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A entirely new more intense beast!

OBM: So how are things going at the moment?

Things are going great, we are on the Thrash and Burn tour right now it’s been a blast so far.


OBM: The new album, 'Felony' is out very soon... how did the recording process go this time around?

It was fun and grueling as most recording sessions go , tensions run high.

Creative juices are flowing it’s a pretty volatile yet beautiful thing.


OBM: Your new album is titled "Felony". What made you decide on that album title?

Most of our album names and song titles are based of lyrical content I feel

like once people pick up the record they will have a better idea of why that

is the name of the record.


OBM: I expect that you'll be touring for quite a while after the new album is released... have you got any special ambitions for this album cycle?

We really want to bring our live show's to a new level of excitement, we

want to get our audience even more involved and deliver the best live show



OBM: Do you have any particular favorite songs from the new album, or any that you feel mark a progression in "Emmure's" sound?

I don’t want to say I have a favorite I feel like every track shows a huge

progression in our sound.


OBM: Your songs are always very personal, when you first started writing the album, did you plan to cover those subjects or did they just start writing themselves naturally?

Our records are more than just a discography of music it’s pretty much a

documentation of my personal diaries. I write about what I have gone through over a certain amount of time because up until I record the record that is my life up till that point. I feel like if you’re going to write something it should be honest. So that’s what I try and do.


OBM: How would you say it differs from your previous work?

This new record goes above and beyond anything we have ever done as a band. This record will be a staple to where I band has gone and is going.


OBM: What did you want to get out of the new album?

New listeners and most of all I want our fans to make the jump with us into this new plateau of music with us. We feel like it’s more than just a band this is a movement.


OBM: As a band you've been together five years. How different is "Emmure" 2009 to that of five years ago?

Emmure in 2009 is a entirely new more intense beast. We are capable of so much more now and we are excited to show our fans what we have evolved into.


OBM: What have you learned about each other having spent five years together in a band?

You learn to appreciate the good things, and not concentrate on the bullshit it’s like any relationship you’re going to have up's and down's but you take the risk and you take the ride to make things work.


OBM: Every band has his influences, which bands had a lot of influence to your

band? What are your favorite bands?

This new record is culmination of all our major influences , such as KORN , LIMP BIZKIT , DEFTONES , MESHUGGAH , just to name a few. I think what really glues the band together is our similar taste in music. So when it came to writing the record it was really easy to mesh all our influences together.


OBM: Your debut album received a lot of good press, considering it was your debut, did that surprise you?

Sure, I guess it surprised me but I still really don’t pay attention to critics whether it’s good or bad. Everyone has their own little world and opinions they stand behind it doesn’t really mean much to me. I appreciate the love from our fans and from people who genuinely enjoy what we do. That’s

what I concentrate on.


OBM: Since the release of your first album you've caused quite a stir in the international music scene, shifting lots of albums and making fans in the process. Does the sense of excitement around the band ever pose downsides, or is it a mostly positive phenomenon?

I take everything as a positive. No such thing as bad press.


OBM: So you play the "Beastfest European Tour" with Caliban and some other good Bands from Germany, do you know the bands and perhaps do you know some other German bands?

We are real good friends with Suicide Silence and After the Burial so I cannot wait to be back on the road with those guys. Europe is going to be amazing!


OBM: Out of all of the band, who has got the worst habits?

I won’t talk on anyone else's behalf. I will say I have a habit of having a amazing time.


OBM: Thanks for your time, anything else to add?

Thanks to anyone who is reading. Go check out the new record!

Emmure-I Thought You Met Telly and Turned Me Into Casper




Emmure-The Respect Issue


Emmure-Goodbye to the Gallows


Emmure-The Complete Guide to Needlework




Line Up:
Franckie Palmeri - Gesang

Jesse Ketive - Gitarre

Mike Mulholland - Gitarre

Mark Davis - Bass

Mike Kaabe - Schlagzeug

Former/Past members:

Ben Lionetti - Gitarre

Joshua Ammermann - Gitarre

Joe Lionetti - Schlagzeug



"I guess it surprised me but I still really don’t pay attention to critics whether it’s good or bad. Everyone has their own little world and opinions they stand behind it doesn’t really mean much to me."

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