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On Own Terms

OBM: You are probably not so common by most of the readers yet.Please give us a short summary of your band?
We are five guys from Stavanger, Norway playing in a melodic hardcore band, called On Own Terms. We started out in October 2005, so we haven`t played that long with this band. So far we have made a demo with three songs and a 3 way split with make it count and weapons and tactics. The split cd were released on Tuell records in germany. We also have an upcoming EP called "our blood". The release date of this cd is unknown right now. We hope to release it as soon as possible, but we`re looking for a record label to release it.

OBM: What are your musical influences, how do you put these into your sound?
Too many to mention, but some of them are gorilla buiscuits, stay gold, with honor, comeback kid, champion, bane, strife and all the hardcore bands from our scene.

OBM: About what are your songs?Do you want to express something special?
Our songs is first and foremost about anti-racism, the worldwide hardcore scene, about being yourself. Give a fuck about all the other peoples opinions, be an induvidual, dont follow fake people and all the trends out there.

OBM: What is the meaning of your band name "On Own Terms"?What you want to express thereby?
ON OWN TERMS is our way of saying that this is our life and we do what we think is right. We are our own masters. Hardcore is a big contrast to most of the peoples everyday life. This is were we belong.

OBM: How many concerts did you play up to now ?
Hmm, we have not been counting the shows, but we have played alot.

OBM: Do you have jobs beside your band?
Yeah, we dont play in a band to make money, ON OWN TERMS has never been about that at all. So everyone has a job beside playing in the band.

OBM: Do you know some german bands?

Germany has a really great hardcore scene, and there is to many great bands to mention. but for name a few, Make it count, Final prayer, Black friday 29, Embrace by hatred, intruder, Heaven shall burn and maroon.

OBM: Are there in Norway a big hardcore scene?
Norway has alot to offer, and the biggest hardcore scenes in Norway can be found in Oslo, Stavanger and Trondheim.

OBM: Are there any more good hardcore bands in Norway you can refer us?
Death is not glamorous, Ad Arma, Arise of Judgement, soulfire, Damage Control, The Rape of Lucrece, Real Heroes Die. Kristian and Erik also play in a side project to ON OWN TERMS, called From Bleeding Eyes.

OBM: What are your goals for this year?

First of all we hope to release our debut EP as soon as possible. We also hope to go on our first European tour this year, and play as many shows as possible.

Thanks for interviewing us!

take care
On Own Terms

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