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OBM: Hey guys, thanks for your time, how's it going?
Going good. On tour right now.Having fun.

OBM: So you found a new singer (Christian Vest), how did it feel to play and write new songs with him?
Yes, we found Christian. I recorded an album with his other band, and knew he could pull it off.
We had 4 new songs which he did some vocals on, and it works out really good. We play 3 of them live and 1 is on our Myspace called Shut Them Out. So check it out on

OBM: How were the reactions on your first album?
Pretty good I guess. People seemed to like it back then.  But hard having a new band with a debut album, and actually get people to hear it.

OBM: What inspires you when you're writing?
Hhhmmmm... it just comes to me. I pick up my guitar and jam with myself and riffs comes out.
And these riffs turn into songs when I meet with the other guys.

OBM: You spent a lot of time on the road, how important is it for a band like
"Last Mile" to spend as much time on the road?

We did not tour as much as we wanted, but it is a important part of being in
this band.

OBM: What is the funniest or your favourite story you have from touring?
I took a shit in Peters trashcan.....ooops....

EP & 7" vinyl -The Heavy Weight

Last Mile - Last Mile

Last Mile - Demo 2007

OBM: Are there any bands you really want to tour with?
Yes! Sick Of It All and Madball

OBM: Considering the location of Denmark, how hard is it for bands to get out of
the country?

It´s harder cause it´s more expensive to travel from Denmark and down south.

OBM: Is your music reflective of your life?
Yes and no.

OBM: What about music in general? What got you into music?
The aggression of heavy music.

OBM: What sort of bands had an impact on you growing up?

The Beatles and later on Morbid Angel, Entombed, Metallica.

OBM: What do you think "Last Mile" bring to the live show that isn't on CD?
Raw energy and sweat and beers.

OBM: What are your favourite bands at the moment?

Trap Them

OBM: Can we expect a new album in 2010?
Yes, sure. We are writing new stuff right now.

OBM: Okay then guys, thanks for your time. Just to finish off, what are your
goals for 2010?

Thanks for your time and support! We have 2 unused tracks that will be on a upcoming 3way split with Black Friday and For The Glory. Hopefully it will be out early 2010. Then we will record a new album in the spring and then tour as much as
possible after it´s out and inbetween.






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