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OBM: In short sentences: Please, introduces you to our German readers!
My name is Jason White. I play bass for Straight Line Stitch.

OBM:Is “To be godlike” your first Album?
No. This is actually our fourth release, I think.

OBM:Who is responsible for your songwriting?
It really seems that all of us are responsible for the finished product. No one can say, "I wrote this..." One of us just throws an idea or a basic structure for a song out, and we all have input. "I like this, I don't like that..." Even little accents here and there.

OBM:Do have a record label in prospect?
We have talked to a few. But, nobody has offered us something that we aren't already doing for ourselves.

OBM:How was it for you to play with bands like: Killswitch Engage, Slayer and so on?
First off, it was incredible to play in front of that many people... and to get the kind of reaction we got was AWESOME! I can only speak for myself when I say that at first, it is a bit intimidating to play with someone that I have so much respect for. But, I get over that in just as soon as I get on stage.

OBM:Isn´t it stressful for you to do so much tours?
It gets stressful sometimes. We can have bad shows. The van can have problems. We can get to arguing. But, we are like a family. We know why we're here, and we know that we have to keep each other's spirits up. Sometimes when we least expect it, we will have what seems to be the best show. That makes it all worth it.

OBM:After you have given so many concerts , are you still nervous there, if you go on stage?
At times, when i think about it, yes. When i get nervous, I think of every other time I have got nervous. I forget about it. This is the only thing that I have ever been able to tell myself that I'm good at. I know what I need to do.

OBM:How does it look with an Europeantour?
Of course we'd love to do am European tour... I think that we might be in need of a little support before that happens.

OBM:At the moment the metal- and hardcore scene grown up. Is it hard to be accept in the metal- and hardcore scene in the U.S.A.?

Sometimes it seems difficult. People sometimes aren't open to different styles of music.

OBM:A lot of bands pay more attention to their image than their music. How is your opinion?
I agree. I'm not going to talk bad about anyone who pays more attention to image. It seems that a lot of record labels pay more attention to image that the music... and it seems that if you want to get signed, you have to please these people. But, how a band looks means NOTHING to me. Music is for listening to.

OBM:In Europe there is some metal- and hardcore bands itself of the Straight Edge scene lifestyle have prescribed. How does the scene look in the U.S.A.?
Just touring and playing with a lot local acts I can say that there's a wide range mix wherever we go.

OBM: Any message for metal fans who may not have heard of Straight Line Stitch!
I want to say thanks to anyone who has checked us out and liked what they heard. We are releasing a new EP within the next month. We think that it's some of our best work to date... please look out for it and check it out.


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