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OBM: What has changed in your live, from the time you brought out your album ,,Down Low” ?

Well we started travelling a lot to Europe and touring, so basically you can say our lives changed completely! From working day jobs on a regular basis, to flying out every few month for a period of time.


OBM: Did you ever believe to be so successful with your music?

Only hoped to be! :)


OBM: Are you already working on new songs?

Yeah, we have 10 songs nailed down and we are still writing some more stuff, right now we are starting to schedule all the recording for the album which will take place this summer.


OBM: When you were recording, were there any bands you were listening to for inspiration?

That was like 2-3 years ago, we listen to a lot of stuff, not only metal but also rock, punk and other genres. Hard to remember but I remember the new "USELESS ID" cd was played a lot in the studio apartment.


OBM: Did the metal scene in Israel expand since you be so successful?

I like to think so, the scene is always growing and was growing before we got there, but in the last 2 years you can see a lot of unsigned bands starting to tour Europe and trying harder to get out from the local scene.


OBM: I think you are an example for many Israel metal bands, how do you see that?

I hope that we are! In a good way!


OBM: Can you name us other good Israeli metal bands?

Sure, the more known ones which are signed are Salem and Orphaned Land, but you have some really awesome metal bands in Israel which are still unsigned and that’s a fuckin shame! Remember those names:  Whorecore and the fading! I’m sure there's a lot more but those two are the ones i can think of the moment.


OBM: Do you have other projects beside Betzefer?

I had a death-trash-metal band called Nail Within, we stopped playing a few years back but we managed to sign with Listenable Records and release our debut album which rocked! Look it up.


OBM: What was your best concert experience, which your worst?

One of the best shows i can remember was playing with full force main stage in 2005, we weren’t at our best but the crowd was fucking insane!


OBM: Is there another place, you would like to play?

We would pretty much like to travel everywhere! There are so many places we haven’t been yet such as Japan, Australia, Canada - we would love to tour fuckin' everywhere.


OBM: With which bands did you share the stage yet?

Just got back from a European tour with SEPULTURA, they are an amazing band and really nice people, probably the best and most fun tour we did! We toured with a lot of bands since the album got out like Lamb of god, Chimaira, Soulfly, Sick of it all, Slayer, Iron Maiden, Ektomorf .


OBM: You already shared the stage with a lot of bands. Is there any other band you would like to share the stage with?



OBM: People often compare you with Sepultura or Pantera. How do you think about that?

Those two bands have inspired a generation of music, like them or not - they have done huge impact on the music metal scene and you can relate to that in our music.. it is natural that when a new band come out - it will be described as older bands, when sepultura just came out of brazil, the media compared them to slayer a lot - i guess it’s just the way it goes.

OBM: What are you doing on tour, when you are not on stage?

Getting bored most of the time! Play cards, work out, drink and smoke!


OBM: Which records have been the last you bought and which do you like to listen to at the moment?

Havent bought a cd on the last tour, but the last Billy Talent cd is awesome, and the new Chimaira is great as well!


OBM: At last, have you something to say to our readers?

Check us out on MySpace and our official page see you at the pit!

Betzefer - Early Grave


Betzefer-Freedom to the Slave Makers


Betzefer-Down Low


Betzefer-New Hate EP


Line Up:

Avital Tamir - Gesang

Matan Cohen - Gitarre

Rotem Inbar - Bass

Roey Berman - Schlagzeug




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