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OBM: So how are things going at the moment?

Great we are on tour with Trivium in the USA and things are going sick! We can’t wait to get back to European soil early next year but until then we are just burning up the American high way taking riffs to the kids!

OBM: You've just released your new album "The Eternal Return", care to tell us a bit about it?

Well it was a little tortured beast to finally real in so if you are able to find it in a record store I would absolutely ask that you pick it up and check it out. We are really excited about it and well just love it when people check out the actual record (not just the MP3s mind you). As I mention it’s a dark twisted record but its special to us just the same.

OBM: What did you want to achieve with the album?

I think we just wanted to make the most aggressive, pissed, extreme, darkest hour record we could. While still keeping the melodic tendencies and the bands identity. The Eternal Return was conceived and written during a very hard time for us and I think that bleakness translates to the album flawlessly.

OBM: Tell us about the recording of it. An enjoyable experience?

Well I love being in the studio, playing guitar, and writing music but no this was not an enjoyable experience. I think I described it earlier as torturous and well that’s really how it was. What can I say you, you can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs I guess.

OBM: When you write, do you write as a band or separately and then bring it to the table?

Well it’s more like the songs start on guitar and grow from there. Some songs change very little, some change a lot but in the end a DH song is born. I think in the earlier years it was definitely, "here is the song it’s done!" but now we like to play around with the tunes and make sure there exactly the way we all want them.

OBM: You've been touring the new album, "The Eternal Return" now, so how have your opinions and highlights changed since taking it into the live arena? Have the songs changed in any way?

No not really but, you never really know what songs people are going to gravitate towards the most. It’s strange we knew people would love The Tides but we didn't know it would be one of the stand out tracks. The kids will always have their say!

OBM: Did you play much of the new material live?

Oh yeah we have played, No God, Devolution, The Tides, Bitter, so far and I am sure we will bust out other songs. The true beauty of this record is that all the songs can be played live so who knows what we will play next!

OBM: The artwork you've done for the album seems to be a very important part, which comes first, the music or the art?

Oh, always the music. In fact I don't think we even saw the cover until the record was almost done. The music really has to inspire the art. Think of it as a visual interpretation of the music if you will.

OBM: "Undoing Ruin" was very much an album that came out of nowhere and took the scene by storm, so with "The Eternal Return" always going to be a hugely anticipated album, did you feel the pressure whilst recording it with all the hype that had been built up around you?

I think you always feel pressure as an artist. And you make more and more records it gets that much harder. But hey I think we all did a great job despite and although it wasn't the funniest recording experience the end result was a classic darkest hour record for sure.

OBM: In the music and the lyrics and the artwork you obviously have a lot to say, so what is the philosophy and the message of the band that you are trying to put across?

Whow that’s pretty hard to just bleed out on this paper. I would just

encourage people to actually buy the record, why, so they can read the lyrics. I think it’s important for people to be able to see and read the words as they jam the tunes. If you do that there is no doubt you'll get it. And if you don’t, well then you weren't meant to I guess.

OBM: Bearing in mind the touring you do, do you take a break after each record cycle or are you constantly working on ideas?

I am always working on music constantly and the band we try to stockpile ideas on the road so that we have some to go through when we are at home. But now with people living all over the place practice is more of an event than anything else so to answer your question, yes tunes are always worked on, it’s just the records come together whenever we shift to full on writing mode.

OBM: What sorts of bands are inspiring you musically these days?

In Flames, Slayer, At the Gates, Dark Tranquility, Megadeth, Pantera, Weezer, I mean I could go on for days!

OBM: What's your ideal 4 band line-up for a gig?

Metallica, Slayer, Medadeth, Darkest Hour - I would want to play first so we could drink and watch all those other sick bands! HA!

OBM: What did you learn as a band over the last years?

I think that perspective is 9 / 10ths the battle.

OBM: What are your hopes for the "Darkest Hour's" future?

I hope we can put out the next record on a label that can get the CDS everywhere. Its our dream that one day a Darkest Hour record will have as much impact in someone's live as our favorite records did to us. Creating music is all about sharing it so it’s to the future we look towards many nights of rocking with the kids! Go find those CDS!

OBM: Okay, thanks for your time. Anything else you want to say?

Thank you for taking the time to do the interview, sorry it took so long but tour is war! We will be back overseas soon enough and we'll be looking for good times as soon as the plane lands!


Darkest Hour-Love As A Weapon


Darkest Hour-The Human Romance


Darkest Hour-The Eternal Return


Darkest Hour-Deliver Us


Darkest Hour-Archives (Compilation)


Darkest Hour-Undoing Ruin


Darkest Hour - Party Scars and Prison Bars DVD


Darkest Hour, Set My Path-Split

( 2004 )

Darkest Hour-Hidden-Hands of a Sadist Nation


Darkest Hour-So Sedated, So Secure


Darkest Hour-Where Heroes Go to Die Split


Darkest Hour-The Mark of the Judas


Darkest Hour-Groundzero Split


Darkest Hour-Prophecy Fulfilled EP


Darkest Hour-The Misanthrope


Darkest Hour-Demo


Line Up:

John Henry - Gesang
Mike Schleibaum - Gitarre
Mike Carrigan - Gitarre

Paul Burnette - Bass
Tim Java - Schlagzeug


Past/Former members:

Matt Maben - Schlagzeug(1995–1999)

Raul Mayorga - Bass(1995–1999)

Billups Allen - Bass (1999–2001)

Fred Ziomek - Gitarre(1999–2001)

Mike Garrity - Gitarre (2001)

Tommy Gun - Gitarre (2001)

Kris Norris - Gitarre (2001–2008)

Ryan Parrish - Schlagzeug (1999–2011)




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