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OBM: At first, how are things at the moment by you guys?

Shit is good thank you for asking, we (me and nic) are just chilling listening to some tunes and drinking beer whilst we answer your questions we are all very happy indeed. Missing some members OBVIOUSLY but its okay you have got the best two of the band answering anyway.


OBM: Many people who are reading this may not know much about you, can you give us a short lesson on the bands background?

A quick tutorial on the BlM massive is in 2003 Tim Spear *our original bassit* and Nic Almond *original and current Guitar man* formed a band named Chrissy Boner, They Pulled in Sam Berry-Man on guitar and vocals and Cullen on drums, but due to musical differences Cullen left, so Luke Clark was "Hired" for the job, he had always given his support to the band so it was natural to bring him in, then Chris Bradford (Me) was put onto Vocals through a mutual friend who suggested me, they gave me a try and stuck with me....really it was a great choice by them as I am the Fishizzle yo, Tim had other commitments so we parted with him but brought in Phil on base as he is shit hot to trot mate and that is it all.


OBM: You have recorded your first demo album “draining the fifth" on September the 11th 2006! How was it for you?

For me *Chris* it was great, just got drunk turned up put on the mic and screamed my little heart out all at nics place. The others recorded there sounds at a studio with Chris Bradshaw.


Nic: We had an amazing experience beer, cheese and metal, being our first demo we were a bit nervous but once we got down to business it all came so easy and felt really natural.


OBM: At the moment you work on new songs for your new demo cd, how many songs do you have quite ready and how do they differ from your songs on your first demo cd?

Nic: We have three songs completed for the new demo which we will be recording in the first couple weeks of April so look out for those. Our new Stuff is still BlM but we have evolved in sound and technique. Chris- Yeah we still want it to be OUR SOUND but it has taken a more melodic side just with a more tech and hardcore background.


OBM: When you were recording were there any bands you were listening to, for inspiration?

Chris: We don’t really try to focus to much on what we should sound like, that has never been our plan it was always play what we like and if we don’t like it.....don’t play it.....I mean I’m here right now listening to shadows fall just after listening to Jack Johnson so we don’t really concentrate on a specific genre of music....obviously metal but our metal.

Nic: For sure we. Like all bands when we hear a great riff think "OH MY GOD I WISH I HAD WRITTEN THAT! But we also want to create our own style so we just fuse our tastes and bring our own sound to the table.


OBM: Tell us something about your musical influences!

Chris: Strangely we all come from very musical differences, I was brought up on a lot of drum and base, techno music, I grew up with mixing decks and sampling systems but through time developed my own taste in music, but as a whole we are all very different in tastes.

Sam and Luke really enjoy the whole "scene" scene...such as bring me the horizon, I killed the prom queen, waking the cadaver, Job for a cowboy, Everete, The devil wears Prada But Luke also like a lot of hardcore...First blood, Hatebreed, terror. Phil is the everyman of music liking whatever the hell he takes a fancy too. Nic takes a more technical approach to music with between the buried and me, The human abstract, Protest the hero. Whereas I like a lot of different stuff from Static-X, Poisen The Well, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Finch. Nic- Lukes taste is bad man, I can’t get into’s just not for me, we do have very varied tastes but we can just as easily sit there and listen to Hard house or happy hardcore...even pop like take that. If we like it that’s all that matters.


OBM: Are you working beside your band?

Nic: Yeah we can’t be lazy bums, how else would we support the band I’m a civil engineer.

Chris: So he's a builder.

Nic: You’re a prick mate!!!!! Chris is a male escort.

Chris: Nope!!! I’m in sales and marketing but apparently according to nic due to my job I like to take it up the arise.

Nic: HAHAHA queer boy, you love it.

Chris: Yep

Nic: Luke works in clegorns, Phil.....well we don’t really know what Phil does all that matters is that he make 17 POUND 50 AN HOUR!

Chris: What is that about.... that’s fucking insane that boy struck gold with that job.

Nic: I know...tell me about it, and Sam is a lazy student.


OBM: What is the meaning of your band name „Bleed Like Me", what is the idea behind the ?

Nic: Every band needs a name and that’s just one that popped up so we stuck with it.

Chris: He says it just "popped up" but really he got the name of the garbage you want to know what we were going to be called originally?

Nic: Don’t be a prick Chris.

Chris: Lullabys to what band album is that? The boy has no originality.

Nic- You know I hate it when you say that story it’s not true it was just a coincidence. I hate you


OBM: Can you talk a little bit about what you think has changed musically for Bleed Like Me, since the band change the line-up in 2005?

Chris: We have become more of a "band" if you get my meaning, we can all think on the same wave length and be more of a family then a band. Our music has just gotten stronger and more intellectual with time.

OBM: Which was the best concert, which you have played up to now?

Chris: We played a gig in a place called Hitchin at the 108 or 185 club, I don’t know and don’t really care...but the crowd were insane they were back flipping of the stage and shit, now when you see that happening while you play it is just incentive to fucking lose your mind

Nic: We played a gig in lowerstoft, Chris doesn’t even remember this gig....

Chris: I really cannot recollect this place or what happend not due to me being drunk I just can’t remember.

Nic: Yeah okay......So we played this gig and we were sound checking and I say im gonna get of stage and play in the crowd to Sam and Chris, the tech overheard us and said "better not as the place will be packed to the front with 400 and Chris just laughed this man off. Thinking there is no way 400 people are coming, so we come to play and like he said it was packed so tight, they were turning people away at the door, it was stupid but I still got to play my guitar in the crowd HA...STICK UP!!!


OBM: Who have designed your cover from your demo cd “draining the fifth” or have you designed by yourself?

The design, which is also the t-shirt design was done by Heros Die First, it was the best one out of all the designs we paid for.


OBM: You are still a youngish band, how do you see your future?

Chris: We just take every practice...every gig...every day as it comes. We just play the music we enjoy anywhere and everywhere we can meeting new faces and picking up new fans who will show there appreciation to the underground scene. I can see us still playing in years’ time, like we do now just having fun and enjoying the time we have left.

OBM: Lastly, have you something to say to our readers and your fans?

Nic:YEAH!!!! BUY OUR DEMO!!!!!!!!!

Chris: We just want to thank own blood magazine for wanting to do this interview with us, and say thank you to all the people that have a read and think that they will take a listen to us, to all the fans wherever you are. We are also sending free promotional stuff to own blood such as demos t-shirts and pictures, we might sign them......We might leave it till a week’s time though so we can send our new demo too just to incite you that bit more, but we hope we provided you with a fun read and to all the people....If you play in a band or just play an instrument or just like to listen

Keep It Real...Keep It METALLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!

All the love



Bleed Like Me-Draining the fifth




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