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OBM: Hi guys, thanks for taking the time to talk to us at Own Blood Magazine.How are you?

BEN :tired but very good and you ??
Julien: fine and you?

OBM: Introduce the band to someone who doesn't know. How long you guys have been a band, where are you from and who else is in the band?

BEN ( lead guitar):this band has been existing for 3 years, we are based near paris.
Julien : I'm the drummer/singer, will plays guitar, D. plays bass and pierre is the singer. Ben started the project alone, I joined him in 2006, pierre and will joined us in 2007 and D.joined us on late 2008 (to replace david,our
first bass player)

OBM: So now what we should expect from "Memories of a dead Man"?

Julien : A tour to support "beyond the legend"!, and a music video of the firt song of the album, single thought and emptiness wishes.

OBM: What's your first album about? How would you describe it?

Julien :Many songs are about human disorders, some others deal with hope, solitude, perseverance.....

OBM: What kind of a place were you at, as a band, when you were writing "Beyond the Legend"?

Julien :We were really motivated to write the best album we could.With D. joining the band a few months before recording, there was a kind of new youth.

OBM: What would you say you’re most proud of with this album?

Maybe a particular
song, the way you wrote as a band?BEN: i'm particularly proud of one song (but not the most accesible),exklusive temptations cause it's an open door to a different music style and lyrics is dedicate to some

of my friends !! Julien :i'm proud of hope is where you are (lyrics are for a close person of mine) and draw my faith.I know that D., will and pierre especially like voice and the angel print. But we are proud in general of this album, because it reflects all our personalities, and explores our different musical tendencies. I get the impression that this is a band that has worked damn hard to get where it has. How much work went into your first album and what would you say was the hardest sacrifice you had to make?BEN: I spent a lot of time to compose songs for this album, and also worked with julien on drums Julien : it's a passion, so it's not really a sacrifice.But it's true that it takes us a lot of time and it's difficult with our job, familly, know, you have to spend many hours to create the album, many hours on the road to promote it.It's exhausting but it is worth of it.

OBM: Who actually had their hands in helping to produce this album and did you find it more challenging to create this album? Any difficult steps along the way?
It was actually not really an issue to record this album. We already had in mind the sound we were looking for but also the person who would manage the recording and the place. We already worked with Guillaume Mauduit when we recorded the pre-production of this album and we really wanted to work again with him. If we could change anything, we would probably schedule a longest recording period but we did not have enough money. Regarding the label, we were contacted by Michel (Manager of I for us records) who wanted to create a new label and proposed us to be the first
band to be signed.

OBM: What have you learned as a band so far? That it is difficult for a band to move forward and that we have to back one another up. What are the bands the mainly influenced your music? And if you had to define it, what would you say?
BEN: envy/isis/deftones/poison the well/neurosis/alice in chains/ and Tool / underoath and norma jean
Julien: the same bands! I would also add Cult of Luna. We feel an emotional intensity in all these bands that we try to broadcast in Memories. We also tried to express our different musical tendencies by exploring post, emo, screamo and hardcore in our album.

OBM: What hardcore/metal means to you and how do you find the current state of

hardcore/metal worldwide?
BEN :Hardcore means a lot for us ; from music to life and attitude. It'sbasically the scene we appreciate the most from a friendship view and to work with to reach the same goal. It's a kind of music that requires both music and performance endless energy and we learned from this scene a positive lifestyle. A lot of bands are really amazing and positive in the new hardcore scene ( killswitch engage/poison the well/envy.... What about the France scene? Do you feel part of a certain scene? What are
some bands that you could suggest to our readers? BEN: we are friends with some metal bands such as the a.r.r.s/ lokurah and bands of our association Karoshi entertainment and some of the postcore
french bands like hky/every reason to/ seaholder ... Julien: the French scene is currently moving forward. We have the feeling that a lot of good bands have appeared for 2 or 3 years. But I don't feel
like we belong to a specific scene. Our music is not restricted to a particular style so it gives us the opportunity to play with a lot of different bands.

OBM: What are some of the bands that you’d like to tour with?
BEN: underoath/ cult of luna/ isis/ mastodon / TOOL ... deftones why not....and a band we already shared the stage with ( devil sold his soul)

OBM: Well guys, thanks for your time and good luck for your first album, the last
words are yours.

BEN: be curious and support the band on stage ....
Julien: Thank you for your interest in the band. Buying our album will help
the band to last!


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