have really been listening to a lot of Broken Social Scene, The Notwist, Meshuggah, Sigur Ros, And Kid Cudi. i think if I could work with anyone in the near future it would be Kid Cudi, Kanye West, and Lady Gaga


OBM: What are your plans for the future? Do you plan to come back in Europe soon or you haven't thought about that yet?

MT: This year we are going to be touring sooo much. I want to come back to Europe as soon as possible. We have a lot of tours in the summer but I have heard some back and forth about us coming back to Europe around the fall/winter.


OBM: If you guys could play a dream show with any five bands ever to exist who would play? (in no particular order)


-the Deftones

-Alice in Chains



-Nine Inch Nails


OBM: What hardcore means to you and how do you find the current state of hardcore/metal worldwide?

MT: Hardcore to me is all about having fun, playing music with your friends and making the best out of any situation. No matter what! So whether we play a small basement or a sold out arena.  As long as I’m having a good time being on stage with dudes that I love more than anything, doing what I love and have always dreamed about, I’ll be satisfied. I think the current state of hardcore is in a rapid decline. People are so wrapped up in which band is the coolest, who can make the sickest breakdown, or growl the lowest. That’s not what hardcore means to me.


OBM: What's the funniest thing to ever happen to you guys on tour?

MT: Every day is like a party when you come on tour with us. We always laugh and have fun things going on. I would never be able to say what the funniest thing would be. It’s all hilarious from start to finish.


OBM: You guys are constantly on the road. Is it hard to be far from home for most

of the year?

MT: Yes and no, after a while you get numb to being away from friends and family, but you remind yourself that you did it of your own volition and it all goes away. I love being on tour all the time. I get to meet so many people and see so many cool things that when I am home, I find myself getting bored and depressed from being away from my band mates for more than 2 weeks. It’s bad. it does get hard to be gone though. When your family and friends are graduating school, having parties, getting married, celebrating holidays and you're on a plane, or in a bus, a million miles from them. last year I spent thanksgiving on an airplane and Christmas in Germany while my family was at home sharing each other's company. It's times like that which wear on you pretty bad.


OBM: Thanks for your time, do you want to say anything to your European fans in

particular, and also to the readers of "own blood magazine"?

MT: Thanks for taking the time to interview me! Everyone pick up our new record, "It's Nothing Personal". Tell a friend to buy it as well. Come see us when we come to your town, shake our hands, tell us hello and share a drink with us!

Bury Your Dead-Sympathy Orchestra


Bury Your Dead-Mosh Roll


Bury Your Dead-It's Nothing Personal


Bury Your Dead-Bury Your Dead


Bury Your Dead-Beauty and the Breakdown


Bury Your Dead - Alive


Bury Your Dead-Cover your Tracks


Bury Your Dead-You Had Me at Hello


Line Up:
Mat Bruso - Gesang

Slim B. - Gitarre

Eric Ellis - Gitarre

Rich Casey - Bass

Mark Castillo - Schlagzeug

Former/Past Members:

Myke Terry - Gesang




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