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Angers Curse|Sweden Hardcore

OBM: First things first, you guys are from Sweden, educate us on what the music scene is like there.

Right now the music scene is really great. I guess Sweden has a long history of great music if you look back with Millencolin, Refused etc. If I'm going to stay within our "scene" there are really some great new bands making a name for themselves around the globe. Just to name a few we have Anchor, Stay Hungry, Atlas Losing Grip and Dead Reprise that people should pay attention to.

OBM: This being our first interview with you guys, fill all the readers in on the meaning behind your name and a little on what you guys as a band are about.
Our name actually comes from the japanese band Envy. They have a song or album called "Angers Curse Whispered In the Ear of Despair". It was our drunken hangaround Tomas that came up with the name. He still claims we forever owe him free records and shirts for it haha. We as a band are more or less just about having fun. Playing in a band is for me personally something I've always wanted to do, as I've always toured with bands, doing merch or tour managing. So when the band asked me to join two years ago I didn't even need to think about it. It was a sure thing for me. We all have the same ambition as we all are at certain points in our life where the band can't take up 100% of our focus. Our singer has two daughters, some people in the band study and I am often out with other bands on tour.

OBM: How long have you guys been together? Did you petition your record to labels other than Let It Burn? Did you have to do a showcase or something? What did the whole process look like? What are you most excited about with where you’re at right now?
Angers Curse formed in 2007 from the ashes of the band Break Me. Torse and Mangel still wanted to be in a band and took in Torses younger brother John on drums and his friend Joel on bass. A year after that some lineup changes were made and we started writing the album. Took us pretty long but I guess the outcome is good haha.
Our CD/LP is released by our good friends on Monument Records and World Vs. Cometh. And the digital release is made by Acuity Music from Germany. We sent around a few tracks from the recording and since we go way back with the dudes from Monument and World Vs. Cometh we felt like that would be great for us as a band and when Chris got in touch with us about doing the digital release on Acuity it got even better. Chris has a long history in the music business from Let It Burn and I think he's done a great job so far.
Right now we are booking shows for the summer. Europe and Scandinavia is in the works. So I guess just playing out is what I am most excited about right now. Being on the road with my good friends in the band is basically what I've wanted to do since I was ten.

OBM: Talk to us about the meaning of the album title Tighten The Screws…
Tighten The Screws is taken from one of our songs. I liked the meaning of it and I guess you can see it as "raising the bar" or something. Trying to set the standards a little bit higher than "normal".

OBM: There is a lot of conviction and passion in your lyrics. What are some topics that we can expect and why did you choose to write about them?
I guess Mangel should answer this one since he is writing the lyrics. But most of it is just every day life. Disappointments and hardships we all go through more or less. This is how we deal with it. Writing fast, pissed off music.

OBM: What does a writing process look like for you guys? Do you just get together and make it happen, or are there sporadic instances where something happens in life that sparks that burning in your chest that’s like, “Man! I’m pissed! I need to write!” or something like that?
When we rehearse there's always someone that has written something new for the band. It usually starts off as just a riff and then we all pitch in from there. I guess we could say that Marcus and Torse does the bigger part of the writing but yeah, we all contribute to the songs. Myself, Magnus and John do more of arrangements than actually writing power chords.

OBM: As far as influences go, who have you pulled from in the past and present when writing for Angers Curse?
Obviously I think you can hear Madball, Cro-Mags and a whole lot of the New York Hardcore scene in it. One band people always compare us to is Right Brigade. I can see it a little bit but since we have more groovy songs right now I think that that side doesn't show as much anymore. I guess Terror is one of those bands it's easy to compare us to as well.

OBM: How important is it for you to use your platform as touring musicians to also spread the word about a cause?
Angers Curse has never been about a certain message or something. We've always been about the fun. This does not mean that we don't care about stuff though but the band doesn't have its own agenda so I always think our members should speak for themselves.

OBM: Do you think that more artists should be behind a cause and actively pursue promoting it?
We definitely support bands that stand behind their cause. I think music is a great platform to spread your message but I also think that people need to remember to have fun to. Some bands with a cause tend to be a little bit uptight. As long as you know where your heart is I think you should do whatever you want to.

OBM: What are some of your plans for the summer?
We're getting some shows confirmed at the moment and we are currently getting our Euro Tour booked by Impact Bookings. So I guess thats whats happening right now. We also have plans to enter the studio for a weekend and record two cover songs for yet to be revealed projects ;)

OBM: What would you say makes Angers Curse music unique?
Hmm, I guess I would be lying if I said that we were unique. I think I can put it as simple as possible, if you like fast, pissed off hardcore I think you'll like Angers Curse.

OBM: What are some long term goals for Angers Curse?
As I said earlier Angers Curse is never going to be a 100% band. But what we want to do is play out as much as we can. Write records and tour when possible. We are talking to people around the globe that I've met on tour about going to Australia, America and even Asia. So hopefully we can do something on another continent than Europe. That would be awesome.


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Angers Cuse - Tighten The Screws



Line Up:

Magnus Larsen - Gesang
Tobias Sjöberg - Gitarre
Marcus Ericsson - Gitarre

Andreas Skogmo - Bass
John Sjöberg - Schlagzeug




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