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OBM: Hi guys, Thanks for taking the time to talk to us at Own Blood Magazine.
Thank you OBM for having us!
OBM: For anyone who hasn't heard of the band, could you tell us a bit about your background?
We’re Intwine a Dutch based rock band formed in 2002. We’ve released three full-length albums and are releasing our new album on the 31st of July.

OBM: The new album is really good. For those fans who haven’t heard the new album yet, how would you describe it?
Thanks. We like our guitars to sound dirty and heavy but also enjoy atmospheric psychedelic parts to add an organic feel. Our vocals take various incarnations, from an intimate melodically floating presence to raggamuffin’ chants and occasional switching to psychotic screams. We feel as though we’re a band who likes to implement various genres where it feels right, examples are break beats and Caribbean rhythms transitioning to rock/ metal beats. We also love to use the boomy sound and laid-back timing of reggae bass. A few of the bands that have inspired throughout the years: Incubus, A Perfect Circle, Deftones, POD, Metallica, Bob Marley & the Wailers.

OBM: "Kingdom of Contradiction" what’s the inspiration behind it and what’s the meaning of the title?
The title is really a summary of our perspectives on our experiences as a band over the years, all that glitters is most definitely not gold...

OBM: How does ?Kingdom of Contradiction? differ from your previous albums?
KOC is a much more accurate display of where we wanted to go creatively as well as sonically, because we did most of the recording ourselves we had more freedom to experiment.

OBM: Was the writing process for your new release any different from the previous album?
We’ve recorded and released several albums over the years and KOC is our first album with a worldwide release so we decided instead of releasing completely new material, to select and rerecord existing songs with our current view on songwriting, arranging and production. Performing these songs live has also given the songs room to grow so we had a pretty clear view on the direction we wanted to go with them.

OBM: The artwork you’ve done for the album seems to be a very important part, which comes first, the music or the art?

We're a band, music is most definitely what defines us, so that's what would come first. The artwork however is also very important to us and we put a lot of thought into it.

OBM: In the music, lyrics and artwork you obviously have a lot to say, so what is the philosophy and the message of the band that you are trying to put across?

I wouldn't directly say that we necessarily have a message we're trying to get across, we love creating music, the lyrics usually reflect on our experiences and/or perspective on our experiences. And rather than explaining the thoughts behind our lyrics we prefer to have listeners find their own meaning.

OBM: What kind of a place were you at, as a band, when you were writing this record?

We were in a fortunate position as we didn't

have to start from scratch and we didn’t have a deadline or a studio clock ticking since we did most of the recordings at home. It was great to take the time to reflect and adjust before diving into the mix phase.

OBM: What would you say you?re most proud of with this album? Maybe a particular song, the way you wrote as a band?
No song in particular, we’re very proud of our combined efforts to redefine our sound to create this album.

OBM: You signed to Tiefdruck-Music, how did that come about?
We were introduced to Daniel Heerdmann of Tiefdruck-Musik about two years ago at one of our shows. He was excited about the band so we stayed in touch for a while and he ended up offering us a record deal.

OBM: What did you learn as a band over the last years?

We learned that we’re slow learners…   

OBM: Is your heart in touring more than recording?
We enjoy doing both, recording gives us the opportunity to realize our creative ideas but touring gives those ideas room to grow and of course feeding off of the audience is priceless.

OBM: Okay guys, thanks for your time. Anything else you want to say?
The pleasure was ours, we look forward to the next one! Check out “Kingdom of Contradiction”!


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