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OBM: Please, give us a brief history of Skindred to fill readers in on who you guys are and where you are from…
Skindred was put together by my self (Benji Webbe vocalist and Dan Pugsley Bass player) We played our 1st show in October 1999 in the bands birth place of Newport South Wales UK.. the band orignialy had a different guitarist and Drummer who recorded only on our debut album Babylon.. it was in 2002 that Arya the drummer and Mike Guitars joined us and the real team was born…

OBM: We are very excited about you guys. We have heard the tracks off your new record, and we can’t stop listening. Your sound is unique to what is out today. It is very diverse. What are your main influences?
We all love music and all sorts of music, so it would be hard to pin down one exact influence..

OBM: When I listen to your new record Union Black, I am motivated. There is so much more than music going on here. What do you hope that listeners are taking away from your music? Whether it is music or life experiences…?
I personally hope that both lyrically and musically the listener is challenged and encouraged, its so important that Skindred motivates a powerful message of unity togetherness and to all who hear our sound..

OBM: What were your greatest inspiration or influences for Union Black?

The streets of the UK..

OBM: How is this album different than Shark Bites And Dog Fights?

This album is so different in the way we recorded and the energy that went into the

album, as much as we love shark bites and still play a few tracks from it live, we feel that it was rushed to the point where the producer joined us to do vocals on the bus whilst touring in the USA.. We had time to write and most of all this album was the first recorded recorded in London with a British producer…  

OBM: Do you feel your lyrics reflect your personal faith or values?
I always write lyrics from my own experience of life and also things on a world scale.. its all about being real and portraying real issues with in the lyrics… from domestic abuse to a slut back stage the way we rocked the crowd, and everything inbetween.. THIS IS IT…

OBM: Your new album art looks like a collection of symbols. Can you explain a little bit about why you chose this design?
The lion has always represented the UK and with in the main of the lion are things like our home town emblems, and things that people who don't know the UK, example the old style telephone box and the boom box.. this album cover is such a strong image..  Music and art is all about strength and striking images that stay with you..    

OBM: Did you write all the lyrics for this album in the studio? Is there a concept to this album? Can you please tell me about the emotions and questions that fueled those within the title track?
Yer there is a heart and a truth to the lyrics… for example Cut dem is written about my son who was slashed across the face and stabbed in the back by a ass hole who left him for dead in the gutter… Warning is a track that touches and the subject of anger, is all there folks from my heart to your ears…

OBM: Was there anything you tried to do differently on Union Black as compared to your 2009 release?
Musically we drew on a lot of the new wave of urban sounds and elements, using the most electronics we have ever used.. this is very much down to Dan Pugsley and James the producer… theres a lot of UK Dub step sounding ideas on this record and we have never done that before…

OBM: When you sit down to write an album is there a process that you go through to get your mind prepared or is it just something that comes to you?
I personally believe every piece of music has lyrics that belong to it, I feel the music then write to the songs, the lyrics are all ready in the music! You just gotta tap into the them and pull them out it's a blank canvas waiting to be drawn on by the artist..  

OBM: Since the new record is released, how are the reactions from the fans?
The new album has been greatly received by our fans amazingly. this album is also putting us in front of new people, a whole new crowd who’s never heard of us, it's a great day to be in Skindred right now..  

OBM: For those out there who have never witnessed Skindred live, how would you describe your live show? What are some of your goals each night?
Skindred is all about the live show for me, every member of  band and stage crew work so hard.. I think its great to do a great record like Union Black, but its all about the live show and the energy we put into the show, that's way we win awards for our live concerts..  at this stage theres no piro or heavy lights its just about the guys in the band killing it and delivering a spectacular performance every night… that's what SD is about..

OBM: Thank you for speaking with us. Anything else you’d like to add before we say goodbye?

Our new album is out now, plus the 3 albums we did before Union Black, look out for Babylon , Roots Rock Riot and Shark bites and  join the movement and get the records.. if anyone has downloaded music  illegally, you are forgiven once you come to a show and buy something at our merch stand, a wristband t shirit CD, once you do that all will be forgiven, if not you carry the curse of the black hand of death, that  will eventually devour   your very soul if you don't straighten out and buy some Skindred merchandise at a concert … one love and may Jah force be with you

Benji D Webbe

Skindred - Warning (feat. Jacoby Shaddix)


Skindred - Union Black


Skindred - Babylon


Skindred - Roots Rock Riot


Skindred - Shark Bites And Dog Fights (2009)

Line Up:

Benji Webbe - Gesang
Mikey Demus - Gitarre
Daniel Pugsley - Bass
Arya G. - Schlagzeug



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